How much do the club actually want Hodgson?

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Roy Hodgson

If press speculation is to be believed, then after the best part of a months wait since the departure of Rafa Benitez, Liverpool FC will officially confirm on 1st July that Roy Hodgson is the appointed manager that they believe will take them forward. But do they really believe that he is?

The Liverpool fans have already made it pretty clear that they do not full heartedly believe it is the right decision for the club to take, although Hodgson is by far not the worst candidate that has been mentioned in the decision making process,a stronghold of support remains for club legend Kenny Dalglish given the conditions that the manager will need to work under both financially and in lifting a team left devoid of nearly all confidence across the course of a season.

Have Liverpool really got the man that they want though? Or is Hodgson merely one of very few that showed any form of interest in the position and whose name isnt Kenny Dalglish? Have the club shown a level of evaluation in their decision making that the fans didnt think them capable of, or does it just suit better internally to not appoint someone that has more devotion and support from the fans than even Rafa did and albeit would be still managing a club crippled with debt and in a dire state of affairs in general but would be one of the only few names that could so at a level of power they are unwilling to take on?

Only last Thursday Marseille preident Jean-Claude Dassier confirmed that he had just been approached by Liverpool as to the availability of manager Didier Deschamps, of which he point blank rejected the opportunity to talk to his manager or his agent. Is this because Liverpool were still not convinced that Hodgson would take the job they had offered, or if they were still not convinced he was the right man for the job? If it was because Hodgson was still deliberating over leaving Fulham then is the man himself as committed to the task at hand as the club would like us to believe?

For some of those fans out there that were quick to call for Rafa’s head, did they think that the options for replacing him were going to be from a selection of the leading managers in world football today? Despite the Liverpool brand, its history and traditions the sheer decline that the present owners have put the club in now sees the managers job as somewhat of a poison chalice in the footballing world. A matter that only time, hard work, commitment and new owners is going to change.

It is plausible given England’s early and disastrous exit from the World Cup that Hodgson was purely holding out for a chance at the England position with the countrys fans calling for British blood at the helm and a move away from foreign managers. Many would argue that should that be the case then the England position could be a two horse race between Redknapp and Hodgson, so far it is Redknapp’s name that is being shouted the loudest of the two so it could be argued that Hodgson would be better to take the position offered at Anfield than become a runner up on the National stage.

Either way the club have not shown dedicated commitment to the chase for Roy, with Frank Rijkaard believed to be approached twice aswell and conversations also with the former Real Madrid man Pellegrini. The days are long gone when the queue started to form rapidly outside the door should the slimmest chance of being head of the Kop threaten to reveal itself.

Hodgson may well be the next man to step forward but the thoughts over just how wanted he is by the fans and the club may linger a little longer yet. Desicions from the clubs leading players on where they will be playing their football next season will also be scrutinised as to whether they believed in the decision of Christian Purslow or not aswell.

The clock ticks ever louder at Anfield and questions greatly outnumber answers.

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  1. HODGSON…….(27 years in management of winning ZILCH)….HODGSON??????.this is madness……Them two WANKS, the comedians of the Board, and PURDY………..need to RESIGN…it is the SUPPORTERS that make the club and belongs to, and NOT these bunch of CLUELESS MORONS…………..BOYCOTT matches lads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. King Kenny was charged with bringing in his choice of manager, and its clear that Hodgson is not his choice. His position has been undermined-and he should resign in further protest to the current ownership. Hodgson is just a cheap alternative to the other options and he was brought in by the Yanks for exactly that reason. Hodgson hasnt got a spec on Rafa, he is inferior to Rafa. If the Rafa haters think that things will get better under Hodgson-hahah no way it wont it will get worse. Spot the odd one out: Ferguson, Wenger, Ancelloti, Hodgson

  3. If he is indeed named manager, EVERY single liverpool fan should get behind him and not get pulled into nostalgic nonsense. I for one have my doubts about Roy but I have even more doubts about Kenny coming in. Like I have said, the fans need to get behind whoever takes charge.

  4. It is very interesting to see how fellow Reds write off our potential next manager even before he’s started working with our squad. That’s what you call giving someone a chance. BTW, if Valencia would have thought the same way as some fellow Reds, they would have never appointed Rafael Benítez, because prior to moving there he had won “ZILCH” and got a few teams relegated, too.

  5. Our great club just gets worse and worse owned by morons and managed by idiots. The whole point is this – If the owners and managers want to get rid of a manager that is upto them but as in any business not just football if you sack someone you a) should have a replacement in mind and b) you must replace the person you are sacking with someone better or at least as good as the person you have sacked. Does Woy Hodgson apply – absolutely not Rafa is a much much better manager than him from all aspects. So is it an improvement – NO it is regression. Now if we apply the logic to Kenny well then based on past achievements you have to say well at least as good as.

