The club will not sell Torres

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Yesterday, Rafa made a comment that brought a smile to my face and sent my head spinning (with thoughts). When asked if Liverpool intended to sell Torres, Rafa replied ‘Women (in Asia) go crazy for him. Thanks to him Liverpool has become much bigger in Asia. He’s the cornerstone for our sponsor.’

The transfer season has just begun and Fernando has been linked with Chelsea, Barcelona and Manchester City with bids rumoured to be up in the £70 million range. When I first heard of such high bids I was pretty much convinced that Rafa will be pressured to sell El Niño, that kind of money would help reduce our ever increasing debt. However the club is for sale, the biggest factor in determining the amount of money Hicks and Gillett can ask for the club is  based on the total sales L.F.C. is able to generate. Anybody in finance will tell you that the Top Line (Sales) are more important than Bottom Line (Profit) when it comes in determining a value of a company and it’s growth potential. Given this and the fact that we have a new shirt sponsor (who want to see their brand plastered all over Asia) I am convinced that the club is not going to let Torres go this transfer season.

We are talking about Asia here, the largest continent on the planet, think about it,  the club just needs to sell 1 million shirts to make around £70 million in sales. I strongly believe that they will even sell more than that, especially now that they are able to sell shirts in countries where alcohol advertising is banned (with Carlsberg this was not possible). Of course shirts are not the only thing, there is also other club merchandise and the lucrative T.V. deals which keep increasing year after year.

Tom Hicks and George Gillett do not care how many goals Torres scores however I am sure that after they saw the sales of No. 9 shirts they understand his worth. This was evident by the way Tom Hicks cheered when Torres scored against United, you could even see his pupils turning into dollar signs. The situation might change however if the club is not sold quickly, unless we can get the new stadium built or another good looking player who can score goals and capture the imagination of our female fans then we might be in deep trouble in about four years.

So thanks to our greedy owners Torres will most probably stay for now, not because of his goal scoring ability but rather because of his looks and sex appeal. The only question left is, does Torres want to stay? Hopefully he does and his injuries are also behind him.



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  1. Know what Antoine, I find it mildly disturbing when players are described in terms that sound like chattel. That said, I don’t agree any club should sell human beings (traficking) to reduce debt. That money should be found from elsewhere. We’ve had chances to not only reduce LFC’s debt but also change ownership altogether. Such offers include DIC, the Rhone Group, any of the Chinese linkages or the Syrian-led consortium.

    A club’s core business is to win trophies and for this it needs personnel. It might sound corny but in truth that’s what it is. Shankly added a twist when he talked of a trinity between the gaffer, players and fans – all implying finances are done in the background.

    Torres, Gerrard and those willing to stay should stay. Any disgruntleds can leave, but all recruitment must involve passion, commitment and willingness to abide by the club’s ethos. Whatever anyone thinks of Rafa, he didn’t coerce anyone to Liverpool. He was still carrying out squad rotation, playing players in different positions, sticking to his patented 4-2-3-1 and any number of “faults” he’s accused of having.

    Liverpool FC famously inherited a single player and a ground, Anfield. John Houlding set out recruiting from that one and a while later, the legend of the Reds was born in its present form. We WILL rebuild, we WILL rise again and we WILL excel.

    Where will you and I be? Right here, doing what we do best – supporting, standing by the club, linking hands in solidarity and simply cheering on the future wearers of the Red shirt.

    YN(Ever)WA(Ever) – Absolutely Ever!

  2. d.i.c. have giv the yanks untill the beginning of the world cup to sell at there offer price or they will pull out of any talks.there has been no other offers from any ligit if we are not sold by the world cup then TORRES and GERRARD, WILL be sold after the world cup.keeping the creditors happy.and it wont stop the beginning of next season we will have a depleted squad with any bargans raffa may pick up with what little money thats left over.and thats a fact! what every one seems to forget is this not about if we hope enough all our dreams will come true.this is all about buisness and that all.those 2 cunts bought are club to make money and they aint gonna budge untill the make maximum amounts.its what they do.thats why there multi-millionaires.every 1 should be praying for D.I.C (LOL NEVER THOUGHT ID TYPE THAT SENTENCE)as we are the new leeds otherwise and thats a fact!

  3. top post from sam by the way and id also like to add that come what may trophyless leagueless ill still support my local team LIVERPOOL FC and ill sit in the kop every game until we do rise again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i think it is time to let macherano go and get melo in, then the fund is available in transfer market and we may get huntelaar in paring with torres, it is going to be the way to success

  5. Clubs Torres is linked to or clubs who might bid & reasons why he won’t leave Liverpool

    # 1.Chelsea – LFC chairman(Chelsea fan) wud hv a tough time convincing us & facing our wrath as to why torres was sold.No way.

    2.Man City – Sorry Mancini, Torres doesn’t need ur money & no champions league also.

    3.Real Madrid – crazy money but Torres has too much respect for Atletico Madrid.

    4.Barcelona – Already have gt villa n Ibra is staying acc to Laporta.Fabregas in midfield.No chance of another signing.

  6. Masch is the blood and guts of the team…..Kah i absolutely disagree with you!!!!!! Reina, Torres, Gerard , Masch are untouchable..

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