Who should L.F.C. fans support in the World Cup?

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The World Cup could not have come at a better time, it is going to be a welcoming distraction for us Reds following the misery that keeps getting piled on us. I know that many will probably support their own countries however I made up a schedule based on Liverpool caps to determine which countries Liverpool Fans should support. The list also includes former players as I believe they also should be counted for their contribution to L.F.C.

So here it is, England of course tops the list with a total of 1898 points (caps) followed by Spain, The Netherlands and Argentina.
My prediction is that for the first time since 1966 we will have a Liverpool player (or former player) who will be receiving a Winner’s medal on July 11th.

1) England :
Steven Gerrard 532
Glen Johnson 35
Jamie Carragher 630
Peter Crouch 134
David James 277
Stephen Warnock 67
Emile Heskey 223
——————————————— ——————
Total : 1898
2) Spain :
Fernando Torres 116
Pepe Reina 259
Xabi Alonso 210
Alvaro Arbeloa 98
—————————————— ——————
Total : 683
3) The Netherlands :
Dirk Kuyt 200
Ryan Babel 129
——————————————— ——————
Total : 329
4) Argentina :
Javier Mascherano 138
Maxi Rodriguez 17
——————————————— ——————
Total : 155
5) Australia :
Harry Kewell 139
——————————————— ——————
Total : 139
6) Denmark :
Daniel Agger 115
——————————————— ——————
Total : 115
7) France :
Djibril Cissé 79
Nicolas Anelka 22
——————————————— ——————
Total : 101
8) Slovakia :
Martin Skrtel 79
——————————————— ——————
Total : 79
9) Chile :
Mark Gonzalez 36
——————————————— ——————
Total : 36
10) Greece :
Sotirios Kyrgiakos 21
——————————————— ——————
Total : 21

Good luck Lads.



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  1. We are English and we have an England team competing. Maths are simple SUPPORT ENGLAND….

  2. I was actually going to support England, Spain and The Netherlands even before knowing those numbers :)
    However, at least 90% of my support would be dedicated to England, and the rest would be split between the other two ;)

  3. I’d love to see England winning, but I think that Spain will do it. Just look at their squad … Proud of all our lads!

  4. I will support any team with a Liverpool player, regardless of the number of players. So for instance if Greece played Spain I would be a neutral. I do hope all the sides with Liverpool players go out early so the lads return fresher to Melwood. But like I said, unlikely scenario

  5. If England win the world cup, it would have been achieved under the captaincy of a Liverpool player- surely a first for any nation? I will be delighted that history will show a LIVERPOOL player was the captain. However, at the same time I will be sick to the stomach seeing the likes of those w*nkers Rooney, Terry,Cashley, and Carrick lifting the trophy. The same logic I suppose can be applied to Argentina, but since all those comments by Mascherano wanting to leave Liverpool, I dont see him ‘as Liverpool’ as Steven Gerrard is

  6. Sir Steven Gerrard lifting the cup, and coming home to a Dalglish-managed Liverpool – could it get better?

  7. LFC Fans should root for their own countries unless their country isn’t competing. It’s called pride, read about it.

  8. I’m Brazilian, so of course I’ll be supporting my home country. Too bad Lucas was left out of the WC squad… anyway, I’ll be supporting England, Spain and The Netherlands aswell (like I always did in previous World Cups), but not if they face Brazil along the way.

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