Liverpool’s new away kit revealed as fans call for a boycott

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Back in March I posted these pictures of what looked like the new Liverpool away shirt, looking at further pictures today it looks like the photos were genuine.

The club will officially launch the shirt on Thursday and today the web is buzzing with photos showing Liverpool players wearing the shirt. The one below shows Liverpool’s Dutch Master Dirk Kuyt wearing the new away jersey. The popular site is showing off the  pictures of Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher and Dirk Kuyt in the new shirt.  I must admit I do like the shirt, the stripes remind me of the classic  shirt from 1984.

1984 Liverpool Champions Cup Final Shirt

The new away shirt launch comes as many Liverpool supporters are calling for a boycott of the club’s  official merchandise. Quite honestly I really do not know how I feel about the whole boycott thing but there is a lot of chatter that Adidas and Standard Chartered are getting nervous. They would really get nervous if Stevie leaves us, last year the club was showing Xabi Alonso in the black away shirt and then he left us after many fans bought the shirt with his name and number on it.



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  1. Yeah, looks quite nice. And finally Adidas have managed to put some symmetry into it, moving their logo away from the centre.

    BTW, how come people NOW realize boycotting club merchandise is a good idea. I have been doing it since realizing that a leverage buyout will be financed that way.

  2. Antoinne it will be very hard not to buy our new kit. I understand where people are coming from. I have also heard that we will get more money from shirts in Asia as it’s not a brew that is sponsoring us anymore.

  3. Please let us boycott all the club’s official merchandise.I hope the negative Liverpool’s fans will take a serious and responsible decision.If we can’t kill H&G ,let’s stop giving them our money at least!

  4. That is why I don’t get shirt-names on my shirts.

    Having said that I prefer to let my current LFC shirt wear-out before buying a new one.

  5. Whilst I appreciate the calls for a boycott of the clubs merchandise and the reasoning behind it, I think we all need to be realistic in the fact that for every one person who doesn’t buy there are another hundred that will. You will never be able to say to a 7 yr old who want a birthday present that you can’t have it beacuse the owners have leveraged debt onto the club! Therefore this is futile (IMO) call. The only thing that hurts clubs are the gate receipts/television money. ‘Fans’ can influence the former but again this may hurt the incorrect people – the team

  6. Attractive looking shirt, however I wont be purchasing it until the two f—k wits leave. On another note, does anyone agree with me that last seasons away kit(the black one) looked so much better without a sponsor on it? It’s almost like a training shirt with just the club badge on it-so its never outdated.

  7. Fred, I can and I would say that to my lad. I’ll explain it in simple terms he’ll understand. They want to sell Gerrard and Torres and take the money for themselves. He’ll soon realise why it’s a bad idea to buy a shirt. Then I’ll go and buy him a replica from the glory days.

  8. We need to buy the merchandise so we can buy new players and a new ground one day. I am a Liverpool fan till I die, but we need to help the new manager who ever he maybe. Y.N.W.A

  9. i brought the home kit, washed once and the badge is already coming off, also made a big mistake hope it aint i got torres on the back, if them knobs sell him the top will be going back and asking for a new one!!!!

  10. get the scum out of liverpool. Do not buy the new shirt until the scum has gone. If you are still worried about the name by then buy tje goalie top x

  11. I understand everyones feeelings about boycotting official merchandise. But this is for the greater good. The only way to rid ourselves of these greedy scumbags is to hit them were it hurts. In the pocket. Yes for every 1 boycott there may be 100 who buy. However if that was a prevailing attitude great unions of the past would never have got off the ground. We have to stick together on this one.

    If you are interested in buying an alternative got to RAWK. There is one in the pipeline. And it’s absolute quality. Save Liverpool FC. Don’t sit back. Do something.

  12. I like it to. It’s quite retro. Maybe it’s a good omen … hmmmm …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  13. boycotting the kit is a load of bollocks….. if you lived in liverpool you’d see hundreds of kids wearing the new kit everyday. i’ll be buying the away kit for my lad, who already has the home kit… like not buying kits is gonna force the yanks out……. whatever lad

  14. I’m not buying ANY merchandise until G&H leave. It’ll be the first team in 20 years I won’t own the latest kit.

    I hope upon hope they do one thing right and appoint Pellegrini as manager.

  15. Instead of boycotting the kit, we’d be better removing all our money from the banks who are still backing the tossers.

    If they wanted to, they could give them 2 weeks notice of closure of their debts and that would force them to sell.

    The problem is, Hicks is so well in with the top knobs of the American goverment, that the banks are shit scared of upsetting them.

