The 2 managers that should get the job.

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Liverpool have been linked with all sorts of managers since Rafa Benitez’s sacking a few days ago. From Kenny Danglish, Reds legend, to David Moyes, Everton manager, there are all sorts of managers that are currently linked with the Reds. But one that caught my eye was Fulham manager Roy Hodgson. I personally think that Roy is high up on the list of managers Kenny Danglish and Sammy Lee want.

Roy Hodgson has turned Fulham into a more popular team. He took them to the final of the Europa league, but unluckily lost the match 2-1. He knows what he is doing with the players, and knows about the team. It is unfair to compare Rafa’s record at Liverpool to Roy’s record at Fulham. Liverpool are (and have always been) the better side of them both, and have won most games in head to head battles. Whereas Fulham have unsurprisingly lost at Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge. Why? Because Fulham are not better than Liverpool, so their win record would be worse. But this season he’s taken Fulham to Anfield and escaped with a point. The tactics he set frustrated Liverpool, and we want a manager that can frustrate  other teams, forcing them to give us points.

Another thing is that Roy Hodgson is English. There’s been talks of him being future England manager. This means, the media very rarely pick on him, unlike foreign Rafa Benitez. This would mean Liverpool wouldn’t have to go out in games while an untrue rumour is inside the newspaper.

And according to the Daily Mirror, Roy and his  wife “enjoyed” their time in the north west of England.

Another manager that caught my eye was Marcello Lippi. He may have no Premier League experience at all, but take a look at Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti. He had no Premier League experience when he moved to Stamford Bridge, but look at him now. He’s added two more trophies to his collection this season, the Premier League and the F.A Cup.

So if Italian manager Ancelotti can win trophies with no experience, surely Italian Lippi can? He’s won lots of Italian titles, and the two most popular football competitions; the Champions League and the World Cup. This shows he’s able to handle the pressure of managing a big country and leading them to victory, which is far more pressuring than managing a club. The who nation is counting on you, not the whole city. So I would love to see Lippi or Hodgson touching the ‘This is Anfield‘ sign next season as they manage the Reds, hopefully, to another trophy.

Managers to avoid:

Sven Goran Eriksson – although he claims to be a Liverpool fan, he couldn’t handle the pressure of managing England, and he gets fired quite often.

Mark Hughes – got fired from Manchester City, and used to play for Man United.

David Moyes – Everton manager, and no trophies.

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  1. Sam, have to disagree on Hodgson. Whilst he has done a good job at Fulham, I dont see him as the man to help Liverpool get back into the top 4. He is a coach suited for teams in the second tier of the league-your Fulhams,Birminghams and so forth. Remember his shambles at Blackburn where he had Walker’s funds to burn? I think he is making an average side like Fulham look good-despite reaching the Europa final. Yes he did a great rescue mission job at Inter all those years ago when they looked relegation fodder-but also dont be blighted by his title wins in Scandinavia and his stint with Finland and the Swiss if memory serves me correctly. He would bring calm and stability to the team but nothing extroardinary in my opinion. I would choose ‘Arry over Roy but since he writes for The Scum Ive scrathced his name off my own list

  2. I disagree with you on Hodgson. Nothing against the bloke but Fulham weren’t that good last season in the Premier League, even with the players they had. Then again, neither were we I suppose.

    Plus sides will want to frustrate us, rather than us frustrate them. I’m not convinced Roy is the man but if he does come then so be it.

    As for Lippi a good shout but he is getting on in years (Roy too) and we’d have to give him handsome wages and a handsome budget. Not that he needs a big budget but a manager like him would want one because it makes his job more easier obviously.

  3. Also,as Ive said before my number one pick would be Pellegrini-but in our current climate he will not come until ownership issues have been resolved. This is a man who did wonders with Villareal and guided Real to a record points haul with goals coming from everywhere. He was ousted simply because he did not fit into the ‘glamour’ image so craved by Perez. Had he been given one more chance and signing his OWN players(Kaka, Ronaldo and Alonso were Perez signings) who knows what he might have done in season two. Del Bosquealso fell victim to the same thing even though he won trophies, and the same reason why they got rid of Sneijder and Robben-not glamorous enough. Many of Real’s players were gutted when Pellegrini left- he is an excellent man manager. Barcelona are just simply on another planet-no manager at Real would have won the league against this Barca side last season-and Barca will win the league next year again. Mourinho and his defensive tactics will no work at Real-espeicially with the notoriously fickle Real fans wanting attractive football. So yes Pellegrini is my own pick but as long as The Chuckle Brothers are there, our options will be limited to the likes of McCleish,Hodgson,and Moyes, and begrudgingly out of those I would choose Moyes(would also really p-off the Blue Noses)

  4. I don’t have the feeling, someone of these managers can lead the club to glory. The right one is missing, somehow.
    Of these few managers, i would prefer Hodgson, cannot really say why, just a feeling.

  5. I would not mind having Curbs…..and he’s not contracted! Will also depend on the senior players having their say of course……!

  6. this manager talk seems like oh who’s best of leftovers ? not one of them seem good enough ok hodgson took fulham to europa league title .. benitez took us to champions league ? simplistic .. souness took us to edge of despair ? evans was run by the team ? hard to say who can … all i will say is please keep Martin O’Neill well clear of #LFC ………. what do I know ?

  7. let me just start by saying i`m glad we finally managed to get rid of Benitez. he was never to change his defensive tactics even at Anfield against the likes of Reading and Pompey. as to his claims that he wasn`t given enough money/time well he had more than enought of both and the players, fans and the Club didnot deserve the 7th this past season. we could have been champs but for his outbursts and rather crazy decisions on the field like benching Torres and starting without Gerrard etc. i had had enough of him with 6 games to go, and he should have been fired even before then. the 3-1 loss to Reading in 2007 comes to mind. wish him luck and hope never to see him at Anfield as an opposing manager or a guest. but to move on my number one choice would have to be Slaven Bilic, he has shown his desire to manage in the PL. he is a great tactician and an agitator, just the ingredients we need right now!!1

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