King Kenny’s Unselfish Act

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Kenny Dalglish is a Liverpool legend, not only did he delight us as a player but gave us the famous double as a manager and then put his own health over the club’s welfare. Now his ultimate act of unselfishness proves once more what a great man he is.

We all know that Kenny wants to be the next Liverpool manager however Purslow and the board don’t want him even though about 75% of all Liverpool fans would like to see the Kingdom of Dalglish restored. Kenny could have walked away and told Purslow to go poke it where the sun doesn’t shine but the King loves Liverpool more than himself and is sticking around for now.

Purslow is hot on Hodgson however Kenny does not feel that Roy is the right man for the job, also claims by Al Fayed that Hodgson is staying in Fulham have put a dent on his (Purslow’s) plans. So now Pellegrini comes in the mix, we heard rumours on how Kenny met him at Heathrow last week. Pellegrini’s agent even confirmed that Liverpool have approached him for the gaffer position.

It is clear that Kenny is trying to find the best alternatives however he is still the best man for the job and he knows that if he walks now his beloved Liverpool F.C. might spiral down into the dark abyss of mid-table mediocrity.

I still believe that Kenny will probably throw in the towel if Hodgson is appointed.


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  1. I agree, Antoine. We so need King Kenny. Even if it were from a purely motivational standpoint, there’s no one else for the job. If things had gone as they should’ve, he would’ve had a year’s sabbatical, and a Souness wouldn’t have happened. He’s always been the one, he can manage a top flight team, he’s proven it, he knows quality players when he sees them, he knows how to motivate the lads, and you know he’d definitely have the dressing room behind him.

    My fear is that if Hodgson is appointed, we’ll lose more than Kenny – we’ll lose Gerrard.

  2. Antoine, the more I read about Purslow, the less I’m doubt him being a lifelong Red! Pellegrini IS the man for us. We still need continental experience and vast exposure to the game. Leave Hodgson to manage England after Capello.

    King Kenny was always class.

  3. I would say kenny would have a better chance of keepin the top players too. But I’m really worried that if he was our new manager and things went wrong that his legendary status would be tarnished.

  4. Come on KENNY v want only yourself not the other managers v only want the person who lives and breathes the KOP……………… so it can oly be YOU……….

  5. So purslow wants hodgson as manager over kenny he has just proved that liverpool are not the peoples club as us reds like to believe after shanks said in the sixty’s because 75% of reds want kenny as manager and the club want some one else that just show the divide between the directors, owners and the fans after all the trouble the owners have brought to the club you would think they would have the sense to install kenny as manager and apease the fans and who is this purslow i was lead to believe he was brought in to find sponsorship for the club not pick the next manager we had enough with parry thinking the club was his this fella just the same by the looks of things . as for hodgson am soory but he is not the one for our club been listening to his comments on tv and he just does not inspire me what so ever as the man to lead us out of the troubles were in he is better of at fulham there his level no disrespect to fulham football club

  6. what the fuck is the whole board doing. i have posted before and ask the return of the KING. Simple solution, yet take so long. So many past managers have tried and failed. Just appoint him, at least we know the KOP around the world is behind him. He has a million or may be billion of supporter backing him.

  7. I agree that the club needs Kenny more than ever and I would give him the job over any of the candidates mentioned in the press. Funnily enough the new manager may also need Kenny because if Kenny walks away he will be sending a powerful message to the fans. Under those circumstances a new manager will need to deliver progress quickly or risk losing the backing of the fans. Similarly to what happended to Sam Allardyce at Newcastle.

  8. Take it from me, Pellegrini has already been appointed, just a matter of discussing the contract!.

  9. We need a manager who has the experience of dealing with world class players like Torres and Gerrard etc…, so bring the who ever it maybe…….

  10. totally agree albey, although, judging by all these fan forums, i think the figure would be closer to 95% in favour of kenny, i’ve read very few dissenting comments!
    here’s the thing, RBS is breathing down their necks for a quick sale, so why the hell do they have a problem in appeasing the fans just once before they mosey on over yonder hill? kenny is the only one who can keep our stars and surely that would mean a better price for the club. for me it’s a no brainer!