  6. I was one of the fans who reluctantly decided Rafa had served his time, and it was time for a change. Whilst I saw many positives and respected him as a world class coach, there were failings in his management style and I couldn’t stand the idea of a 6th season running with no out and out wingers, and an over-reliance on Torres leading the line.
    However, I was also very aware that there were no international standard managers who were available who are of the calibre to replace Rafa, so I was actually settling into the idea of Benitez staying, when Purslow took the ill-timed decision to oust him.
    Hodgson is the best of the bunch of managers available domestically, but Liverpool fans will always feel the club deserves better, even if they will undoubtedly accept Roy and support him. Furthermore Hodgson is weakened straight away because he is the choice of Purslow the accountant.

    Although it is important to get the club qualified for the UEFA cup and we need a manager to do this, in 2 weeks time Capello might be available, so to rush Hodgson in now after we have already messed about for a month seems a foolish move again…

  7. Surely the Liverpool way is to get behind the team regardless of who that is.

    Personally I think Hodgson is a good choice. Look at what he achieved with Fulham. He is good at managing teams with little resources and I think he will rise to the challenge at Liverpool.

    My response to any managerial appointment is to get behind my team and cheer them on giving support all the way – You’ll never walk alone!

  8. Kenny hasnt managed in the top flight for ten years and his last couple on managerial posts ended in disastrous fashion at newcastle and celtic. If things go badly with him in charge, some of his lofty reputation will be damaged. I think alot of the fans wanting him to be appointed are the ones who are letting nostalgia take over. Like stated earlier though, whoever is appointed whether it be roy, kenny, rijkard etc etc liverpool fans need to back them 100 percent, not moan as has become the norm recently

  9. you just know theres gonna be loads of dalglish chants from day one!

    theres been speculation that dubai have bought/going to buy us but do you really reckon the appointment of the cheapest option (look at his buyout price and salary compared to top flight managers) is indicative that we’re about to become the richest club in the land?

    I reckon we’re skint….gonna be skint for ages and roys appointment is a desperate attempt to bide time until we’re bought out…. and then he’s gonna get an inglorious boot from the new regime.

  10. this is so true, the liverpool fans that wanted Rafa out where talking about Managers who 1. would never take the job 2. even if they did would need money and 3. would not be there for the long term or even love the club as much as Rafa. Rafa has given so much money back sens he left Liverpool that is how much he loves the club it was never about money to him. i would take Hodgson over Didier Deschamps any day but still not my first choice. finaly the Yanks just want some one that will do there job they could not ceare less weather we finnish top middle or bottom now so get out YANKS OUT

  11. They are looking for a manager who will be grateful simply for the opportunity to manage Liverpool. This way they can treat him like a dog and ask him to roll over. Hodgson will inevitably wag his tail and get on with things. I guess if there is no big money and Liverpool want him to sign players in the 6-8m region there can’t be too many better than him. Anyone who makes Jari Litmanen (even though he messed them about!) at 37 their first signing gets my vote. The guy at least appreciates quality.

  12. appoint the 2 yanks as manager lol!!!!! no seriously lfc have to wait the end of world cup to appoint a manager as there will be far good one available.

  13. I think Rafa should have been given another season under new
    owners,Should we be so lucky.To me he had Liverpool in his
    heart,and that to me is a very good start.Where are we going to
    get such a man ,only our King Kenny.But the so called Liverpool
    fan,Mr Purslow does not seem to rate him.I wonder why,I think
    because he would not be a yes-man.

  14. As i have said before, I fully expect the next manager to be a full on lunatic, as you would have to be to sign on with the yanks as owners, and probably a bit dodgy too if they are going to provide the players that the fans want using money that simply doesnt exist.

    Therefore an approach should be made to the biggest looney in football as soon as he has finished winning the World Cup for Argentina. Yes, I do mean Diego.

    He ticks plenty of these boxes. He seems to be doing well with the Argentinian team and if they win the world cup he may feel he has grown enough as a manager to have a go at the Premiership, especially in a no lose situation that he would be in.

    Motivation: doubt there would be many players on the planet that wouldnt fall for the passion he has for the game. He has visited several times, to view Masch and Maxi so he knows the people here, assuming he wasnt off his tihts at the time.

    Big Name: Are there any bigger?

    Fans: The fans would adore him.

    I really hope Purslow reads this cos although I love the club I am really gonna struggle supporting Woy. I just cant see him here and I doubt he has got enough to make many of the players currently still involved at the world cup to bother unpacking their suitcases when they return home.



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