Premier League 2010 – Final Fixtures Predictions

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WITH the league coming to the end, I’ve decided
to make my predictions for our final 5 games from the Premier League. It’s not
really been the type of season to remember, but who knows what next season will

Liverpool 2-1 Fulham

Liverpool 3-0 West Ham

Burnley 0-1 Liverpool

Liverpool 2-2 Chelsea

Hull 1-3 Liverpool

I predict that our final league position will be: Fifth Place.

Feel free to comment your predictions

Article by Sam

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  1. Hi Sam! I agree on the points tally you have indicated, but can you please let us all know how you have come to the conclusion that Liverpool will finish 5th? What is this assumption based on?

  2. It’s just a guess, really. Although I do support Liverpool 100%, I’m not the person who says “I know they will finish 4th”. I unfortunately feel City have a better chance than us.

  3. Yes okay, but have you considered that Man City have Birmingham, Man Utd, Spurs and Villa at home, and Arsenal and West Ham away (the latter probably making a desperate attempt to avoid relegation)? Does not look so rosey for them when you look at it from this perspective. At least that is my view!

  4. Good point. I hadn’t noticed City’s fixtures, and it looks a bit hard for them. I still believe they are in with a chance, but it will be harder than I thought. I can see City losing some of those games and drawing some, so if we win all our remaining games, we’re in with a chance.

    There is also Tottenham though. They are ahead of us on points and have a game in hand. But I still think we have a chance of clinching that fourth spot.

  5. Sam, if we do make 4th spot we it will be not on merit for sure. The way things went this season we hardly deserve reaping any reward. Having said that, we love the Club and we adore our players, so we will be behind them today, tomorrow, forever!

  6. Also sam, tottenhams fixtures, are if anything harder than Man Citys! Arsenal and Chelsea at home, then Man U away, then Bolton, (easy win there), but then they have Man City, main rivals, so hopefully a draw, then on the final day they have Burnley, who also, like West Ham may be scrapping for survival, they will be lucky to get more than 6 points out of those fixtures, so it isnt over yet!

  7. i agree with most of your predictions although i think that, even though they will most probably be in a relegation battle, we will beat burnly comfortably 3/4-0 LFc.

  8. Liverpool 2:0 Fulham
    Liverpool 4:1 Westham
    Burnley 0:3 Liverpool
    Liverpool 2:1 Chelsea i know if we win this fixture the title record can be broken by manshites but its the time for us to win this time against chelsea they won 3 last games against us so its our turn now.
    Hull 1:5 Liverpool
    Hope we hit the 4th spot and win EUROPA LEAGUE.and hope benitez lucas,ngog and riera leave they dnt deserve to be in a red shirt.YNWA REDS

  9. if we can win the remaining 5 games fourth spot will be ours. But don’t believe that. Therefore 6th place is the best we can get.

  10. ….I dont understand some people, why are Lucas and N’gog not fit to wear the Liverpool shirt, both are young lads, and both have done extremely well under the circumstances, lay off them because u sure as hell couldnt do any better. Riera i understand however…

  11. Ktorres think your comment was a bit unfair on the two lads with that, but who cares about United, if you think “insert players/managers/owners name” should be at the club and simply get behind the team for these last few games. If we have a good run of games in our remaining fixtures and have a good go at the Europa cup at least we can finish this season with some pride in tact!

  12. we will win all our games but united will draw and arsenal win then there all on the same points going into the final day liverpool will end 4th

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