Dont believe the media. Gerrard and Torres going nowhere.

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Im not going to make this a long opinion article or anything.  Just some facts and quotes.

Martin Broughton had said: “There’s absolutely no reason to sell either Torres or Gerrard”.

But the problem after this was that there is a difference between the club not wanting to sell Gerrard and Torres and both of them actually leaving. Lets face it, all of us have feared that they might want to leave the club. 

Since that statement and still, there are ‘EXCLUSIVE’ reports, articles, comments by ‘reliable’ sources stating that the two are leaving.

Theres an article on Monday morning stating Gerrard is joining Inter. No quotes. Tuesday Torres is joining Barcelona. Wednesday both of them are off to Man City. Thursday theres a break. Friday Torres is joining Chelsea. Saturday Gerrard is joining Real Madrid and on the Sunday addition of the paper/website, both of them are again joining Man City. One similiarity in all those articles, not a single quote. Just some opinion of some reporter who needs to sell his article. Media make flaterring headlines. Why? because they want to make a sale.

Imagine it this way. Theres a reporter, hes got inside information, in fact, he already has spoken to the respective manager about it. Hes got confirmed information that some player from Yeovil Town is joining Wycombe Wanderers. Its going to happen, and this reporter has got information about it two weeks before the actual transfer takes place. But he still doesnt write an article about it. Because no one is going to want to read it (No offence intended to either team). So the reporter instead just writes a huge article about Gerrard or Torres leaving the club. Everyone wants to read it.  I read it too. It naturally arouses interest. But once i finish the huge article i realise that there is not a single quote. Its just an opinion presented like gospel. But in truth its just an article reviewing our poor season with the same thing said in five-six different ways and then leading to an assumption that Gerrard and Torres are leaving. Its all just a method of selling the article. They make money that way. When ‘EXCLUSIVE’ is put across an article it really is just a desperate attempt of the reporter to make people read the article. Thats all.

To prove my point that these reports are just false. Heres an example. There is an article doing the rounds about Gerrard stating that he will determine his future after the World Cup. The whole thing is made to look like he wants to leave. He did get a little ticked off when asked over and over again the same question about Liverpool. Who wouldnt? How may times is a man suppose to say the same thing? But anyway. The article is virtually on every website. But all the websites (because of one website) have missed out one particular quote of Gerrard. The reason that quote hasnt been mentioned is because if that quote was posted then any rumour of Steven Gerrard leaving Liverpool would not be true. I didnt know about this quote either until one poster pointed it out on a forum. Heres the quote that was left out:

The reporter asked Gerrard: “Where does your future lie?”

Gerrard said: “What do you mean?”

Reporter: “In terms of, you know, will you be at Liverpool next season?”

Gerrard: “Well I’ve got three years left so Iwill be. Yes.”

It is also mentioned that that statement wasnt a diplomatic answer. Stevie G said that like he meant it. And he did. He meant that. But it has been left out because now everyone would miss the opportunity to make false rumours and sell articles.

This has already been mentioned over here, but ill post it again.

“I am calm about Fernando” Reina said “I spoke to him about his future and he has told me that he intends to continue with us”

“Fernando suffered so many blows last season, but he is a professional and has always wanted to do well for us. That is what he remains – committed to this club.”

 Dont believe everything you read.

Broughton has said that the club are not going to sell Gerrard and Torres. Gerrard has said that he is staying. Reina has told us that Torres is staying and thats where we stand right now until other quotes have been mentioned.

I said i would make this short. Sorry, cant help it. Once i start i dont stop !


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  1. OMG!! Finally somebody that understands! You are so right man! I live in Malaysia and the story about Torres and Gerrard leaving is all over the newspapers EVERY WEEK!!! Its a shame though that “some reporters want to make false rumors about them. Y.N.W.A!! May Allah S.W.T bless you!

  2. Great post Mohammed! I’m glad that finally someone has been able to disprove all the Bullsh*t that the S*n and Daily Fail post on a regular basis. But unfortunately,for as long as Gerrard and Torres stay at LFC every transfer window will be the same with these so called “exclusives” being banded around with omitted quotes. We’re going to have accept that these rumours will never go away, however, having read this post and other (reliable) columns I’m confident Stevie G and Nando will still be LFC property next year. YNWA.

  3. I’m suprised people are making out this is a recent thing, that the media have been lying to us. It’s been happening forever and will continue to happen. The best thing to do it just wait it out, I doubt they will be leaving, especially with Torres’s agent coming out and saying that. I believe Torres is quite happy to stay here next season and see how things pan out, if no better, then I wouldn’t expect him to stick around.

    I am quite concerned over Gerrard future, as we have been in the past, he’s got two big options really, move to a current winning side get a few titles behind him maybe another european cup and call it a day, or he can stick it out at Liverpool and retire a legend (even though he nearly put pen to paper with Chelsea ;) )

    Who knows, it might just all fall into place for Liverpool next year with the youth squad hopefully being utilised to counter injuries, and players bringing their A game back.

    But like I said, it’s just a waiting game.

  4. Great post mate…!
    The other day, i was sitting in my hostel room, n my friends, one an arsehol n couple of manc’s came running to me saying a soccer update is showing torres moving to chelsea.. Here on come whoever, happen wat soever…
    Torres and stevie are not walking alone…

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