  11. The board are a disgrace and the club is unrecognizable from the Liverpool I grew up with.

    Some people say Kenny has not worked in football for 10 – 15 years. To those people I would say in all the time Kenny has been out of football what has Roy Hodgson won, jack sh*t.

    I’m done with LFC whilst Purslow, Broughton and the Americans run this club to the ground, they arent getting one penny more from me.

    We are turning into the Newcastle of the naughties

  12. Hey cant we work together and hound Purslow into giving Kenny the Job? WHAT THE HELL DOES PURSLOW KNOW ABOUT FOOTBALL??????

    We have more football knowledge of our club than anyone at board level, and if Kenny fails then we cant complain!

    We need to put pressure and I mean real pressure on the board to appoint Kenny..who wants to do this???


  13. Purslow will be leaving soon – he is totally out of his depth – he graduated in cambridge and Havard and is as thick as two short planks if he cannot see what a crap job he is doing

  14. kenny is the only one, the board are scared of him.because the power he has, with us fans.purslow and the chelsea fan(chairman) should resign,the yanks should listen to us fans.give kenny the job the f..k off. rafa is better than hodgson
    hes had one good season thats his level
    fulham not good enough for us if the yanks have any brain it has to be kenny…

  15. just hope the rumours doing the rounds in Liverpool are true, that we have been bought for £560 mill by Abu Dhabi group, official announcement 15th July….please…please …be true

  16. i was at the Liverpool supporters club annual dinner the other week and Phil Thompson and Roy Evans was doing the after dinner speech, he reckons we were possibly 3 weeks from a deal for the club, so thier may be a little truth in it.

  17. Purslow has been brought in to broker a deal for the club, not find a manager,according to Phil,once the buyer has been found “he will take his backhander and fook off” Phil’s words not mine

  18. any one heard any thing about liverpool being sold to abu dabi consortium for £560 million pound i have heard it will be released on or around 15th july if this is true we will be the richest club in the premier league just hope its not a false dawn again but it is all around liverpool tonight

  19. if it IS true then why are the current board looking for a manager? surely if new ownership is imminent, they will want their own man and with the sort of money being mentioned they will want a top man in to manage! sorry guys, not gonna pop the champayne corks just yet but GOD i hope it’s true!

  20. Albey its false sorry mate.

    Click Liverpool reported that Liverpool have agreed to terms with Pellegrini. Its just yet to be announced. I hope they announce it soon as he is a class manager and I want him to get started immediately. Plus Kenny will give him the complete run-down of the club and everything he will need to succeed. Im just glad Roy isn’t taking over, total shit manager if you ask me.

  21. While the rumour mill of the sale is doing the rounds in Liverpool today, to back up Ian Evans comments the news has been around for the past 2 weeks at least.Personally? A deal has been done and a first rate manager is on his way to the club with the full backing of KK…

  22. Tony & Rouman: With Rafa openly recommending KK for the next LFC manager’s job, I’m afraid its not going to happen under H & G…your only hope is that the new owner’s think along the same lines as the fans!

  23. Antoinne I sent you am email whilst messaging you via twitter about the Abu dhaby group a couple of weeks ago. I hope it’s true mate.

  24. Well my fellow reds i looked in the abu dhabi press last night on the net and it is in there papers that a shiek is very intrested in buying lfc his brother owns man city but he is richer than his brother he has alegedly got 19 billion dollars so lets just hope it is true at least it will give us all something to hang on to instead of all the negative press we having to read every day and the doom and gloom thats on the net . fingers crossed every red . out of the fire rose a liverbird !

