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Rafael Benitez left. The man who led us to a glorious Champions League final victory in 2005, to another great final, the 2006 F.A Cup final. The man who guided us to a very good 2008-2009 season. The man who brought us Fernando Torres and changed Steven Gerrard’s position for the good of the team has left. And we urged him to leave!!!

The main question is: who will replace him? Will it be Hodgson, Lippi, Pellegrini or Eriksson?

Please not Eriksson! Wherever he went, he didn’t leave his mark, he’s just not good. To be a successful Liverpool manager you have to win the heart of the crowd before you get silverware, I don’t think he’s capable of doing that. Man City fans, back when he was their manager pleaded their board to keep him, he thanked them by losing on the final day of that season by eight goals to one. Having him would put us not 7th but 12th.

Marcello Lippi is a winning manager. Since he will be replaced by the end of the World Cup, there’s chances to see him coming to Anfield. He was at his best when he managed Juventus, he won the Serie A many times, he’s got a great mentality. He can lead us to the Premier League title.

Manuel Pellegrini. I think that the title of “former Real Madrid manager” does not suit him. He should have stayed in Villareal where he made history for the club. His 96 points collected and 100 goals scored last season should not make him a favourite for this job. He surely gained a lot of experience and is now able to go to a big club but I don’t think he can be useful for Liverpool.

Roy Hodgson. What a manager! With very limited expanses and players capabilities he made Fulham a European force. What can he do with Liverpool? I see him win the Prem, maybe the Europa League… I see Stevie G and El Niño holding on to their Liverpool careers.

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  1. Firstly, i want to congratulate you for your first article at this great site! well it’s a nice article but you missed one man whom i believe is the man for this job king kenny because he wants the job for his love of the club and he knows what’s best for the club he won the epl and i think if he’s back he’ll do the same and great job too.And about pellegrini i’m a big fan of him when was at villareal he did an amazing job getting them into the last 8 of the cl and with real madrid he wasnt given enough time to prove his quality but here in liverpool i believe he can give us this quality and put us where we belong the top!

  2. Please no Hodgson, then Liverpool goes down the drain.

    My vote goes for Pellegrini: he can turn it around with limited funds, has very good connections in south america (and can get really good players for a cheap price there) and he brings attractive football. He, and only he, is the right man for the job !!

  3. you just forgot one thing.. ”Rafael Benitez left. The man who led us to a glorious Champions League final victory in 2005, to another great final, the 2006 F.A Cup final. The man who guided us to a very good 2008-2009 season. The man who brought us Fernando Torres and changed Steven Gerrard’s position for the good of the team has left. And we urged him to leave!!!” & he is the man for whom we are 7th………

    he is the man who could not guarantee us minimum top 4 finish.. the man who loved our club so much that he didn’t signed any contract unless given 5 yrs term.. the man who respect the ethics of the club said- ”robbie is not my signing, it was club’s decision”… a manager who can slate his player, a 20mp signing in front of media & finally a person who has lost the dressing room.. after all who cares all those bull shit excuses & pep-talks??? if a manager can’t inspire a natural leader like gerrard that means he has lost the dressing room.. he bought ambitious players like torres..good.. but at the end what they find?? a manager who said’-”top 4 is a guarantee” can’t even come close to that.. who blame owners, even i blame them too… but what has owner to do with performances at craven cottage, fratton park???thank god, we got rid of him.. don’t forget under houllier also we finished 2nd.. & at that time 4 teams from england were not there in ucl…

    regarding new manager i would go with hodgson or king kenny…

  4. saikatmandal.

    firstly, the owners has everything to do with the performances on the pitch. players dont want uncertainty. managers dont want ultralimited transferkittys. world class teammembers wants to be joined by other world class players. people are, mostly, human. bs owners affect us mentally. so, the owners have every thing to do with performances on pitch.

    secondly. rafa benitez didn’t lose the dressing room. check up on your reading, noone except maybe the tabloids says thats the case. of course not all players likes the manager, for whatever reason, whoever the manager is. that is perfectly normal. but reina, gerrard, torres, mascherano, the big players loved him.

    thirdly. you may not be aware of the power struggles that has been going on inside liverpool fc. the five year contract was an attempt by rafa to guarantee more control over transfer budgets and the MUCH NEEDED rebuilding of the academy. the latter a process that he started right away, but now it might turn to shambles.

    fourthly. did we need robbie keane? and he DID give keane many chances but the lad was clearly not mentally fit to play with the pressure that comes with playing for lfc.

    fifthly. rafa benitez understood what it meant to be a fan of lfc. he had his ears to the ground and could speak “fan language”.

    and last but not least – how do you rate gerrards performances for capello so far? if it all depends on the manager, i mean…

  5. Hodgson-O’Neill- Souness even??????…It’s all Media CRAP….PELLEGRINI is the ONLY option, if we are to go forward!!!.

  6. Really Good Article.

    But I Got To Disagree. NOT HODGSON.

    I Mean He Is A Good Manager, No Denying That. And He Did Really Good With Fulham But Only In The Europa League, In The Premier League They Didn’t Leave Their Mark.

  7. cant really see hodgson being a good choice for lfc,i think we need to give job to kenny as he already knows what has to be done and exactly what state the club is in as he already in the inside,if not kenny then pellegrini

    ROY FOR THE ANFIELD’S MANAGER OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Jonas,

    there is bound to be a counter argument. I agree. But these all seems fairy tales.

    1) In an institution like liverpool it is simply not possible to have a dysfunctional board & with a fragile academic structure & a collapsing unit. you might say those were not upto the mark, I agree but certainly it has nothing to do with Rafa’s heroics & whatever………..

