Torres sends a clear message about his future

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Following Spain’s World Cup Victory our Number 9 was pictured wearing a Liverpool scarf and holding the trophy.
What a legend, to wrap the Liverpool colours around football’s most coveted trophy, gracias Nando.

I really can not remember any other player ever wearing his club’s colours after winning the World Cup for his National Team.

Now would he be wearing that scarf if he was leaving?



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    1. I don’t think this has ever happened before, I have never seen a World Cup winner with the scarf of his club just minutes after the final whistle.


  1. indeed Legend, Great to see that, just want the transfer windows to close now lol then i will be able to sit in peace. not to worry every morning on what im going to find in the papers about futures of our key players

  2. have you ever read his book and the thoughts of the anfeild greats he loves it the history

  3. wow im soo happy to see this, just hope its not to good to be true STAY EL NINO WE NEED YOU YNWA

  4. I was so sceptical about this image, that it was photoshopped or whatever. I have been on getty images website and the image is there in full – this image is genuine and was taken tonight. I hope it means he will stay. Come on Nando – make an announcement tomorrow! F*%k Off Chelsea FC!

  5. While the WC was forgettable for Torres; it’s become obvious that he doesn’t like being on the bench…I hope he realizes that going to most other clubs (Chelsea, Man City), there is no option of a slump of form – whereas LFC will let him play into form, other clubs will sell him if he’s not immediately netting goals.

    I still won’t believe he’s staying until the Transfer Window closes, but fingers crossed.

  6. No photoshop my friend. Take a look at there are other photos of El Nino in the dressing room wearing the LFC scarf!

  7. Torres is a legend. This just shows his class.

    Let’s see him get over this injury and back where he belongs, banging goals in in front of the Kop!

    YNWA, Nando lad.

  8. nice 2 c nando with the world cup made up for him and get on ramous in the back there with the champaine there haha
    liverpool all the way for nando now next task make us premeir league champs

  9. He was joking calm down fellas about the photoshop thingy and nice to see Torres wearing our badge so quick after game I think this shows where he wants to be after all this is the club that made him.

  10. The only message that is clearly coming from Torres is that he is not only overrated and overhyped, he is extremely injury-prone!

  11. @shotbro: While Torres might not enjoy warming the bench, the irony is that he does not stay very long on the pitch either.

  12. That is great to see..
    El Nino is pure class, even tho you didnt have the best time at the world cup due to injury’s.. You’ll be back to your best this season when you and stevie are playing together..

  13. As true Liverpool fans, we shouldn’t ever doubt Torres loyalty to LFC. This can be traced back to his days with A. Madrid; remember what was published in the season before he signed on with LFC? Torres will never leave us, likewise Stevie too. But I wish Torres doesn’t announce this. Pile the pressure on the d**n Yankees and hopefully they sell LFC fast and we could have more fund to rebuild our team.

  14. This picture warms my heart. His message to LFC supporters…This win is also for you! In the midst of celebrating Spain’s win, LFC is always in his mind and heart!YNWA!

  15. Yah, has to drape that on his shoulders and arms. he couldn’t put one in the back of the net and raise those same arms for Spain.


    you make we proud with liverpool…
    your new name _ torres >> tornado..elnino tornado..
    you like wind angel in the air..
    we like you … you are not like drogba.. ronaldo.. messi..

    you have a own lavel… like angel..

    no more chelsea…
    no more city
    no mere barcelona

    you are liverpool… legendary in making… some ‘special one’ with you alongside sir. gerrard. come with us.. die heart for liverpool.. what ever happen.. my last blood is only for liverpool.. you naver walk alone.. the reds warrior spirit will fight with you.. oh god.. please make a reallise for liverpool.

  17. Hahaha. The crock knows his chances of making a move have been scuppered by his being DROPPED and then lasting two minutes before crawling off the field with yet ANOTHER injury… so now he’s ken to endear himself to the yokels who will doubtless be forced to play in front of next season… if he is ever fit.
    This guy makes even ROBBEN look indestructible by comparison. There are any number of players who looked better than this has-been at the tournament – and don’t take my word for it… just ask the Spain manager who picked the side.
    Torres will do anything to hide his real feelings. Look at him SMILING in the photo, having just been DROPPED from a WORLD CUP FINAL. Has a “top player” ever suffered such an indignity, or such a loss of face? Yet that face GRINS in the photo. And that grin as as real as the contrived setup where some Liverpool fan of a photographer has said “Please Fernando, wear this scarf so I can take a pic of you with it.”