  16. It’s Kind Of Nice The Way We’re Using Our History To Inspire Our Shirts. Just To Let People Know That One Bad Season Isn’t Gonna Bring Us Down. And I’ve Bought The New Liverpool Shirt! :/


  17. id love for there to be a boycott but with just too many liverpool fans round the world it just cudnt be done. I can live without the clubs merchandise but id still be giving them money by going the majority of games

  18. I agree with Corn’s comments, The Banks could get of Yanks tomorrow if they wanted.

    Boycott the banks and see what happens, they’ll soon start making the Yanks squirm

  19. i’m definately boycotting all club merchandise and all games until h and g are gone. if every single fan got right behind the boycott they would be out in no time. They can not afford to keep up their debt repayments if we all opt in. please please please get behind it guys!

  20. No not buying kits on its own will not force the owners out. Boycotting the kit is only the start of the process. People need to get off their fat holes and do something about this instead of whining about this wont do that and this wont do this. Dont you get it? There wont be any club after these 2 cancerous pricks are finished. Hicks done the same at Corinthians and is doing the same at Texas Rangers and is in the process of starting with us. Leveraged buy outs. Getting rid of the only obstacle (Rafa) in his way to pay down his loans from the sales of players. This is asset stripping. You speak to any Corinthians fans and see what they have to say. He left their club in a mess. He is doing the same at Texas Rangers as we speak. Speak to their fans. If you are happy to be a mug and give your money to this parasite and keep in hotdogs for another then be my guest. Because he is laughing at all of his. These are the facts:

    1. £110,000 – That’s how much interest payments per day that Liverpool’s parent company have to meet due to the debts piled onto the club by Tom Hicks & George Gillett.
    2. Accounts show that £50.3 million has been spent on ‘costs’ associated with the new stadium since Hicks & Gillett took charge. A new stadium which there has been no sign of whatsoever.
    3. Liverpool’s debt just keeps on growing under Hicks & Gillett. The 2009 accounts of the club’s parent company, Kop Football Holdings, shows total debts soared by £51.5 million in the year to July 2009.
    4. The latest annual company accounts for Liverpool FC’s parent company, Kop Football Holdings, revealed record losses of £54.8 million. As of July 31st 2009, the group’s total debts were £472.5 million, causing interest payments to Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Wachovia, their creditors, to rise to £40.1 million. Martin Broughton, the recently appointed chairman, had to appear before the Premier League to offer assurances the club will be able to fulfil their fixtures for next season.
    5. Steve Morgan could have bought the club in 2004 for £85 million. Hicks and Gillett paid £220 million in 2007 and after loading the club with debt and failing to build a new stadium; they are now believed to value it at anything between £500 million and £800 million. This over-exorbitant price has all ready precluded two serious investors from buying the club. Add in costs and investment of a new stadium and the owners are looking for a £1 billion investment.
    6. Liverpool have now shelled out £85 million in interest payments on the debts incurred by Hicks & Gillett upon takeover in February 2007 and their plight is such that now on two occasions this year they had to extend their short-term credit facility with RBS.
    7. RBS and Wachovia have been forcing Hicks & Gillett to move Liverpool’s borrowings away from them and on to LFC’s Cayman Islands-listed parent company. Last year, Liverpool reduced their bank loan from £350 million to £290 million but only because their offshore parent company increased its loan to the club by £86.2 million to £144.4 million. Liverpool pays 10 percent interest on this loan.

    Now after reading these facts you continue to think it is daft to boycott official merchandise and line the pockets of these 2 scumbags then good luck with that. See how that works out for you when were trawling the Championship. I and other people can at least look ourselves in the mirror and know we done everything we could do save our club.

  21. It would be something to see liverpool fans boycott all games at anfield until owners realise that they may own the club but they are nothing without the supporters. Bring it on and bring H & G down!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE

  22. stopped buying liverpool shirt since the white away kit as i just refuse to line those two muppets pockets with my money,as much as i wanted to buy the black away kit last season i resisted, i am just praying we get a complete takeover from the two cowboys before the season starts

  23. Ofcourse not every fan will boycott the merchandise. If we can reduce the takings by even 20% that would send a clear message to the owners and purslow. It will hopefully be another nail in the coffin of these 2 yanks and force them to sell at a cheaper price.

  24. It is really fantastic one and the grace with club loguo is really eye catching. I also love it because you gave it for the tiredless Kuyt.