    2) regarding keane.. you just contradict yourself.. did we need robbie keane? and he DID give keane many chances but the lad was clearly not mentally fit to play with the pressure that comes with playing for lfc.

    1st argument, how many matches keane was forced on left wing? how much matches he was made to sit on the bench? & most most most importantly in the history of this lfc which manager has ever transferred his 20mp signing player without even completing 1 season?? he trusted ngog, elzhars’ & was keane that bad that he could not be trusted atleast 1 complete season when he has a wealth of exp in epl???? I negate other issues, like where he has forced 2 play & others just ans me this one.. how come a manager judge a player’s ability within 6 months that too of keane’s calibre?? no… it was a simply power struggle with rick parry… what hurts me is that rafa never says anything bad asout any particular players even he didn’t uttered harsh words against riera but how come a manager say this that ”he is not my signing…” how insulting & humiliating can this be….

    3) regarding steven gerrard.. plz mate don’t ask for better commitment from this man.. his face against b’ham said everything.. I don’t believe gerrard or torres trust him any more.. not any other guys.. simply cz those half time team talks haven’t created any effects on any body.. we were tigerish in the 1st half against arsenal & as meek as anything in the 2nd half..drastic change..gerrard never said any word against houllier also.. but does that mean he was heavily satisfied?????

    4) owners.. those bull shit owners.. I agree.. transfer budgets low, rather poor & all that.. tell me from last season’s team 2009 we had just 2 changes.. aqua for alonso & johnson for arbeloa… simple…forget about keane issues we don’t need striker.. what more you wanted?? we would have zlatan, villa, silva, mata all playing for us??? still we finished 2nd.. in 2009… over achievement many will say.. ok ..we could have finished 3rd.. not bad either but certainly not 7th…in 2010, same team same structure same manager players but we finished 7th… utd who came first in 2009 sold their talisman( equivalent 2 our torres), sold tevez & still could fight for the title.. sometimes you have 2 work within tight budgets.. rafa did spend money in 6 yrs.. 223 mps is not at all a small amount.. chelsea didn’t sign too many big stars what’s the cry in it??? yes owners have failed 2 keep their promises & for that I must show my rage but can’t agree that rafa was not given a penny.. sometimes the finance of a club can force you to play under tight budgets.. but that doesn’t mean that is the reason why we finished 7th.. the players & managers who could not pull out important victories are 2 blame..

    I am not an anti-rafa but the graph which was an ascending one dipped after some time.. finance & board room are definitely a factor but this can’t be THE FACTOR for which we finished 7th

  10. RICK……… must be a Fulham supporter, right….trying to dump Hodgson on Liverpool… chance, you can keep him.

  11. saikatmandal you are correct. we cannot judge one manager by the number of times he got us to the finals but by how much he won. The great Shanks said it himself “winning is everytinhg…#2 is nothing” so let me just say apart from Istanbul and Torres I really think Rafael Benitez is one of our most forgettable manager. And you would expect him to bring players because that`s his JOB!!! So here is hoping that he never sets foot in Anfield again, even if it`s for a CL night. Goodbye, goodluck thanks for some memorable night`s we will forget most of the underachivements and GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

  12. The large majority of LFC fans want kenny
    why ?
    The boot room mentality

    All thiat houllier & then benitez rubbish – complicating tactics & formations and strange signings .
    Somehow ” foreigners ” have convinced us they more ?
    Liverpool played 4-4-2 for 30 years .
    Won everything in site .

    Now ? Fancy formations and square pegs in round holes ?
    How many foreign players did houllier and benitez buy who couldn’t adjust to the English game ? Pell will do the same . Let him learn the english game somewhere else thanks
    Works better ? Better Game to watch ?

    Shankly said ” football is a simple game , complicated by idiots” .
    Who disagrees ?

  13. Firstly, not everyone, and certainly not myself, urged Rafa to leave.

    Secondly, the owners will hire a manager that fits their profile for the job and not the fans. They hate the fans and are more likely to hire the manager most unpopular with the fans than get someone they want.

    Thirdly, the manager will have to deal with the loss of many of the best players. SG will know a new manager and no funding means that the premiership will not return to Anfield for many years, well beyond his playing days. No funding of new players and lack of ambition shown by the owners will see the loss of Torres, Mascherano, Benyoun too plus many of the other players will look for an escape if they can.

    Would you take this on if you didnt need to? Especially with a fan base that is hugely deluded and living in the past and elements of which systematically helped remove the previous manager, who will almost certainly have a better record than the forthcoming manager, and the likelihood that the club could have no clear future if any future at all with the way the current board is asset stripping it.

    These things will bring one of two types of manager. One who is there for a quick buck with no ambition but is willing to be the manager, probably in name only, and a yes man to the owners/chairman or someone so blind and deluded to think that they can make something from nothing or ride the storm of the fall down the league and possible drop of a couple of divisions and help the rebuild once the owners have finished raping the club.

    I hope I am wrong here but I have a really bad feeling I am right so prepare yourselves for a fall and know that those of you that pushed for Rafa’s exit have helped the owners to start their destuction of our club.

  14. To be honest, I realy would like to see an English manager at our club next season.

    “Shankly said ” football is a simple game , complicated by idiots” .”

    To this I completely agree, these foreign managers tend to bring in too many foreign players with their foreign tactics to play an English game. I’ve got nothing against foreigners per say, but for the players that we have at the club now, we need to go back to basics. There’s enough talent in England to build a successful squad, with some foreign players to boost the team. However we look at it Hodgeson does have pedigree, but that was in foreign lands. I would have to go fo the KING. YNWA.

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