  18. Sooooooo proud of both nando nd kuyt. Did everyone see pepe going up to both kuyt and babel when they were walking down from the podium? He gave them both a hug, top man and a proud moment for him, am sure it will be a but different in the dressing room but to single them out was a nice thing to do.

  19. Thank you Fernando, thank you. Such a clear statement!!! Ole, make it official and lets get the season started right, message Stevie G and get him to give the Reds the nod as well.

  20. I see the London Rags and the Kop hating media are not reporting on this one are they??

    No doubt they will persist in trying to unsettle Nando and use a poor World cup in an effort to lower the price in order for their arse rags to sign him on the cheap. Stay Nando YNWA!!

  21. If you have to end a comment with “LOL” then you’re a ‘tard. What was that, Maurice…?

  22. Antoine, was there really any need for the foul language ?! You se….thats why Liverpoo fans have such a bad reputation across the globe for being objectionable, belligerent et.c. You let your team and its city down.

  23. Thank God for that – for a minute there I thought we were going to waste 50M on him.

    Enjoy the Europa League!

  24. He obviously recovered quickly and dashed in to the changing rooms to change his kit as well!!!!!

  25. If Torres leaves, I will not bear any grudge against him. The likes of Torres, Gerrard, Masch, Reina, etc are truly world class players and have been let down year after year by our Draucula brother owners with broken promises and blatant lies. Nothing has changed or improved to encourage them to stay. The local intriguer Purslow continues his financial and managemenr witchcraft top please his evil masters. I would feel sad if he joined Chelsea but not of he returned to Spain like Alonso. Unless there is a quick sale, Rafa already out, it may be Torres, SG, Masch OUT, Scharner, Parker, last year’s flop, Young, Old, Crippled, etc IN. A defiant Rafa out of the way and an obedient Roy in place. One source reported yesterday that Purslow is negotiating departures for Insua and Lucas without involvement of the manager. This has never been the Liverpool way. Do we deserve this? Yes, we do unless we stop wasting our time on petty matters and agree on a ONE point agenda of getting rid of the unholy trio in management at Anfield. If not, we could be horribly frustrated and embarrassed next season.

  26. Thought the same when I saw Nando with Liverpool’s scarf! Ha ha, if you’re leaving you don’t wear it! Nando stays!!!!!!!
    Congrats to Nando and Reina!

  27. fuck off all the haters…you people don’t know shit about loyalty…as all of your players play only for the money..this guy has liverpool in his heart, his second home is anfield…he is staying..that is a clear message..and why the fuck would any photographer put it on him for a photo ? even if it was…why is he holding on to it ? why didn’t the great “photographer” take pictures of Fabregas with a Arsenal scarf ??? FUCK OFF HATERS…BE AWARE !!! TORRES IS COMING TO GET YOU !!! RUN MANCS N CHELSHITTERS !!! VIVA EL NIÑO !!!

  28. His armband proved he was a red, Torres, Torres!
    You’ll never walk alone it said, Torres, Torres!
    We bought the lad from sunny Spain, he gets the ball, he scores again, Fernando Torres, Liverpool Number Nine!
    Na, na, na, na…

  29. Let’s not get too carried away people. Of course we all want him to stay but I doubt this picture is nearly as clear a message people are suggesting. We know he loves Liverpool but it makes little sense that he was waiting for the end of the tourney to pledge his future and basing the decision only on SPain’s success. So if they lost the final we were going to lose him? That doesnt make sense, and if it wasnt to do with that why not say a week or two ago he’s comitted.? I don’t know what he’ll do but to me it doesnt square that winning this match with Spain makes his decision about staying in England… Either it was made up already(in which case why not just say at any point ‘Im staying in Liverpool’), or he still hasn’t made his choice. Not trying to rain on the parade, just applying logic…

  30. Nando has said that, more than anything (money), he is motivated by success and trophies. Should Hodgson be able to communicate a realistic plan for future success, then Nando might well stay, with his hunger for trophies satiated for the time being by this world cup win. Hes not a fly by night/fickle character chasing the £££££ (shame on you Asley Cole)as we saw with his honourable commitment to Athletico when most of Europes top clubs were chasing him. Although this picture is not a signed contract, I dont think Nando is so insensitive to drape the LFC colours over the world cup and then b*gger off. He does respect reds fans, I think he will stay.

