King Kenny snubbed

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I got word that the club might be offering the manager position to Roy Hodgson against Kenny Dalglish’s wishes.

Kenny was put in charge to help find Rafa’s replacement, however as he started looking he realised that there was really no one qualified more than himself to take over as gaffer. From what I heard Kenny went up to Christian Purslow and told him that he felt that he was the best person qualified for the job. Purslow turned Kenny down and instead informed him that they were going to offer the position to Hodgson instead. Kenny did not want the manager’s position for pride and glory but his aim was to help the club in this moment of crisis.

It is really puzzling why Purslow and the gang would chose Hodgson over Dalglish, all you have to do is look at the stats of both. Hodgson’s moment of glory has been the final of the Europa League last season however his win percentage at Fulham is at only 39.37%. Kenny in return won the titles with Liverpool, Blackburn and Celtic and he even his “bad” season at Newcastle ended with the Toon qualifying for the Champions League.

Without a doubt Kenny is devastated by the news, he has given most of his life to the club he loved. It is shameful that they turn down like this and I will not be surprised if he resigns from the club following this.

Good luck Kenny, you will always be a legend to us.



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  1. Rubbish. Smells like one of those my so and so works at the pub heard so and so talking about it.

  2. what a useless piece of garbage Purslow is. Kenny is and will be the King. I bet Purslow is a manure/bitters fan in secret. Who better than the King, that the players and fans will look up to and respect. If anything, Gerrard will stay if the King reigns again. He has that reputation and that street cred, so to speak. Purslow is dumb shit, or as we say in Singapore, sibeh bodoh.

  3. Yea this cant be true, kenny is allready there ready to take over. Hodgson will mean compensation ect…

    King Kenny is what we need !!!

  4. It’s time the Purslow and Hodgson OUT campaign got started.
    I haven’t spoken to or heard of one fan who really wants Hodgson at
    Anfield. Without the fans support he’ll be on to a loser before he
    even starts.

    Does anyone out there ‘really’ want Roy Hodgson in charge of the Reds?

  5. All rumours at the moment of course.
    The story is that Dalglish didn’t want the job permanently.
    Kenny didn’t support Rafa going and thought that it would be best for the club if he stayed
    Due to him being asked to help find a successor, he has been weighing up the options based on who is best for the club and who could galvanise the players and the club based on who would be available to take the job.
    He approached Purslow and suggested he take over until the ownership issue is resolved, leaving the club in a better position than it is in now, and a more attractive option for a top manager.
    Purlsow has apparently stated that the club want Roy Hodgson and Kenny as Director of Football.

    Kenny doesn’t agree with the choice of Hodgson as manager and made his feelings known. If they appoint Hodgson, it will appear that it was Dalglish’s choice also which he isn’t happy about.
    If the appointment fails, the responsibility will fall on his head and therefore feels he has no other option than to leave the club not to mention having asked for the job even on a temporary basis and having been rejected.

    Could be the ugly sister of all rumours..could be truth.

    The plot thickens at a rapid an increasingly alarming rate.

  6. WTF? As if we don’t have enough bs destroying our club, you have to publish this trife. Exactly where did you hear this, where is your proof, or is this just mere polotics at play because your beloved Rafa is gone. The americans aren’t our worst enemies, at the moment we are. Publishing unfounded BS like this is only going to make matters worse. If you have all this spare time on your hands to make shit up like this, go and find a decent buyer to buy the club, not print crap like this… Really getting sick of all you morons who think they are doing something positive, when really all your doing is bringing us all down. Idiots

  7. Absolutely rubbish. If Daglish really want the job he wouldnt accept the task to look for the new manager. If EOTK want Daglish to be replace Benitez they should do it honestly and never discredit Pulsow. EOTK never honest to LFC. See, they advertised MUFC jersey on top of LFC jersey on there website..I guessed EOTK is nore MUFC than LFC.

  8. Totally unsubstantiated. Who is your source? You can’t upload such claptrap without some form of attribution. You are really stirring things up and should be ashamed of yourself. Gossip mongering at its worst.

  9. do u think Purslow would employ king kenny so that liverpool would overtake chelsea?? Would Purslow do anything that would conflict his interest?

