‘That’ game against Chelsea.

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Carlo Ancelotti said its Chelsea’s most important game of the season. I can’t differ with him on that one. It probably is. It’s the game that could decide the title. And it has Liverpool in it. The 2009/10 Barclays Premier League title can indeed be decided by Liverpool FC. Its not the way I wanted us to decide the title, but it is a very crucial game.

There are immense consequences involved in this game. The biggest one, and the one which every LFC supporter around the world dreads- watching those scums lift no.19. I would hate to see, and I mean I would absolutely, to the core, freaking HATE to see those mancs lift the trophy for a 4th consecutive season. I absolutely hate that FA-loving/referee-loving/media-loving club even before I knew they were Liverpool’s rivals. I am completely disgusted by them. But for some reason, the FA just loves them. They hate us, and hate Liverpool city, but just LOVE Manchester United Football Club. The media thinks of Ferguson to be a ‘respectable man’. From what freaking angle?! Commentators are in love with them. Liverpool get knocked out of the Champions League- and the English media is happy. Chelsea goes, and the English media is happy that Jose did one over Chelsea, Arsenal go, and the English media say they were outclassed, but MUFC goes and all the media can say is “a very sad day in English football”. A certain Richard Keys who I had respect for until now, even went as far as saying—“Why is the away goals rule present”. It was fine until Manchester United got knocked out by it know?! The only reason I can think of that the media hates us and loves them is because back in 70s and 80s, when the current media personnel was younger, we were THE team, the team to beat, the most dominant and successful team, and the only team that came near us was united. And they were the team to stop our rise and provide competition, and that’s why they still hate us. That feeling has stuck with them forever. Even now. I cant say it enough, I totally, completely, from the bottom of my heart, from each and every cell in my body HATE THAT DAMN CLUB.

But im sorry, I love Liverpool Football Club too much. And that is why I cant see us ‘throwing away a game’. Any game. Many fans are suggesting we do just that. That we play a weakened side, give the game to Chelsea and prevent the mancs from lifting the title. Well, as much as I would love to see that not happening, I cant afford to see my beloved Liverpool loose a game. If we wanted to stop manu, we should have done it by ourselves, but not this way. Not at all this way.

People say that its just one game, there nothing at stake, and if the mancs win it, then us Liverpool fans are in a load of trouble. One year or many years of torture, insults, abuses directed at us cause the mancs overtook our record. Im willing to endure that torture as well. And there certainly is something at stake. Slim, but 4th place is still there. There is also the small matter of Everton right below us. Would you want to make this season worse by finishing below them as well?

The mancs are obsessed with us, we are obsessed with them. But sadly, in the last 10-20 years, they have been better than us. Way better in fact. I have to accept that with a heavy heart. United is always our benchmark. That’s the problem as well. They are saddened if they don’t win the title and happy if they do. We are saddened if we don’t win it, but satisfied if we finish above them. That has been our problem for sometime. The rivalry will always be there, but I guess its just time to forget about manu. As hard as it is. Maybe even impossible. Its only for the good of the club. If we can look to do better than ourselves, then we can look to do better then them. But right now, it looks difficult.

Coming back to the point. I know we would just kill to stop them from winning it. But is this really how we are going to do it. ‘Throw away a game’? Is that what it has come to? If we do that, then Liverpool Football Club will be at an all time low.

I want us to beat Chelsea. I hate accepting it though, but I wouldn’t be entirely broken if we failed to win that match. But, I want my team to go all out in that match. To play the match without thinking about manu, without caring for what the consequences are. I just want us to play that match with our hearts. And if we win, I want us to be happy, thrilled, no matter what the consequences.

Moreover, the FA have Manchester United chief executive David Gill on board. We put out a weakened side, then the FA are just going to have another reason to place a hefty fine on us. (They just love doing that).

And to anyone else who thinks that we should throw away the game. Ill ask you one simple question: Is this what Shankly would have done?

YNWA, and love to all Liverpool FC fans worldwide.

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  1. You’re so right, mate.

    But above all we can’t forget that we do not have any influence on the result. We’re just fans.

    Liverpool above all else! YNWA

  2. I agree we will play to win there is no way stevie and co will play to lose, and remember ok its practically impossible but we can still get 4th place so a win is still vital. As a fan its hard to take that we could help man u win the title but to be honest that should inspire us to win the title in the not too distant future. LFC is gonna go through a major transition, lets hope the new buyers are passionate about our club and dont make false promises like the yanks. All i can say is come on red men beat chelsea and come on sunderland spank the mancs!!!

  3. First, I’d like to see Liverpool beating Chelsea because we play at home and they took we out fo CL twice but we won’t finishe top 4 anyway so why give United a chance to breath and win the championship? I feel bad thinking this way because seems that I’m cheering against Liverpool (which will never happen) but I’m not sure if I can stand United fans saying “We won it 19 times”. If we win Europa League we’ll get a direct place for the next one right? Because we also can’t risk losing it too. I don’t know what to do…

  4. I couldn’t agree more. I hate Man Utd as much as any other Liverpool fan, and I’d loathe to see them winning again, but in my opinion club always comes before any other rivalries. If this was an ordinary game I’d be all for Liverpool to not work so hard, but it’s for fourth place they’re fighting for! So the best thing now is forget about any other team and think only about Liverpool.


  5. Dear god, you all sound like bitter blues, change the record, yes this game could sway the title, if Chelsea win and Sunder win it’s Chelseas etc but for christ sake forget about Man United please. If we have to live in the shadows for a bit then so be it, i’m pretty sure we still have more silverware than them so who gives a toss, we’ve looked close to winning the premier league once since it began, so lets just worry about our own club and stop worrying about other clubs.

    Bored of it now, do you think Shanks would have worried about this? Nah, he would be worried about our club and our club only. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, records are made to be broken. They might break ours this year but it gives us a new aim and purpose to shatter theres in years to come and set a new standard.

  6. What a article! Really! I say hell with Man Ure, let’s have things to remember at the end of this campaign, let’s play in the Liverpool way, at Anfield, with the Kop supporting, me watching, and let’s show them that with all that we have been through that we are A team, that, no matter what, we are the greatest English team, that we are Liverpool Football Club.

  7. I want to totally destroy Chelsea on Sunday. Completely humiliate them. Like every team that we play. I LOVE LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB and hate every other team so COME ON MY MIGHTY RED MEN!

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