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Today we heard the sad news that Emiliano Insua is off to Fiorentina, we will miss you.
Good luck Emiliano.

Here is the goal Emiliano scored against Arsenal

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  1. of course it matters.
    1. he’s 21 yo. still has a bright future ahead.
    2. we don’t have any other left-backs.

    rumours: purslow might play in that position.

  2. Personally I think we needed someone better at left back. Agger did a much better job when he filled in that spot, definitely better. Insua gave his heart out like a true Argentine, but he was slow on the turn and seeing Steven Carr demolish him at Birmingham (and he isw 14 years older) showed us the Reds need something better in that position.
    Now let’s see what Roy comes up with as a replacement!

  3. @me. Believe me mate, we could have done with someone better in that position. Kolarov was my favorite choice, but Man City have already offered Euro 17 million for him and have been turned down by Lazio. I am sure Roy has someone in mind.

  4. Fábio Aurélio is ten times better, to be honest Insua was a liability last year at the back like Glen, but at least he gave us something going forward! He was honest on good working however I expect Roy to get the right replace. YNWA Emiliano, thanks for the service

  5. Roy better have TWO somethings in mind because we just lost our only true left back. Looks like we will end up having to play someone out of position again when whoever our new left back is gets injured.

    Hope we got a decent fee for him. He was very young and I would have liked to have kept him around for back up.

  6. yeah, kolarov is awesome but could we have that amount of money to buy him? i think not. joe mattock looks promising. we should get him.

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