  10. The following is taken from the history archive of Glasgow Celtic online:
    A shock 3-1 defeat at Celtic Park in the Scottish Cup by rank outsiders Inverness Caledonian Thistle in February leads to the departure of John Barnes, with Kenny Dalglish taking control of team matters until the end of the season. Celtic end up the 1999/2000 season as runners-up to Rangers in the championship, but a massive 21 points behind. The gloom is lifted slightly by a 2-0 victory over Aberdeen in the League Cup final, a competition now sponsored by the Co-operative Insurance Society.
    During the summer Martin O’Neill takes over as Celtic’s manager.

    Antoine, Get your facts right before you start posting rubbish and whipping those easily lead into a frenzy!
    StevieD, Hodgson hasn’t even been offered the job yet so how can you start a “Hodgson out” campaign!?!?!

    Nonsense like this is as much of whats wrong with the club as the 2 clowns in charge of it…..

  11. ‘just got word’ ! From whom?

    Who are your sources? have you actually spoken with Dalglish ? Is there any actual basis to this story? If this isn’t true do you realise the potential damage you are doing to the club with this kind of stuff?

  12. Neither Dalglish and neither Hodgson are the ideal persons for taking over as managers. In modern football you need a manager with different characteristics. The manager which will be appointed should be:
    – Guus Hiddink
    – Felix Magath
    – Louis van Gaal
    – Marcello Lippi
    – Fabio Capello

  13. So Dalglish and Purslow discussed a very private conversation in a place where “someone” could overhear it and thus present you with the information? I very much doubt it and rumours such as this are just intent on destabilising the club further.

    From what I’ve heard Zidane has bought a house on the Wirral and is on the verge of taking up the hot seat……….See how easy it is. Provide facts to back things up and those less gullible might believe.

  14. BREAKING NEWS!!! Antoine Zammit is a total liar!!

    You fucking liar stop making up bullshit to just get fans riled up for absolutely no reason you know this is a complete and total lie or else it’d be all over the news!! You should go off to wherever Rafa goes because you are no Liverpool fan. Purslow and Broughton have been the best thing to come to the board since Hicks/Gillett took over. You need to stop be childish and spouting lies. End of story. You have officially lost all of my respect.

  15. The bloody yanks are screwing out club this time through their puppet purslow. The end of all our troubles will only come with the sale of the club. The supporters can’t do much except pray. YNWA King Kenny you are and will always be a LEGEND for us.

  16. Um, for a start, you do know that Kenny never won the league with Celtic, right?

    So that kinda puts this story to bed….




  17. This is horrible reading. “from what i’ve heard”…? Seriously ? What credible writer defines the basis for his entire artice with .. “from what i’ve heard” PURE UNCUT 100% RUBBISH Squared. I want the 10 minutes i wasted on the article and my reply back.

  18. No offense Antoine, I haven’t read this story anywhere else credible yet. If it’s come from RAWK, then it’s anything but.

  19. So you want us to believe that Kenny and Purslow held a private meeting in a position where it could be overheard by others – They then discussed the future of the club allowing an eavesdropper to overhear them?

    Please provide facts and evidence about this.

  20. Oh what a load of shit your talkin now. Antionne I started to get a bit fed up with your bull shit stories . You started quite well but now your stories are turning into fairy ones. Start posting something that makes sense.

  21. First of all thanks for the “kind” words.

    I would not have posted this story if I did not believe it was true. Unfortunately I can’t reveal my source it is a promise I made and I intend to keep.

    Fact, the story did NOT come from RAWK (I posted this before I even saw it on RAWK), if you look at the time I posted it you would see it was within just a few minutes of the RAWK posting. I do not type that fast.

    I really wish this was not true, believe me it pains me more than anything. I love the club too much to make up a story like this.

    If you decide not to visit my website in the future I understand. I love LFC more than my site and just had to get this story out.



  22. All i can say ur man purslow is a blue he is take’n the piss out of club….Yep & he’s here 2 lur torres away 2 chelsea…

  23. If the club directors feel inclined to engage sven goran as manager they would do better were they to hire me: I would do a much better job – even my 3 year-old son would do a better job – any one in the world would do a much better job! Personally, I wouldn’t want him at ANFIELD even a paying spectator! As manager? Don’t make me laugh!