  25. I’m not buying any kits until they are gone but I have bought it for my little nephew as he wouldn’t understand and wanted the new kit for his birthday, I don’t think you can force kids to understand the problems we face at the club, but I know me and a lot of my friends won’t be buying anything, it might not make a difference but then it might anything to help really, what’s. Waiting a few extra months to get the kit if it may help!

  26. Has the manc’s buying yellow and green scarfs and not buying there kit got the glazers out NO ! and neither will us reds not buying the new away kit get our owners out like the glazers the more we fight against these two the more they dig there heels in just like the yanks at old trafford have recently done so i would suggest we buy the kit and let the world see that what ever these two men do they will never demorolise any liverpool football club supporter that they will never get our support in any way that we blank every statement they send out until they get fed up and return to the usa with out our club . I am all for the sos but we are not getting any where with there aproach at the present time so come all you reds lets walk around the streets all around the world wearing the shirt we love the badge we love and the club we would never let walk alone

  27. Antoine. I personally wont buy the club shirt, although i will buy it for my nephew ( i think its unfair to penalise kids ). But i agree with you in advocating that adults boycott merchandise sales.

    If people buy the kit for their kids, if you avoid Liverpool football club stores, does this mean that Hicks and Gillett get less money from each purchase?

  28. Get over yourselves will you, listen to you all, boycott, protest, petitions its embarrassing. I noticed the one post with a realistic view (from Liverpool actually), maybe thats the problem with you moaning minnies, you are all from somewhere apart from Liverpool and just dont live in the real world.




    Who among us loyal fans would disagree our beloved club stands on the precipice of potentially ruinous times? Who has not wondered, even briefly, whether we are about to become the 21st century Leeds United?

    The cupboard is bare of funds for players and the sort of salary needed to attract the best managers in the game. We also find ourselves in the situation where the futures of our three best players are interlinked.

    If Stevie G goes to Madrid, Torres would be entitled to see this as a sign that we are going backwards and jump the sinking ship, followed swiftly by Javier M. God forbid, Reina might think about going as well, despite his recent six year contract. Conversely, if El Nino goes, there’s not a cat in hell’s chance Stevie will stay.

    Now considering the above, is the answer to our problem staring us in the face?

    Why not line Stevie up as player manager, with Jamie as assistant. While he is taking his coaching badge, as far as the premiership will know, King Kenny will be our manager, but from day one, Stevie and Jamie will have the final say on who goes, and who we try to get in, as well as how we play and any other decisions that have a bearing on the field of play. Kenny can continue to run off-the-field affairs, such as travelling to negotiate for and sign players etc.

    Maybe while Stevie is playing Jamie takes on the training ground chores.

    Basically, between these three loyal RED MEN, they will run the club. Jamie’s playing days will no doubt end sooner that Stevie’s, so the role of Assistant Manager could very well keep him happy, and Kenny will always have the role/influence he has today at the club.

    Given we may have, say, £20-30m, after shedding some deadwood, would this money be better spent on a manager, or getting Tevez on one flank and Joe Cole on the other?

    Which would have the bigger impact next year, Gus or O’Neill over the RED MEN management team (probably without SG and maybe even Torres), or a front four of Torres, Tevez, Gerrard and Cole managed by the fab trio?

    At the end of the day even if Stevie goes to Madrid he’ll get ?£8m? a year instead of £6.4 for the next 3-4 seasons max, then what? Whereas this way he could be at the club for the next 20 years, earning £5m plus a season, building on the foundations laid by Shanks and Sir Bob, not pulling them down like now!

    This might just keep everyone happy, and provide a long-term future for our two most loyal players at the club, and, most of all, a long-term future for our club.

    Would it be more likely that from day one, Stevie, Jamie (having played with them) and Kenny would know our current crop of players better than Gus van der O’Neill?

  30. Complete waste of time. This time LAST year I was creamed at for saying boycott sales AND games as the 2 cowboys were influenced only by money. This year nothing will happen and same old stuff re-emerge next year . They will still be in charge by the way!

  31. The new kit has to be boycotted, every avenue that further squeezes T&G finances is a positive move it creates more and more pressure on them to sell.

  32. It is essential that we do all we can to try and encourage these leech’s to leave the club. If there is an alternative shirt with the money not going to LFC i’ll buy that. I also won’t be attending games next season. It’s very important if you are a true LFC fan not a bandwagonist that you support campaigns to oust these two. Otherwise the club will be left damaged and broken by the end of their reign.

