A little rant…… But lets look forward!

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The famous words of Nick Hancock were ringing in my head throughout this game. ‘ Referees could do us one favour, just one. Stop turning up to our football matches!’ Obviously it is a joke but it carries a serious message, we need to have THE best referees at these top level games!

Tonight’s referee, was constantly being questioned by the commentators on channel five and rightfully so! After having sent off Babel couldn’t seem to make a decision without conformation from the linesman or the penalty area officials. Fair enough that he looks to them for advice. But, he is supposed to be a competent referee and so should be able to make these clear cut decisions for himself. Booking Reina? The stat came out that it was 6 seconds from when Reina got the ball to the yellow card. Am I right in saying it was for time wasting? If so, that’s awful, not even a warning and six seconds will hardly make a difference to a 90 minute game. Right, that’s all on the rant about referees.

On the positive side, we started really well and were causing them all sorts of problems tonight. For the first half an hour they looked completely frustrated and we didn’t give them much chance to play. Then we had Torres’ goal disallowed, rightfully so. But, that was great that we were putting that pressure on playing with skill and confidence! Agger’s goal was brilliant, very nice. I’m confident we will put a goal past them at Anfield with no reply from then. That would be enough to go through. This away goal will be vital in deciding the match.

YNWA, Hugh

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  1. I’m content, we played with ten men for a good proportion of the match and that all important away goal. The men in red shall overcome at Anfield. YNWA!

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