  24. Someone pointed my errata regarding Celtic.

    Here is a correction.

    Kenny did not win the League title with Celtic but he did win the League Cup in 2000.

    Sorry about that.


  25. When is purslow actually going to do the job he was brought in for and sell the club, instead of ruining it.

  26. so it your source who told you i take it you and the same poster of the same article on rawk have the same source or 2 different 1s…

    more lies,only in the past few days certain groups of fans have been saying kenny is part of the conspricy to oust raffa,now this,make up your minds,who ever is start this absolute crap about the club,print facts not crap from a source that isnt even real….

    either the author of this article or the exact same 1 on rawk are telling lies,and you claim you got it from a source,so again is it the same source as the 1 from rawk…

    lol so called liverpool fans spreading nothing but lies…..

  27. Where is your proof? Don’t make sensationalist “breaking news” assertions without any evidence.

  28. only proves wat iv knew all along!!
    the new manager will be mailny chosen by the board, which means that Kenny`s name has only been used to shut the fans up!!

  29. Really? Where is your evidence and who is the source?

    As usual this is utter tripe and only feeds the anti liverpool media by putting out yet more potentially damaging and completely crap journalism.

    Get a life.

  30. Do you actualy have any evidence, sources etc to back this up or is it just some bollocks you made up?

  31. don’t rise to this muppet guys. if you believe this tosh he is saying you’ll end up going stir crazy dammit zammit you make me mad fool

  32. This is all garbage,but when Dalglish took over he had Paisley in the managers office guiding him! Yes Kenny was able to attract good players but BP was in the managers office advising him for his first 2-3 years! Also when Blackburn won the Premier League title 1994/95,I think you will find that Ray Harford had very much to do with them winning that title!
    Kenny did’n’t do too well at Newcastle or Celtic either!!!
    He probably was and remains LFC’s ‘BEST’ ever player,and we all love him still! but I don’t think he would be the right one to take on as manager again!I feel sure I will have upset a lot people with this,but I think he should just be happy to help out these days,as he does now!

  33. anytime, if you are still in florida get yourself down to the beach and pick up some oil and stay away from your computer nugget

  34. Bloke I know once dated a girl whose brother is the cousin of a janitor at Anfield, and he said King Kenny is going to restart his playing career as Gerrard’s replacement.

  35. i reckon this is utter nonsense – many more credible website’s are allready rubbishing this a sourceless junk. I heard a similar rumour yesterday but laughed. sounds like a fabregation probably from SOS designed to undermine christian purslow for his chelsea connections. how convenient that he has upset our beloved king kenny. expect to see this story in the sun next – lol

  36. All you Anti-Purslow idiots need to get a grip and step back for a minute. He is a very good businessman, he never would have got today where he is without being so, and without being impartial, if you believe he’s about to put at risk a 40+ year career and his entire future just to suit a “football fan” agenda then you’re living in cuckoo land and need to get a grip.

    I love LFC but even i have enough common sense to know he would run LFC very well given any other business he has been involved in. He wouldn’t let an CFC sentiments get in the way, or he wouldn’t be where he is today if he was that easily swayed.

    And don’t for a minute think he can just “get on with it” when it comes to selling the club and he’s not doing his job, none of you could do any better, do you think it’s just a case of what HE wants? No, the other parties have got to agree, including H&G, to what is on the table. He is just a middle man in the sale of the club.

    Seriously, get a grip some of you, and stop reading this utter shite.

  37. What is the source of the story? Who at the club would have said this even if it did happen? I dont like information without the source identifed, until it is, this is all just hear say.

  38. You know what would happen if Dalglish was put back in charge don’t you, just look at Newcastle and the way they did things over Keegan etc. Not a fan of LFC, but it would be wrong to lose them in the top flight because of mismanaged debt. Solution to problems is to sell all the overpaid fanny’s that play for you currently and bring in hard grafting players on low wages. Give up on superstar crap for a couple of years and consolidate yourselves as a premier league club. Pile surplus money in youth academy player training and make your own superstars as I believe LFC used to do(Robbie Fowler, Michael Owen). Oh yes and one more thing “HANDS OFF O’NEIL”, but that said and done please get a reality check, cos the PR men are mugging you off.

