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” Steven Gerrard picks out Joe Cole with a cross field ball, Cole with a lovely pass to the Spaniard, he gets past one, past two, rounds off the keeper and finishes it off with a superb strike. Fernando Torres- the man of the moment, a Kop Legend”.

Just last week i was dreaming of this. Those words were ringing if my ears as i anticipated the start of the new season. Having added Joe Cole to the squad, we would have a deadly front trio.

Alot has happened since my last post, and alot has happend since Joe Cole’s signing. Steven Gerrard pledged his future to the club, lets be honest- we had no doubts about that. But Fernando? Still remains a mystery.

Hes a world class striker, a legend in the making, probably the best of his generation, everyone loves him, i love him too. But i can proudly say i love Liverpool Football Club way more.

I would love it if Fernando would stay, hes probably been our best player of recent times and might still have something to offer. But frankly, his current situation is pissing me off. He, just like Mascherano are beginning to think that they are bigger than the club. Im going to give Torres the benefit of the doubt and truly believe anything once it comes from his mouth. But i would have appreciated it if he had already committed his future to the club. When asked about his LFC future, his reply “we’ll see after the World Cup”. When Kuyt was asked the same two days before the most important match of his career, his reply was far different.

No one is bigger then the club, not the owners, not the manager, nor the star players. Not Fernando, not Gerrard, not Fowler, not Dalglish. Liverpool FC is at the top. Not its players. If Fernando wants to go, we shouldn’t stand in his way. Even after what Hodgson has said to him, even after all LFC fans have expressed their love for Torres, even after whatever Purslow has told him, he still has to ‘think about his future’ then please be so kind as to leave us and ensure your new club drop off 50m to 60m. Even if Torres does stay now, i will see him as a different player, a player who wanted to leave but had to be ‘convinced to stay’.

Truth is that if he does go, we will cry about it and cry about how screwed we are, but with time we’ll realise that it isnt the end of the world. There will still be a big bright light shining at the end of the tunnel.

Again, i would love it if he stayed, and i know it would be nearly impossible in our situation to directly replace him with a single player. But we very well could sign two quality player who can remain fit. Selling a star striker for 50-60m who is bound to get injured at some point of the season and replace him with two lesser in quality but quality and fit strikers nevertheless isn’t that bad.

We might as well see Torres come out in the next few days and commit himself to our beloved club, but if he really really wants to leave, i wouldn’t stand in his way. He probably ‘deserves better’ than the best fans in the world.

I’m not jumping to any conclusions, i want him to stay, i hope he does, but if he is going to stay with the attitude of “I’m the best guy around here, I’m bigger than the club” then selling him wouldn’t be the worst option. Its all upto you now Fernando, its your choice. Hogdson has said he has done what he can, Purslow probably has, Gerrard has committed, Joe has signed, its your choice where you want to stay. LFC will always welcome you, but also LFC has a rich enough history and passionate enough fans to live without you. The balls in your court, its your choice.  More of this will be well appreciated:

I support Liverpool Football Club. Not Fernando José Torres Sanz.


  1. I entirely agree with you. He’s taking way too long to decide. If he wants to stay, he should just come out and say it and if he doesn’t, likewise.

    Torres probably is my favourite player in the world right now. But Liverpool FC will survive with or without him.

    Also, if he does stay and give us one more season, I think he’ll probably be looking for reasons to give himself an exit next season.

    Either way, I just wish he would put an end to the speculation so we can get on with the task of signing the necessary players to replace him if we have to and before the Europa League.

  2. i said the same thing the other day that nando has been very slow about coming forward about coming or going,he is a fantastic player but we want players who want to be at lfc who are 100% commited off the field and on it,60 million will defo fill the gap if he goes but will hodgson get the money to spend on players or will it be swallowed up by the debt payments?nando you need to make your choice as i think you have had long enough to decide,dont make yourself look like a petulent child like mascherano,

  3. I agree, but not to everything … It isn’t Torres who thinks he’s bigger than the Club. He’s too humble to think like that. It’s the media! They are spreading rumours and b*****s about him and his situation and what he said, what he did why he said that etc. It never was Fernando.

    What he did with the Liverpool scarf is pure class. And i think it really ment … eee … it means something.


  4. I’ve been saying for ages that if the fee were definately to make it back into Hodgsons transfers budget that he should be sold. I know its not a popular thought with many LFC fans but we don’t have a squad big enough to carry his injuries, any squad would miss him as he is world class but us more than most as we have no-one to step into one of his boots let alone both! As a result we struggle when he is missing and rush him back placing huge pressure on his shoulders.

    Sell him and lets bring in a couple of great but lesser known strikers with better injury records, with the chances Cole, Gerrard, Aqua etc will create we just need a great finisher/poacher but we will need him all season not just part of it! Let your heads rule your hearts as hard as it seems

  5. I support Liverpool Football Club AND Fernando Jose Torres Sanz.

    but LFC’s the top priority for me, i guess.

  6. I agree with every word you said. And if he leaves, we can probably end up with a stronger squad. If Barça wants him, then we can get Ibrahimovic + Bojan + cash. If Chelsea or City want him, we can get £70m easily. If it’s any other club, we could probably get £60m, and wind up with a world class striker and a back up.

    I would love if Torres stayed, but he is not bigger than the club, and if he in fact thinks he is, I will say good riddance.


  7. i totally agree with you i torres goes we should try and buy huntalaar and aguero even if torres stays we should try and buy either of these players for backup as much as i love torres i wouldent mind if he left

  8. If Torres leaves it will be because he can see the club being picked apart around him, It really is disrespectful to the man to talk about him as if he is some sort of primadonna.

    Granted he hasn’t commited himself to the club and there is a strong possibility that he will leave but he has hardly acted like a petulant child and just because he is taking longer than YOU would like to make a decision it still doesn’t give you reason to trot out all this no one is bigger than the club rubbish.

    If Torres goes it will be because he feels that the club is going backward, not because he has no loyalty to us, in his position all of us would think long and hard about where their future lay but until he starts throwing his toys out of the pram or bleating to the newspapers show a little respect

  9. torres is a such a humble fella to do think that he is bigger than the club..he does not need to “Declare” that he stays every weeek and every day,he doest not to “satisfy” the media needs to write about his future.

    he wore and put on the LFC scarf on his neck during the w cup celebration!! for god sake guys,does that gesture not enough for us to be convinced!!

  10. “If Torres leaves it will be because he can see the club being picked apart around him, It really is disrespectful to the man to talk about him as if he is some sort of primadonna.”

    Really agree with this. We don’t know what’s gone on behind the scenes. Lots of us have probably been in a situation where we loved parts of our job, and our colleagues, but had been let down by “Management” promises/lies in some way. It can really make you think twice about staying…
    Until he says otherwise, I choose to believe his gesture in South Africa was heartfelt & symbolic..

  11. Well it has left us all speculating and hoping too. I would have wished that he had pledged his future to LFC but as some of you in here said we really don’t know what going on behind the scene and it’s true that then media hype things up a times. I named my son Fernando who is two and a half years old now after him(and a certain Redondo and Hierro) because I genuinely felt he was going to be the club’s saviour but if he thinks otherwise and happens to feel(which I still doubt) he is bigger than the club he might as well leave us.
    We desparately need players who were like the Liverpool players of old-the ones who had the will to win and gave everything for the club and we can do without players who does not have the LFC spirit in them.

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