  33. Do you really believe that the boycott of shirt sales will make these two go am sorry my fellow reds your living in dream land if you believe that .There waiting to fleece some potential buyer out of there money 800 million of there money to be procise so shirt sales mean nothing to these two parasites. also the club wont go into administration because the banks wont let it happen they would loose to much money you no like portsmouth who have offered creditors 20p in the pound the only thing we can do is sit tight and wait for some one to negotiate a deal to buy the football club at the right price for them and the parasites return to the stone from which they both crawled from under .The shirt sale help pay the gerrards and torres and the rest of the teams wages so people moaning about the top players going may need to stop and think again when putting the new shirt back on the peg and one last thing all of us who email sites like this one we should find out the email address of rick the prick parry and judis moores and his 8 millon pieces of silver and bombard them pricks with emails telling them how they caused these problems at liverpool fc . ps any got there emai address could you please put them on the net thank you


  35. I understand where everyone is coming from here and we all want to see the backs of H&G. But what worries me is we are just going to damage OUR CLUB even more. There must be away of getting them out, maybe we could start being nice to them! it might shock them and they’ll f**k off. (sorry about the foul language, I won’t say H&G again).

  36. Sam debono your not seeing the big picture or are you a blue !!! stop buying merchandise and season tickets why dont we all just go support another team and let lfc die

  37. albey i am seeing the big picture im also a life long liverpool fan please do not mis understand what i am saying i do understand your point but to be honest with you i feel what i said is right just for the only way to get hicks and gillett out of anfield i always buy merchandise online i thought about it again yesterday when i was thinking about ordering the new shirt i said to myself why should i when your supporting these 2 owners that are ruining the club i know if there is a boycott it will harm the club but again i dont wanna help them to stay there either, tell me how do you feel about hicks scuppering 2 investors away which are said to be wealthy investors dont you think thats more damaging for the club i am a liverpool fan and always would be and never been blue and never intended to be blue i dont know who you were refarring for but thats who you think and thats not me ynwa

  38. Just a though pot calling the kettle on this one boss, you say boycott the merchandise when on the opposite to this paget “OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE OF LIVERPOOL”. So your getting paid to advertise so really your getting paid by The american muppets. Wonder what the thoughts of all the other bloggers are on this. You can boycott if you want it wont work you can raise your voice they wont hear you, you can stamp your feet they’ll turn there back. Get behind the team keep the protests going in and outside the stadium but how much of a fool will you feel if they say they couldnt afford player x because retail is down you sodden muppet. Your a hypocrite me thinks so get paid by for the “OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE OF LIVERPOOL” being advertised on this site and then tell everyone to be the bigger man and boycott it. YNWA from a real fan of liverpool not this git.

    1. Scubastevo, unless you are seeing adverts streamed by Google I don’t have any adverts for official merchandise on the site at this moment. Yes I did up to a few days ago and I removed them, not because I support the boycott but as respect to those who are boycotting it.

      Can you please tell me when did I ask people to boycott the merchandise? I think if you read the post you will see what I said “Quite honestly I really do not know how I feel about the whole boycott thing”

      Does that sound like a boycott endorsement to you?

      Please learn to read before throwing mud.


  39. hello sam i appoligies for the blue slur just that there was a blue on this site posting just thought you may have been one i am truly sorry for that mate . listen i no exaxctly were your comming from with your boycott mate but i just dont think it will effect them two parasites as for them not taking up the option on the two bidders for the club i thought it was out of there hands and in broughton’s and if they did knock back the offers thats exactly what am talking about mate no boycott will rush these wa**ers there here to make as much money out of the sale as they can and they relly dont care what we do as supporters mate and let me just add my senorio if the boycott of merchandise and season tickets hits them in there pocket what would you expect them to do to reinburse the money lost through this ? i think they would start stripping the assets of the club gerrard nando masch and others would be sold so as i have said earlier we just have to wait and see what happens sam and i take my hat of to you and other reds for wanting to make these sacrifices for the love of liverpool fc . by the way sam my first game at anfield was 1964 so i have been around a while to mate . once my appoligies for the blue slur

  40. Fans shozuld boycot buying this shirt until new owners take over.
    I think people should be able to control themselfs and do the simple thing not buy the shirt, I mean it’s OK to buy one to a child but if you are against the owners dont put money in their pockets than!
    Your money goes to Hicks.

  41. And shall we boycott the shirts if the next owners are like these two pilicks and shall we boycott the ground if king kenny does not become manager should we boycott the club if nando goes or stevie goes wake up and smell the roses will you

  42. Well I guess we could all accept the fackt Liverpool is mid-table now, but if it is time to protest about it it’s now.

    It’s to late for Leeds or Newcastle.

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