  25. If we can’t have the KING then let Roy take the England jb and bring Capello to Anfield!

  26. the rumour rolls on, my understanding is that, yes a new manger has been found by the NEW OWNERS, this person is currently in charge of a world cup team (please not Dominique lol)hence the announcement at the end of the world cup.Lets hope its true,i’d normally be more pesimistic, but it was interestng to hear Phil thompsons comments, just wish I hadn’t deleted them from my camera to make some more room.One thing we can be sure of we all want the same thing, New owners (with real money) and a top class manager. my opinion is that Kenny has been out of the game too long so not sure whether his finger would be on the pulse. but thats not to say i wouldn’t love to see king kenny lead Liverpool back to the summit of european and domestic football.

  27. I really’d love to have Pellegrini. Though it’s not easy to replace Rafa and what happend still hurts, but I think Manuel the right man for us.

  28. No new manager will be appointed until we have new owners. A manager in place reduces the chance of sale of the club because the manager must be chosen by the new owners…..what happens if the new owners do now want the manager selected ???? They sack him before he even has been in control of one match ???

    I believe that a takeover is close, the dirty work (like scaking Rafa) and maybe selling unwated players is being done now, and then when new owners are announced, they can start with a fresh sheet.

  29. How soon people forget. Dalglish was a great Liverpool player and served us well. But, and it is a big but, does no-one remember that he left us in the lurch in the middle of a season with an ageing squad – for health reasons which didn’t prevent him joining Blackburn Rovers. There is only one man who can turn around Liverpool and that is Martin O’Neill. Should have appointed him 6 years ago and we wouldn’t be in this s**t.

  30. this takeover talk that its going tobe finalised july 15 th is just a ssoft rumour i hope its true but i doubt it its simply made up and its going around all the internet how come it did not leak out to the press its just another story

  31. How did you get the figure 75%?

    and just because fans want doesn’t mean fans should get! otherwise no manager will ever come. As he would have to do things just to please the fans.

    That doesn’t mean I want hodgson, but I do not think you can a put a percentage on things which isn’t fact.

  32. I’d say the board, including the Yanks, are afraid of Kenny!! They’re afraid of a manager who earns 1,000,000% support from the fans. They view this manager like an uncontrollable one. They don’t like to see Rafa-2 situation again.

    Hodson’s brand new to the club and selected by the board. Now this is a controllable one.

    Fcuk it, let Purslow be the manager himself.

    YNWA, my friends

  33. a B2D shove your facts up your arse you boring pleb i suppose your one of the 25% who dosent want kenny as manager well this manager will come as he has already stated and his name is kenny dalglish so what world do you come from pleb go and support fulham you prawn sandwich eater

  34. Pellegrini is the only available manager with a proven track record in the modern game and is perfect for LFC at this time…

    I would love Kenny to be our manager again – but we have no money and as such are highly unlikely to be challenging for anything anytime soon – and I would hate to see his reputation tarnished by all the day tripping glory hunting sheeple that have attached themselves to this club since 2005 – who undoubtably would as soon as he made any mistakes – because these traitorous fools are too stupid to know anything about the game…

  35. All I will say is remember what happend to Blackburn Rovers when they a year after King Kenny won the premiership for them, they appointed ROY only to sack him a year later after he sold their club captain and team leader Tim Sherwood and signed Kevin Davies for a club record £7.5m to add to luminaries as Dhalin, .. etc, he left them locked in the relegation zone, when some people were tipping them as title challengers. That is his record in English football and that is his record in the transfer market that a limited mainly lucky success in Fulham shouldnt obscure. He is really the worst possible candidate on the list of possible LFC managers. So, please give it to some one else before he sells Torres, Mash and Gerard and replaces them with Davis, Zamora, Atuhu and Pantsil.
    Up the REDS, DOWN DOWN the YANKS

  36. So mark why would pellegrini want to come to lfc if we have no money ? maradona hadnt coached for years his team argentina are probly playing the best football at the world cup i no he has world class players but so do liverpool fc also rafa would of only had the same amount to spend but you would expect him to challenge for trophys i apreciate your point of few mark but u need to get off the fence mate your edging your bets with your post

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