The Daily Antoine 21/5/2010 LFC News Digest

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Riera is being linked with Stuttgart more…
(I bet he can work part-time on the Mercedes-Benz assembly line)

Former United player Guiseppe Rossi is being linked with Liverpool more…
(Has done well in La Liga but why did United sell him?

Aquilani’s agent denies that Alberto will be leaving Liverpool more…
(Excellent news)

Ex-Arsenal player Perry Groves hits out at Carra for the England U-Turn more…
(Is he bitter because he never played for England?)

The date for the friendly against Borussia Moenchengladbach has been changed more…
(This is because of the Europa League Qualifier)

It is official Didi Hamann is now player-coach at MK Dons more…

And Gary Mac as coach with Boro more…
(Congrats, this is great that all the Liverpool legends are getting into coaching :-) )

Stevie G is excited about the prospect of facing his cousin Anthony in the Premier League next season more…
(Good luck tomorrow)

Spain have named the World Cup Squad more…
(Congrats to Fernando & Pepe)

And Sammy Lee is praying that all Reds return injury-free more…
(We all are)

Voronin calls John Terry ‘a jerk’ and Carra ‘wicked’ more…
(Looks like El Ponytailo got a nose-job)

And finally Howard Webb will referee the Champions League Final more…


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  1. well aintoine, if the papers ring any truth today then all of the remaining ‘rafa apostles’ may have to get used to the idea of losing stevie g. Sourced from daily mail 21st may. I know who i’d pick!

  2. tim – Im not sure about the story it is in the daily mail having said that i wouldnt blame Gerrard at all. Not making it into the CL next year is Benitez’s fault pure and simple. We gave up valuable league points by wrecking our best players in the europa league. Till the day i die i will remember Gerrards face when torres was subbed, asking why? torres shrugs his shoulders and along with the rest of us gerrard scratched his head. season over, thanks rafa.

  3. @ Mark M, no offence, but do you really think that when he pulled Torres of 65 mins into a match that signalled our season being over? Did you watch that game or jump in when everyone had a go at Rafa for removing Torres, did we not have a chance on goal in the 65 minutes Torres was moping round the pitch? Then we replaced him, fresh legs and bam we had numerous chances. Yes you can argue the toss Torres would have netted those chances, but he wouldn’t have put himself in those positions in that game pure and simple. Clearly fueling the we’re a one man team” arguement there pal.

    And then Torres gets injured again, how can you blame Rafa for being cautious with his most valuable asset? When he’s was just coming back from injury, to go back to injury?

    It’s obsurd, EVERYONE deserves blame for the poor results last season. So what if we didn’t qualify for the champions league, the players didn;’t deserve it, opr particulary put up a fight for it. Yes Rafa made mistakes, but if the fans can’t let him know constructivly instead of booing him or bitching about Lucas then he will carry on making mistakes.

    And why would he not use players in the Europa league? A chance for the crowd at a european night to get behind the club, the atmosphere has gone severly down hill this year at Anfield, cause no one can be arsed apart from European nights, so why wouldn’t the managers, players, fans anyone want silverware at the end of this season?

    I wouldn’t have deemed it a good season by any stretch of the imagination if we had won the Europa league, but it would have been better than it turned out.

    Again I will reiterate, EVERYONE, fans, players, manager, staff, the owners all deserve blame for last season not just one person.

  4. Guiseppe Rossi is the biggest traitor since Benedict Arnold. I say nay to his shenanigans.

  5. Reports from la Gazzetta have linked Lucas Leiva with AC Milan, they are battling with Real Madrid and Chelsea for the Brazilians Signature.

  6. Steve my point is that torres was ineffective as he was forced to play in the europa league. If we had fielded a reserve team in the europa league we would have been a hell of a lot closer to 4th. No i dont/didnt give a stuff about the europa league, why would i care about a second rate European cup? When we desperately need a goal why would you take off one of the best strikers in the world even if he was tired? you wouldnt.

    For reference i was either at every match we played this season or saw it on the TV/Internet. I only missed 1 match which i listened to on the radio so i have as valuable a view point as anyone else.

    Yes your right everyone is to blame but ill stand by my summary that if we had thrown the europa league we would have finished 4th.

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