  31. I love Nado and I hope he stays with us, but that picture is obviously a fake. Why is he wearing the Spain principle shirt when they played in the alternative? His team mates are in the background in the other shirt..

    I wish it were true, but I doubt it.

  32. @Michael Risley-
    If you watched when they recieved the cup they changed jerseys. They wanted to wear their home (red) jerseys for the pictures.

  33. Michael Risley – I take it you didn’t watch them pick up the trophy in their home kit then? I don’t think this is fake, but again I’m not getting too excited. He probably got given it by a fan and forgot he had it on – don’t read too much into it!

  34. not sure if it is real or not, but for the guy who is going on about it is fake because he is wearing spains home kit, did u not watch the match? They changed into the red kit after the final whistle and they already had a star sewn into it.

  35. also to all who think this is a fake photo, they received the home shirts with the star before they went to collect the cup

  36. My personal opion of nando is that if he had a good w/c then he would wait and see what offers came in for him.
    He didnt have a good w/c and was also injured in the proccess, in fact he had a stinker of a w/c.
    He will now stay at liverpool till he’s fit again, score a few goals, sit back and wait for more offers.
    If any club would be silly enough to offer £50M we should bite there hand off and phone a taxi for him.
    There are far better and fitter strikers around at the moment and with £50M to spend i could think of quite a few plus enough change to get some more decent quality players.
    We need players who will give 90% effort game in game out not premadonnas.

  37. Fake Pictures? Not a commitment? Scarf given by a fan (in d world cup) and forgot to take it off?!

    Have you all gone so sour that you can`t even be happy with good news anymore?! This is a full on commitment more than any piece of contract can prove nowadays! It`s a clear message “I played my world cup we won it now I can say I`m with Liverpool” what more do you want a personal call from fernando assuring you that he`s gonna be a red next season?

    Lighten up kopities and see the light..

  38. LeBron James also loved Cleveland Cavaliers but what happened in the end ?? he joined forces in Miami, so i took just an example of great a player and tell u that u may never know what will happen.

  39. Ah then that’s it then, all is solved.

    Do us a favour. This means nothing. He plays for us now but if those yanks are offered more than £40mill he’s a goner.

  40. the pics are off the official liverpoolfctv site so how can they be fake !! tut shame on you lol

  41. The Spanish players all said how proud they were when people in Liverpool were flying Spanish flags during the European Championships 2 years ago…….looks like Nando is returning the compliment.

  42. the pic isnt fake, i watched it on the telly, all the spanish playesr had scarfs with there respected clubs. i really hope he stays , over stevie to be honest, but if he goes now, after given the fans so much hope, ill b defo’d

  43. @ Joseph,I think you’re blind…You better tell your mom to take you to the hospital so that they can detect whats wrong wit your eye..YNWA

  44. We would be better off selling Torres for high figures only if we knew Roy would get all the money to strengthen the team. We cant kid ourselves ay longer. Tores surely is prone to injuries and we should use the chance to ell him for high figures before it is too late.
    If Torres stays on another season and spends 60-70% of the season injured, we know that we wont be getting the same figure next summer for him as we can get now. This is about the overall good of the club, not the love of one player. Wise up ppl.

  45. Hey Antoine! I came across this yesterday as it was doing the rounds through email so I’m probably a bit late. But, I can confirm the pic is legit!

  46. Is that Sergio Ramos back there downing a beer? haha… classic photo this… anyway at least it’s not a Chelsea scarf. Torres please stay with Liverpool though if you do leave we’ll have money to sign somebody younger and more reliable either way congrats & YNWA!

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