Is this the new Liverpool home shirt?

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Well yesterday I posted an away shirt that was making the rounds on the internet while today I have the home shirt, thanks to @Sean_Hegarty for submitting this.

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  1. Yea, this looks better than all those other pyjamas i’ve seen before now.
    I wish the home kit is this, cos it makes more sense..YNWA :)

  2. This is a mock-up that was made by someone on RAWK – it’s based on the original leaked photos from January.

    I wouldn’t be saddened if this was our new shirt though, it looks quite good.

  3. Ohh I’m not so keen on that new home shirt, though it’s Liverpool so I might still get it <3

  4. just another mock up or prototype. i saw this one a while ago now – i wish people would stop posting these. year after year after year and they are never the real ones – at this stage there are several in consideration and final designs are yet to be finalised. getting boring now !!!! juat wait and see

  5. Whatever the design will be, it will most likely to similar to ones that Adidas issue for the World Cup, so looking at those ones will probably get you closer to the real deal.

  6. carlsberg is liverpool and liverpool is carlsberg – no it’s not

    the “carlsberg” one is better :) – no it’s not

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  8. Saw this shirt earlier today. I like it a hell of a lot. The two-tone sponsor is a little bit scary but for the new home kit I think in general it’s a decent new kit for the next two years.

  9. i thing\k the 08-10 is better than the 10-12!!!!!!!!!!! ialso think it is general and decent but i still think the 08-10 one is better!!!!!!!

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