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I was going through my old vinyls last night and look what I found, it is the extended 12″ mix. Back in 1988 I used to DJ and would play it frequently, I would usually slip it in between Pump up the Volume and Bad. No one ever noticed (except for the Reds) the others were too drunk to realise :-)

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  1. Made a mash-up version of this, and the classic drum and bass track, Bad Company’s “The Nine”…

    Pretty shit like, but…

    Guess what I called it…!!!

    Love this song so much!!

  2. I had one of these on my wall when I was young. I also had a dartboard in my room, the dart bounced off & stuck in the record & it was never playable again!!!!!

  3. I lived in Plymouth when this was released and spent my weekends walking round all the record shops to buy it, but it was never available!

    I’m dead jealous, mate!

  4. Nice one Antione. I have a turntable if you wish to “loan” it to me?

    Check this out, pure poetry…

    Premiership football Liverpool Clips Songs lyrics

    Monday, November 27, 2006
    Anfield Rap
    Liverpool F.C. is hard as hell
    United, Tottenham, Arsenal
    Watch my lips, and I will spell
    ’cause they don’t just play, but they can rap as well
    Liverpool F.C.
    Liverpool F.C.
    My idea was to build Liverpool into a bastion of invincibility…
    Napoleon had that idea he’d have conquered the bloody world
    Walk on… walk on… with hope… in your heart… and you’ll never walk…
    Alright Aldo
    Sound as a pound
    I’m cushty la but there’s nothing down
    The rest of the lads ain’t got it sussed
    We’ll have to learn ’em to talk like us
    Well I’m rapping now, I’m rapping for fun
    I’m your goalie, the number one
    You can take the mick, don’t call me a clown
    Any more lip and you’re going down
    Alright Ace, we’re great me and you
    But the other lads don’t talk like we do
    No they don’t talk like we do, do they do la
    We’ll have to learn ’em to talk propah
    Walk on… walk on… with hope… in your heart… and you’ll ne… ver walk…
    You two scousers are always yapping
    I’m gonna show you some serious rapping
    I come from Jamaica, my name is John Barnes
    When I do my thing the crowd go bananas
    How’s he doing the Jamaica rap?
    He’s from just south of the Watford Gap
    He gives us stick about the north/south divide
    ’cause they got the jobs
    Yeah, but we got the side
    Well I came to England looking for fame
    So come on Kenny man, give us a game
    ’cause I’m sat on the bench paying my dues with the blues
    I’m very big down under, but my wife disagrees
    They’ve won the league, bigger stars than Dallas
    They got more silver than Buckingham Palace
    No-one knows quite what to expect
    When the red machine’s in full effect
    Well Steve McMahon sure can rap
    It’s about time he had an England cap
    So come on Bobby Robson, he’s the man
    ’cause if anyone can, Macca can
    Macca-can… Macca-can… Macca-can… Macca-can…

  5. bloody class find mate was the first record i bought still know all the words of by heart ”r a mate were great me and you ,but the other lads dont talk like we do ”

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