  39. Perhaps everyone knows this isn’t true because there are absolutely no official quotes from either Purslow or Daglish in the entire story! unless you are a stalker or a fly on the wall how could ANYONE appear to know, let alone write a story based completely on fictitious data!! Stop writing stories based on your own crazed ideas and stick to facts and quotes!

    1. Stephen why you say this is fictional data? What interest would I have to do that?
      Believe me I would rather shut down my site than have to deal with all these attacks and name callings I got.

  40. why would i say its fictional data!?? it’s fictional data because there is absolutely nothing to back up your words, ie quoted information , its you against everyone here, can’t you see that, this is jibberish and not even reputable enough to be called speculation!! oh and by the way mourinho is gonna be our next manager but i cant tell you why or who told me!

  41. It is obvious to me you still don’t understand the difference between fact and fiction so allow me to help.

    Fiction (Latin: fictum, “created”) is any form of narrative which deals, in part or in whole, with events that are not factual, but rather, imaginary and invented by its author(s).

    Fact: Knowledge or information based on real occurrences.

    Best of luck, remember, next time you write a story to make it based on fact and most importantly to back your facts up with proof :-)

    1. Sorry to disappoint you Stephen but the story is not fiction and that is a fact.

      I will not reveal my source but it is very credible, I will take it with me to my grave.

      I can be called every name in the book but I will never reveal it.

  42. To be honest i dont think Antonie is lying about the fact he has been told this by his source. Although he/you may believe it to be credible, it might not be and as we will never know the source we can not make our own minds up.

    However i think all the personal attacks are out of order, Antoine is a Liverpool fan as you can tell from the rest of the site so wouldn’t deliberatly try to cause issues for the club or fans so some people are way out of line just because they dont like whats he has been told.

    I will add however that it is always ill advised to publish something that is likey to get peoples backs up if you are not willing to publish the source, as people will have nowhere to vent thier anger except at the person publishing the story (as demonstrated by the this thread).


  43. I have it from a very good source that Kenny did not ask for the job and that everything you have said is all lies..

    I can’t reveal my source but it is very reliable and il take it with me to my grave.

    It is fact no matter what you say and you can’t prove me wrong.

    Does that make me an ITK now :D Seems very easy if you ask me.

  44. More rubbish from this site as per the norm. As usual trying to get more page views with this garbage in the same way the tabloids do!!! Not too mention trying to get people to sign up & PAY. You’ve been outed on numerous official & Non offical sites previously.

    As for the more details in the ‘PAID FOR’ members area on the takeover by Shiek (insert name of your own choice) it’s as usual toilet water of the highest order

  45. To all those dismissing the story let me get one thing right Purslow has no connections to CFC you are mistaking yourselves with Chairman Martin Broughton. The same man who said that his position at the club was to Sell the club which purslow couldnt manage to do either! Now they are both making decisions on current club affairs with Purslow constantly leaking information in the media to undermine Rafa! Purslow has got the same agenda as Hicks and Gillet they pay his wages so why would he not have allegiances to them!

  46. Why make up such lies? Kenny wouldn’t just walk up to Purslow & say he wanted the job, also it is not for Purslow to turn him down!! He is only 1 of a number of directors. By putting this sort of story out you only make matters worse at Anfield. When Kenny doesn’t leave you will lose a credability. Hang your head on shame.

  47. There appears to be some confusion on both sides regarding C Purslow. He is and always has been an avid Liverpool fan. He used to sit on the Kop. I think you are mistaking him with Martin Broughton, our chairman and Chelsea season ticket holder. If you are going to praise or criticise Mr Purslow (and personally I think he is one of the better people with influence at Anfield) then please get your basic facts right first.

  48. I don’t understand that people keep branding C.Purslow for being a CFC fan, ’cause he is NOT! He is a LFC fan!

    The only person at LFC boardroom that is a CFC fan is M.Broughton, who is acting as a chairman for the owners!

    and why in the hell would he risk his well earned repution for a footballing agenda???

    Get the facts right and the you might invent proper lies….

  49. This only adds to the narrative of Liverpool as a broken club and only divides supporters further.

    What’s the point? It’s all based on hearsay and subjectivity–how do you have a source that knows Kenny Dalglish’s intent in promoting himself for the manager’s post?

