Is this Liverpool’s new away shirt?

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Another picture of a ‘Liverpool Shirt’ just appeared on the internet, thanks to @AMG133 for submitting this,
It was found on a German website so maybe someone with some inside knowledge at Adidas?

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  1. This one does have the climacool and Adidas bubble logo at the bottom, so best one we have seen so far.

  2. In any case,if its the right one,it’s ugly im afraid.
    but i dont rly think its the right shirt..we’ll see!

  3. it looks very much like the 1 they had in 82 it look like a retro shirt but with todays logos on it.its not bad needs tweeking a bit though…

  4. Not too bad – but I would drop the red lines on the front and go for a plain block white.

    I’m sure we’ll see a few more ‘maybe’ shirt designs before the real thing is launched.

  5. Looks terrible but could be good with a couple of changes.

    Green sponsor logo should be red.
    Crest should be changed to just the classic Liverbird.

  6. It is hideous. Potentially our ugliest one ever. Not good for shirt sales – how is that good for an ailing pool?

  7. @Jono Carlsberg contract with us has ended, and alot of football leagues are starting to ban alcohol sponsering of teams… With this bank sponsering us though, we made a record deal for I thinkkkk £81 million. Maybe it will help a bit?

    Anyways, this looks fake, and it looks aweful… Won’t be buying if it’s the new top!

  8. I’d put good money on that being a fake. The Logo on the front is too big for a start, the Standard Chartered logo will be smaller and in a block if the shirt is patterned. The logo on the back looks a little suspect also. Like my old school reports used to say: Good attempt, must try harder.

  9. I’ve worked in sportswear design and I’m telling you now this isn’t the kit Liverpool will be wearing next season. Trust me.

  10. Just wait for the launch folks. None of this is important anyway just concentrate all your positive thoughts on willing the lads success in their pursuit of forth spot and Europa League success.

  11. This might be a prototype or mock up of the actual thing. Black adidas logo should be red. I actually quite like it. Anything is better than last season’s grey, they were dreadful.

    I also just noticed that the center of the collar is a bit off.

  12. @Amanda well said there! Put your hand in your pocket and buy the shirt when it comes out, might reduce the debt haha. But, funny how this gets more comments than the “news” on here, lets worry more about the games we have ahead of us!

  13. have seen this shirt before and it had your will never work alone on the inside so im not sure that its real.
    honestly it realy does say it check around and you will see unbelievable

  14. Whatever be the Shirt we need the Cup next season..To even the Manc’s if they win it this time…we need to do that, even with the worst shirt or no shirt ..whatever..

  15. makes me think of baseball. it looks a little odd but it doesn’t matter that much, so long as they play well!

  16. classic design back to the 70s good shirt yellow with red stripes would have been better though

  17. According to a few decent sources at RAWK this is actually the kit that will replace our current away kit. But this does look like a prototype as they have changed the badge and got rid of the horrid green in the crest and replaced it with all red with the flames burning yellow and orange to stand out for Hillsborough.

    I think it’s quite nice really, nice retro vibe to it, looks like an old kit, shame we can’t banish the sponsor from the kit.

  18. It is nice enough, didn’t like the home one at first but it’s grown on me, the marseille top is nice, I think I’m gonna get it instead

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