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Many of you have asked me if I knew the new verse of the Torres song, well here it is.

Again he proved he was a red, Torres Torres
He put the transfer talks to bed, Torres Torres
He told Roy Hodgson where he stands
He loves the club and he loves the fans
Fer nan do Tor res, Liverpool’s number 9



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  1. love it, i am always looking for the new songs so i am up to date when i get there. any advice on which forum has them on?

  2. You all thought he was a red, Torres Torres

    You’ll never walk alone you said, Torres Torres

    You bought him in from sunny Spain

    He’ll never play for you again

    FERNANDO TORRES, Chelsea’s number nine!

  3. Another version.

    He’s now a blue he was a red torres torres,

    He swopped the kop end 4 the shed Torres

    Their greatest striker since The Rush, their worst disaster since the crush,

    Fernando Torres Chelsea’s no.9!!!

  4. He lied and said he was a red, Torres, Torres.
    He’ll always walk alone instead, Torres, Torres.
    We bought the lad from sunny Spain,
    He’ll never play for us again.
    Fernando Torres, enemy number one!

  5. The target for every footballer is to try and play at one of the top-level clubs in the world, and I can do it now.
    “But, as I said before, I can say I’m a Chelsea player now. I’m really happy and I’m sure I am doing one big step forward in my career joining a club like Chelsea.

  6. His armband lied, he was no red, Torres Torres.
    He’s just a rent boy like the rest, Torres, Torres.
    In our backs he plunged his knife,
    I hope John terry shags his wife,
    Fernando Torres, a gobshite and a liar.

  7. We just lost the best striker in the world. It will take sometime to get use to seeing him in a Chelsea shirt.
    Just cant get my head around why he would go to Chelsea to advance his career after Liverpool showing positive signs and spending big money.
    On another note, I think Bluemango should step back and reflect on the lyrics in your posted rhyme. Not very good really.

  8. Chelesea fans, you got what we had, a lazy striker,past his best,he didnt look that happy yesterday??? fernando Shevchenko??? Yesterday pride and passion won the day no matter how many goals he scores for you. Money does not buy class…..

  9. His hairband proved he was a gay, Torres, Torres
    He sucked off John T today, Torres, Torres
    He’s just a dirty little queer
    Who likes it take it up the rear
    Fernando Torres, takes it up the arse

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