Good Riddance !

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Liverpool have officially announced that the Argentine midfielder, Javier Mascherano is about to join Barcelona. The fee has not been announced yet, but i have a feeling that the business being done here is not what we were hoping for.

Any ways, in my time as a Liverpool fan, i have never seen a player disgrace a Red Shirt so much. The guy kept asking to leave for the last year or so and WE THE FANS, in some blind faith, kept thinking of him as A CLUB LEGEND.
NO HE’S NOT… he is not a legend at all, or any player for that matter who can’t wear the jersey with pride….

I’m happy that he left early as possible, so now the squad gets a chance to gel and play as ONE. I Seriously ask one question though. Why on earth a Spanish club could simply run into a player’s house and provoke him to do what Mascherano did? Simply unacceptable, and something that FIFA would never tolerate if an English club had done so.

Well after seeing so many ups and downs, good and bad moments with the club. I would NOT like to wish him the best of luck and wish that he learns the meaning and worth of team loyalty and fan respect, THE HARD WAY….



  1. Well, Antoine.He had already spent time at westham and he knew how life is like in this country. The family thing is just an excuse, you know that we always respect managers and players who decide to part ways,
    but the truth is that mascherano always wanted to go after season 1…

  2. I think good riddance is the perfect way to put it. I’ve never been he’s greatest fan as i’ve always found him a bit too gobby and always seemed to be one mouthful away from a card everytime he played. However what he did on Monday is unacceptable and inexcuseable. Roy had told him he could leave when the correct fee had been offered, his family issues didn’t force him to refuse to play for the club that saved him from the Hammers bench.

  3. I agree with Antoine.
    Jibran, how could you say that about a player who gave the club his all when he was on the pitch, he is a great player, the reason he wanted to leave was because his wife could not settle down in liverpool, he even said it had nothing to do with the club.

    your no liverpool Fan!

    1. John, take it easy with the personal attacks.

      The news media twisted the whole thing and made Masch look really bad.

      Roy would have said something if Masch refused to play.

  4. Thats a bit harsh,he’s been a great player for us and he played all last season even with his family issues…I think the money mentioned(£16m up front and £6m depending on appearances ect)is a good offer!He should use that money to buy a decent striker and we wont be far off

  5. What a bitter rant this is. If it was written by an Everton fan about one of their players we’d be laughing.


    FWIW, haven’t heard too many people call him a legend.

  6. I feel it is a little harsh however, I would imagine he was one of your favored players in the Red shirt the last few years? Predicted anger for him wanting to leave. Even Gerrard thought about leaving once!

    I have sung his name many a time from the Kop for chasing back 70 yards to make a crunching tackle, or covering full backs, allowing the more creative players to play. Masch has been a good player for us. Liverpool is a lot different to London in many respect, so the family aspect maybe true. I am sad to see him go, but like we always do, will sing his name when he returns to Anfield for the other side.

    Thanks for your time Masch!

  7. I disagree with this article.

    Masch has often said he has no problem with playing for Liverpool. He has said that time and time again.

    He is a world-class player, captain of Argentina and our team will be much worse off without him.

    Good luck Javier. Good luck displacing World Cup winner Busquets out the Barca team too. :)

  8. Glad he has left us!!! Just hope Roy gets the money to sign up more players.
    He was good but not spectacular, kinda overhyped and his family not settling down was just an excuse. Had too many cards for silly tackles, Lucky to be Argentina’s captain, guess he didn’t know he got that bcos he was playing for a world class club(he wouldn’t have that if he was still on West Ham’s bench).
    Wish him all the best though.

  9. well @ john, i never needed a certificate from you to prove that i am a Liverpool fan…. and always supported masch before monday night….
    and to all, yes good riddance might be too harsh, but the guy set a very bad example for the rest of the players.. you wanna go to another club then do that with pride, he has been weeping for an year now


  11. Bit harsh this my friend. Lets be honest if a player has been saying he wants to leave for over a year be greatful we got a final bow from him (Arsenal he was superb) but for the club to then drag their feet and keep naming him is asking for trouble. The man is not a Liverpool fan, he doesn’t view the club like we do but he still played with passion. I’ll miss him, its gonna be difficult to fill his boots!

  12. I have always liked Javier, and he really is irreplaceable in any lineup in the world. That being said, the one thing that I will never forget about him is when he kissed his badge after scoring on a stunning volley. He did this after requesting to leave, and since then I have been on the fence about him. His tackling ability is better than or on par with anyone in the world, but his heart never settled in a red jersey.

    I do wish him the best at Barca, even though he will have a hard time breaking into the best midfield in the world.


  13. A very harsh article indeed.
    This is what you get from a badly run club. Masch has been seeking a move for a while, he could have been convinced to stay with a new, better contract. Benitez’s sacking didn’t help on that front.
    Bottom line remains, the club has handled this badly, and we as fans should be glad this is over and wish him well.
    Personally I think he’s done extremely well for us, always passionate, and the true fans will appreciate that.

  14. Yea I agree with others on here in saying that this is a bit harsh for the same reasons they’ve already brought up. (Family, he said he loves Liverpool, etc)

    I’m sorry to see him go as a player, but not if he’s unhappy. He is and always will be a Red in my books, so I’d prefer he and his family are happy.

    It pains me a little bit to see you say YNWA at the end of such an article, because it seems that the meaning of it may have temporarily been forgotten by you. I’m not making personal attacks, as you’re a fellow red, therefore your family like everyone else on the board. It’s why Liverpool have best supporters in the world. For example, look at Lucas. He’s generally despised by many of our supporters, myself included. But he’s a red, so when we say YNWA we mean it. We support him even though he’s frustrating because he’s part of us. Win or lose, good times and bad. We are Liverpool.

    Masch may not have handled the situation as best he could, but he always gave his all for us. His situation didn’t play out that well in the media either, but they love and need sensational headlines to get ratings. So I agree with Antoine that Roy would have said if there was more to it.

    I wish him and his family the best of luck.

    I just hope we have some funds to find a few more lads for bolster the squad now.

  15. Nice! Now Mascherano can be like a bodyguard in the midfield to those punks who like taking down Iniesta. Iniesta-Mascherano-Xavi, with Messi hovering close by… is there a better midfield in the world?

  16. @ erik, once again… my belief in players and the manager(s) is always blind, the article may well have been the result of the frustrations caused by the recent incidents and i once again apologize if i caused any bad feelings amongst the fans… once again

  17. @ Jibran. Mate don’t apologize for having an opinion. Man up, it is a valid opinion and one that probably 40-50% of Pool fans hold. Javier left Argentina to make money or I beleive West Ham wouldn’t have been an option for him or Tevez. Their goal from the start was to cash in on the river of money in England and move on. As Malcolm x famously once said “we’ve been duped”. Don’t confuse Maschs passionate displays as passion for liverpool, passion is THE only way he knows how to play. He never loved us and was only interested in enhancing his own reputation. If a player signs a contract he should man up and honour it. he’s gone….i’m not bothered.

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