How Liverpool can snatch fourth place

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Thanks to @Kopidol76 for submitting this scenerio on how we can still qualify for the Champions League, far-fetched? Well, football is a crazy sport.

The ratio of madness to seriousness is probably 60/40…

Ok 70/30…

Hmm maybe 80/20…

Ok 90/10 but I can’t be the only one trying to work out how LFC can claims 4th spot.

Very unlikely, but how cool would this situation be? >>>

  • Spurs lose to Man Utd and City, beat Bolton but draw away at Burnley on the last day of the season
  • City lose to the Arsenal, lose to Villa then beat Spurs and West Ham
  • Villa beat Hull, draw against Birmingham then beat City and Blackburn
  • Liverpool, of course, win their remaining 3 games ;o)

This would mean all 4 teams finish on 68 points and the final positions are sorted out by Goal Difference!

Here’s a very optimistic prediction for this scenario:

Pts GD
Pts GD
Spurs 64 28 LFC 59 24
Man Utd (A) 0 -2 Burnley (A) 3 +2
Bolton (H) 3 +3 Chelsea (H) 3 +1
Man City (A) 0 -1 Hull (A) 3 +2
Burnley (A) 1 +0 68 29
68 28
Man City 62 27 Villa 58 13
Arsenal (A) 0 -2 Hull (A) 3 +2
Villa (H) 0 -1 Birmingham (H) 1 +0
Spurs (H) 3 +1 Man City (A) 3 +1
West Ham (A) 3 +2 Blackburn (H) 3 +2
68 27 68 18

Cur Pts Cur
Pld W D L F A GD Pts Final Pts Final
LFC 59 24 3 3 0 0 5 0 5 9 68 29
Spurs 64 28 4 1 1 2 3 3 0 4 68 28
Man City 62 27 4 2 0 2 3 3 0 6 68 27
Villa 58 13 4 3 1 0 5 0 5 10 68 18

What odds on that? Gotta be worth a cheeky fiver?

Maybe it’s time for the medication and a little lie down!! :D



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  1. Wouldn’t that give Manchester United their 19th league title though? Something a crazy majority of the KOP have been spitting at.

  2. Oh to be honest us reds are real football fans and most would admit we don’t deserve to be in the champions league next season on our performances. Also , we won’t hand anyone the league they win it on merit! Would be nice tho!

  3. it’s possible, i’d give it a 3% chance. Man City might draw at west ham who could need a point to avoid relegation. i’ll wait until liverpool beat chelsea and the lead is down to 3 points before i get any remote sense of hope.

  4. Jake, the only United win that Antoine has mentioned in his list is against Spurs. Assuming thats their only win from their games it doesn’t give them the title.

  5. It’very far fetched but great at the same time. I know no one wants UTD to take their 19th title and outdo us. In the long run we need to look at the big picture. We need champions league football to attract the big name players. At the moment I think were just about hanging onto Fernando and Stevie.

    Personally my heart goes out to Stephen Gerrard he has put his blood sweat and tears into Liverpool and still the premiership eludes him. Personally i would not begrudge the lad if he moved on. He has given his all for the club. We could be at the start of something massive in Liverpool F.C. The cancer that was the yanks is hopefully gone and possibly some big money buyers looking at us.

    The problem is what good will big money be to us if we are not in Europe’s top flight league. You may be sure the thoughts of playing for Liverpool F.C may appeal to players but when they see the downhill spiral we have been on as of late they may think twice.

    Personally I would let utd have the league if it meant we had a shot at Europe next season, but thats just my opinion. I’m sure there are many of you out there who will claim to bleed more red than I and may well say F**k UTD they cant pass us out, but in the end it boils down to the fact Liverpool are a top class club and belong in a top class competition.

    Just my 2cents.


  6. this is what i like/dislike about fellow lfc fans

    i like this thread because u shud never stop believeing especially after what we have done in the past

    i dislike the comment saying it wud give man u their 19th title
    your telling me you care about their club more than our own
    so what if they have one more than us, everyones eyes are on next season and hopefully with new ownership we can rebuild liverpool and equal it 19-19 and hopefully a cl along the way

  7. You need to get a life, there is no way in Hell that Liverpool is going to get 4th place this season. Im sorry to dissapoint you.

