The Daily Antoine 7/4/2010 LFC News Digest

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Lazio fullback Kolarov is being linked with Liverpool more…
(I am sure there will be many players linked in the weeks to come)

Liverpool have confirmed that teenage keeper Jamie Stephens has joined the club from Swindon Town more…
(Great prospect)

Adidas wants to keep making Liverpool shirts for at least another 12 years more…
(Good money there)

And Lucas is one of the most improved players in the Premier League this season more…
(The lad is working hard at it)

Torres claims that the sale of Alvaro Arbeloa & Xabi Alonso killed our season more…
(Of course El Nino would say that because he hated seeing both of them going to his mortal enemy :-) )

However Nando is sure of an LFC revival more…

Maxi still believes more…
(We believe in that Maxi-Goal :-) )

Reserve striker Vitor Flora heads back to Brazil more…
(Good luck)

According to Salgado, Rafa should head back to Real Madrid more…
(At Real Madrid they fire you before they hire you, it is revolving door for managers.)

Tweet of the Day
Dear Barca, how about a trade? We will give you Gillett & you give us Messi, they are the same height.

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  1. Antoine , how can you tell that Lucas is a good player?
    the whole lfc crowd all over the world , says he is worthless…
    the truth is the truth…
    and no matter what one shouldnt hide it.
    he d be good for a mid table team in another league

  2. But we re like with 10 men in the pitch…

    And about the 1st thing antoine , you re wrong , 80% of lfc fans , wants lucas out , i cant see the reason why you cant admit that.

  3. Lucas & N’Gog are hard workers may be..but at their present form they should playing at a lower level team..after all every DM cannot develop into a Fabregas by just playing him there..and if these lads can’t deliver, the fans have the right to be angry..Liverpool FC is a big club, they don’t want ordinary performances..

    I don’t blame Rafa though,both the lads were considered huge potentials . N’gog does great in the reserves and as a coach Rafa could only give him chances..but his goal missed to minutes played ratio is too high for a striker of a Top 4 EPL club..

    I mainly blame the scouts, how come Serie A , La Liga and even Eredivisie teams sometimes find better talents than we have in the last decade..what are they doing ? lately we have bought a few commendable ones though like Sterling..However we have to find stronger, fitter and better lads most of the time..It could stop a lot of money wastage during transfer Windows..

    I hope to see Dalle Valle, pacheco soon..and may be Nemeth next season..

  4. Antoine – it’s not all about effort. Kuyt has been criticised over and over again for his lack of skill and touch and even I have raised a few eyebrows when watching him sometimes. Yet I’ll be the first to admit that if football was an “effort” game we would have won every championship known to man!

    We need more than effort. We need skill, pace, quality, fire power. Effort just doesn’t cut it. Masch puts in the effort, is skillful and has quality. Nando has all of the above. Yossi is also skillful. Stevie’s effort has been a bit disappointing and we all know there’s a lot more potential there than has been shown this season.

    Lucas has most definitely put in extra effort, but he has hardly any skill, not much quality, some short bursts of pace and absolutely no fire power. Whilst he may deserve to play in the first team based on effort, he is by no means good enough! (my humble opinion)

  5. Also – progster I think you’re wrong when you say it’s like having 10 men on the pitch. I think it’s worse than that – because the other 10 on the pitch either:
    a) Won’t include the under performing player because in the back of their minds they know he is not good enough.
    b) Will include him, thinking that he can do something with the ball and then the move inevitably breaks down.

  6. Lucas is good up and coming player you can see this from how he plays for example him and masch in mid against man u this season at home they won us that game

  7. first time commentin gr8 site, i think u,ll find theres been a terrible mistake wen we signed lucas i have been informed by a very reliable source inside the club that he mentioned he had had a brazilian not that he was 1

  8. antoine, everytime maxi gets a shot off it skims by or AQUILANI blocks the shot. something always goes horribly wrong. if he gets one by the end of the season, it will be when it isn’t needed…i.e. when we are already up by at least 2

  9. I think Lucas has come on leaps and bounds yes he’s not incredible, but even our top players have been average at best this year. Why keep hasstling Lucas, he’s served us well and you never know someone might want to take him off our hands for a reasonable sum. Plus he’s played a key part in some of our scrappy wins we really needed, yes he might not be a “Liverpool” player, but then look at our squad is there many you would class as good enough to fit the bill? 80% really? I’ve not heard anyone at the match say that about Lucas.

  10. rafa forced xabi out, he didnt have faith and loyalty in his player and xabis departure was the death knell for our season, im glad xabi gave rafa i good slap in the face by playing well and then leaving. And arbeloa is a better defnder than glen. johnson gets forward more but at the end of the day he is a right back not right winger and arby was a much better defender than johnson. How many goals has he cost us this season? arsenal? ridgewell on the weekend?

    1. How do you know that if we had Xabi then our season would have not have ended up the same way? How do you know that Arbeloa would have stopped Ridgewell? How do you know that they would have been fit all season and not received an injury and missed the crucial games?

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