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There’s not much left to say, is there? Everything has been “said” on Sunday. Our last home match of the season against Chelsea ended with 0:2 defeat. And so ended the endless discussion about – win or not to win? Chelsea are now the top candidates for the title. Our record is secured – for another year. The Mancs are pissed off, Alex is pissed off, ‘cause “they didn’t want it that way”. We didn’t want it that way either, did we? We’re frustrated enough, why shouldn’t they be unhappy for once as well?

As for Liverpool … Well, what is there that left? Frustration, disappointment, big hopes, wishes and title dreams that didn’t come true. And lots of doubts in terms of the club’s and Rafa’s future. But the most important thing is the relief! Because the horror season finally came to an end. At last … Well, we still have one match against Hull to go, but this won’t change the club’s situation in the table that much.

Sunday’s encounter with Chelsea could have done that … It was our last chance to reach the 4thplace and the Champions League. And it looked quite good. Liverpool were the better team for the first half-hour, with Maxi Rodríguez offering a creative spark and Alberto Aquilani striking a long shot, but the game hinged on the back-pass by Gerrard. It was a terrible blunder, with Drogba stealing in to intercept and to take the ball around Pepe Reina to score in front of the Kop, and, in that moment, the odds on a Chelsea title success tumbled.

There it was – the start of the end. The goal by Drogba changed the atmosphere on and off the pitch. The faith vanished. Everyone could feel that there’s nothing more to do. Lampard’s second goal sealed it for sure. That was it. Over. Zero points and Europe League next season.

Something left to say? Only that it’s comprehensible that our lads were tired after four matches in two weeks and an endless train journey to Madrid. We have to understand that. They tried and gave everything, but it wasn’t enough. Again …

Now we have to wait and see what Rafa will do. Will he stay or will he go? I personally do not want him to go. I still believe in him.

The decision will be taken this week, as Rafa is going to meet Martin Broughton to talk about his and the club’s future.

So what’s left for us? The waiting.




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  1. We cant do nothing elsz but wait..We need need players,wz need ne, owners n money.when u see what u were on the point to have with nothing as basis,its getting clear that with reforcement we’ll b able to fight next year.well..i hope so.

  2. Lets all wake up people, it’s high time that we all face reality & face the facts, that our currant manager has over stayed his welcome. Week after week, you defend him, his tactics, team select, players that he buys, (£260M on 72 players)…And yet, nobody said a thing when he sold Alonso and Arbaloa….You all said he was wright when the whole Garreth Barry thing came up……Yet Barry came out on Sky Sports and said he had never intended to join Liverpool FC, laughing as he spoke…! Players play out of position…..Steven Gerrard just doesn’t want to be there anymore. The next few weeks will be the hardest of his life, forget the World Cup, that’s different. Torres will feel the same, saying that the English game is to fast for him and to rough….When a player from the dressing room came out and said “Liverpool is a sinking Ship”, i clapped my hands till they hurt. Finally someone stud up and said something. But, everybody took Rafa’s side….(surprise surprise),My point is people, is that Rafa has ran out of options, now he’s looking for some…….Well Rafa, there is one option for you and gess what, it’s in Italy….!

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