  8. Forget manure. Its all about us. I dont care a jot about the mancs but I love the reds. We will achieve what we achieve this season be it CL spot, Europa League or neither.
    More important than this we must start to pull together as fans and start supporting our club. Too many fans are more concerned about their own face and about being seen to be right than supporting the club, when they are suffering, for whatever reason, than I am personally comfortable with.
    I have never heard the likes of what I have heard from reds fans this season, ever, and it sickens me that the true die-hard liverpool fans of old have been diluted by these so-called supporters who seem to have no faith whatsoever. We are Liverpool Football Club Supporters not man. city or everton or chelsea or the likes supporters and need to set an example to these lesser teams.
    Somebody accused me of having blind faith the other day and I said this “I would rather have faith than no faith at all. All faith is blind anyway!”. Have faith and support our club through good and bad.

  9. With your scenario LFC will only finish on 6th place, you should check the current GD before run the scenario :D

    Here (Goal Difference), I get from Barclays’ page:
    Tottenham = +28
    Manchester City = +27
    Liverpool = +24
    Aston Villa = +13

    We need 8 goals AT LEAST to run your scenario for 4th place. So, where would we get the 8 goals? Win 3-0 or even 4-0 against Burnley and Hull City at least what we need to do. Whew, that’s still possible but a hard job without Torres in the team. If we win against Chelsea with only 1 GD, it will be called lucky. 2-0 without Torres? it will be historic :D

    Spurs and City each only have 4 league matches to run, while we still have European games to spare our team’s energy. So, let’s start to bang goals in and keep believing ^^

    Oh, one question, what will happen if we tie with Spurs in points and GD for 4th place? Should it be a play-off or penalty shoot-out or count-in home-away points? I think a play-off is preferable.

  10. Hi to all.this is my first time here,i am Maltese and would like to ask some questions. What would we like best[us finishing forth and man u winning the title or chelsea winnig the title and us out side the top four?]Do we realy believe the yanks want to sell at that price[3 times as much as they paid when they bought?]What would happen if no buyer is found,would they still be incharge.Because i got a strong feeling that something smells around this story,averyone now that we cant trust the yanks cause they are liares

  11. Good thread and I was doing the same thing yesterday wondering who can take points off city and spurs and can we get it with maybe a draw against chelsea. I personally am the same as holysheet id rather we finished anywhere (bar bottom 3 of course) than utd win this league. That is not “thinking more about them and less about us” that is wanting to maintain our record, which was ours long before they even dreamed it possible.
    But I did realise yesterday that it is possible to win 2 of our last 3 and get into the final spot.
    We are 5 points behind spurs, 2 wins and a draw puts us above them, we are 3 points off city. If city and spurs both lose this weekend, very possible playing arsenal and utd respectively and we beat burnley, we will be stay in 6th on gd (providing we win 1-0 nd city get beat 1-0). We will be 2 points off spurs with a better gd. The next game after that will be crucial bolton I am sure will give spurs a hell of a game they make any game difficult for anyone and villa are still chasing a place in europe. We don’t play chelsea till sunday. We could be in fourth place for monday. ANd in the process if sunderland can get a result against man u while we are playing chelsea, then last game of the season for 5 at the top and probably a few at the bottom will be very intersting. all ifs and buts I know BUT you never know.

    Also Liverpool do like making things hard for themselves and 9 times out of 10 pull themselves out of it.

    These last 3/4 games are gonna be exciting I think.

  12. I can’t belive this is the attitude of so called red fans! I personally don’t give a flying fcuk if united get the league or any of the above. It would be great to see us still in the champions league but it doesn’t look great but still possible. But m looking forward to the end of the season. Torres is due his op, hopefully Gerrard will have a decent world cup, and we can playthe remaining games with some flair and heart. I also hope Aquaman has a get pre season as lots of people will be rested and finally get settled in and getting games, with the addition of Milan I think well be alright next season

  13. 19th title to Man Utd. What stops Liverpool FC from knocking them off there perch ? New Owners , new stadium and a couple of decent transfers. We need to most of the EPL teams have taken points off us this season, Spurs ,Man city are now rivals for fourth , going to be a hectis season come 2010-2011 , We belived it would happen last season n came close. I reckon if we get a die hard, wanna be top Dog owner it will happen. YNWA

  14. Freeze, I’m fairly sure I got the GD correct but it is possible I went a bit mad trying to conjure a way for us to finish 4th. It’s all a bit ‘tongue-in-cheek’ anyway but glad it’s sparked some debate/banter.

  15. lets hope your right but its very very very unlikely. I guess it will be a little clearer after sat.
    Our goal difference isnt great either.