    All this does is appeal to a section of the fanbase that relies on negativity and emotion to further strengthen their own argument that if you’re not with us, you’re against us.

    Sad, really–a club legend like Kenny Dalglish is being used cheaply by supporters whose agenda is only self-serving.

  50. I have only ever read what seems to be genuinely honest articles from Antoine. I don’t remember an antagonizing article ever being put up by the bloke. I reckon his heart is in the right place so if it is true I wouldn’t be surprised.

  51. Dear Friends, don’t forget what had happened when Dalglish left liverpool and was taken by Sooness, it was as if a curse, from that time liverpool never won the EPL. As someone mentioned to sell overpaid players, is not a solution unless liverpool is not a football team but a shopping paradise for business. In football we need CHANCE as well to succeed. That’s it. It is a mismanagement from liverpool to sack a manager without even have his replacement. Being a top team, is it a world class decision. Its a shame.

  52. what’s that skip? clik clik clik. Kenny’s after the job? clik clik clik. and Purslow turned him down? clik clik clik. and Purslow wants Hodgson? clik clik clik. and they’ve all fell down a mine shaft on the edge of town? clik clik clik…

  53. Why post stuff that will bring ridicule and try to be a proper site that deals in real stuff that is belivable. What will you do when Dalglish is installed as the manager, what will your source reveal then? People like you make me laugh, how have you got to be inside the walls of Anfield getting all the juicy gossip? Did they tell you about the arabs coming in as well to buy the club?

  54. Then do you see how disrespectful it is to essentially use him as a pawn to try to get a message across about the evils of H/G/P?

  55. This story is written by an idiot, and if you read it and believe any of it your an idiot as well.

  56. I can reveal the source if this story is true.
    If Kenny went to purslow and said this then the source must be either Kenny or Purslow.I cant see the source being Kenny so it must be Purslow.
    Oh and Finally
    It’s a load of attention seeking Bollox

  57. what you are all forgetting is, the original posting was inside RAWK about 25mins before antoine..

    if you want information, go see them

  58. Antoine,I really hope you are wrong but I somehow dont think you are,I can see the board appointing Hodgson,you know why,hes a meek controllable little thing,sorry Roy but true.
    I weep for the pool.Someone come and rescue us from this creepy lot of businessmen.

  59. Looks like this story is legit. Kenny trying to position himself for the role of manager to stop Hodgsons appointment. Story in tomorrows Times.

  60. @Teoula, Kenny trying to position himself for the role to STOP Hodgsons…REALLY??!

    It says nothing of the sort in The Times article, get a fuckin grip, its people like you that’s driving our club further down by believing the shite on here and making it worse!

  61. Fuck me – there are no end of day tripping glory hunters with less knowledge about Liverpool FC and football than the fucking borrowers

    Tim – you mother fucking traitorous cunt…purslow – apart from being a lifelong red is in fact an incompetent moron…broughton is the chelsea ticket holder…fuck me – you fucking cunts have betrayed this club for the last time…fuck off and support chelsea you scum…

  62. Most of you are a bunch of twats:

    Mark is 100% correct, Broughton is the Chelski ticket holder.

    Stories like this should never be published without official quotes, statements etc – a poor piece of jounalism.

    Why attack the author for an amateur mistake – if you don’t like the site, don’t visit it!

    Kopite25, comment regarding fabricated story’s to sell subscriptions – your comment is as bad as the story, get your facts right rearding the site before you make an idiot of yourself.

    Stephen, get a life.

    Block105, for gods sake, it is Ian Ayre that is the LFC fan… pls get yr facts right too.

    Paul, Irish Rover, Django, Rajevee, Mark – well played lads.

  63. Coorection – Antoine is not the author but maybe just a little naive for posting this information

  64. Thanks Beetea, it is not my intention to break exclusive stories but I felt that Liverpool fans deserved to know this.

    I am not a journalist and I do not want to be one.

    YNWA my friend.

  65. I think One of ours should be given the chance to manage us. He did it b4, he can do it again.YNWA

  66. “I got word” yeah sure you did, lets be honest, you’ve made the whole lot of rubbish up. So mcuh shite flying around at the moment..

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