  16. Those set of results seem Extremely likely to me. Bring it on! start planning for a champs league adventure next season. Who cares if the scum win their 19th, that may give us the motivation to go on a long run of title wins

  17. How much motivation do you guys need – forget that United will have won 19, what about when they won 18, 17, 16, 15 etc

    Liverpool have never won teh Premier League.

    yes LFC do need CL football but not to attract big names more to actually stop going out of business.

  18. Not on my dead body my Maltese friend. How can I wish that Manure win 4 succe4ssive league titles and surpass liverpool.

    No and No again. Would rather miss on CL.

  19. Wonderful optimism but unlikely. Lets just hope we can keep hold of Torres, beautiful beautiful Torres, for next season and that any new owners invest in us – Glad to see the back of Gillett and Hicks, complete and utter w****rs!

  20. oh, and as for Man U, football goes in cycles, we will have our day in the Premiership sunshine and bask in it as we watch Man U fade away when Fergie eventually gives it up.

  21. If there’s a tie for fourth, with equal points and equal GD, then I think the tie-breaker is goals scored. At least that’s what it was back in 1989 when Arsenal took the title because they scored more goals than us – we were equal on points and GD. If that’s the case – we’re doomed.

  22. Hate Man U as much as I love Liverpool. Its a tough one but seen as we are pretty good in Europe bar this season I probably would not mind the scum winning the league if it means we get into CL. They wont be ahead of us for long if we get the right investment. They seem to be in a worse financial fix than us and Fergie is looking older by the day.

  23. Just reading the articles and the smashing post, keep it up folks.

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  24. LFC is what faith is all about. We never stop believing. It’s never over until the final whistle of the last football game before the world ends – and even then, Heaven FC might go into administration. If we miss out on 4th place, we’ll get new owners, we’ll get a stronger squad and next season will be the ideal time to focus on winning the league and building a golden sky (as the words of YNWA explain). Who cares what the rest do – every dog has it’s day. It’s always great to be a Liverpool fan for the reason that there’s always going to be the “sweet silver song of a good lark”. YNWA

  25. This will be so scary when it comes true. I hope you got some money on this cos you can buy the club when they all come in and you sell the tv/film rights. :-))

  26. @John
    Yeah, you’re right about the GD,John. Sorry for my bad ^^ Just realized about that again now, a bit in hurry yesterday :D Just hope your scenario is running smoothly ^^ YNWA

  27. Just seen this post and don’t know if anyone is still viewing it? Anyway I geekily plugged some predictions into a spreadsheet and come up with this: Would be perfect, (note that the fixtures are not in proper order by date).

    arsenal 3 man city 1
    villa 1 brum 1
    burnley 0 Liverpool 4
    chelsea 4 stoke 0
    rovers 1 arsenal 2
    man city 0 villa 1
    Liverpool 2 chelsea 1
    chelsea 3 wigan 0
    hull 0 Liverpool 3
    man city 1 spurs 0
    Villa 2 Rovers 1
    arsenal 2 fulham 0
    west ham 0 man city 1
    sunderland 1 manu 1
    manu 3 stoke 0
    spurs 1 bolton 1
    burnley 0 spurs 2

    Would give:

    Team GD Points
    Chelsea 60 83
    Manure 56 83
    Arsenal 44 80
    Liverpool 32 68
    Spurs 27 68
    Man City 26 68
    Villa 17 68

    Can but hope!!!! The actual score don’t make any difference as long as the ratio is the same (or in some games better for us).

  28. Didn’t take into account the fact that Arsenal don’t like to shoot!!! So now need the other results to continue except that West Ham beat or draw with City!!! Oh and I know this is dreamland so don’t need to be told, but until its mathematically impossible……

  29. Ben, nice to see others seeing that it is possible. I did think that Arsenal would beat City but 1 point doesn’t end Liverpools chances. As far as my prediction of all 4 teams finishing on 68 then I don’t think this can happen now

  30. re: previous comment, I should’ve said “I don’t think this WILL happen now”. Mathematically it still COULD happen if City draw with Villa and beat Spurs then it would be down to the results on the final day of the season!

  31. If you took each team individually, you’d say it’s possible:
    -City take only 5 points from Villa(H), Spurs(H) &West Ham (A).
    -Spurs take 4 points form Bolton (H), City (A) & Burnley (A).
    -Villa take 4 points from City (A) & Blackburn (H)

    Of course, we need to beat Chelsea and Hull too. It’s not inconceivible but for all three teams’ results to go our way it’s just such a long shot when you mix them together. I personally think Spurs will beat Bolton and Burnley, leaving it impossible. You just never know though. YNWA

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