Patience, is key.

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With Hodgson and his men enduring a slow start to the season, a lot has been said by a lot of people. Questions have been asked, but the answers don’t seem to be there. I don’t seem to understand the deal, though.
it’s just been a month since Roy took over. we’ve made it to the group stages after tough matches against Trabzonspor. we drew our first league game at home against Arsenal, a match which we deserved to win after Joe got wrongly red carded in the first half and the damn sun which gifted Arsenal a late, late equalizer. City was a rather forgettable game, but that’s just ONE match there. I’ve come across a lot of fans blaming Roy for setting up a 4-4-2 formation, but wasn’t that what everyone wanted to see for a long time? Don’t tell me you weren’t. I can see a lot of teams going to Eastlands and struggling to get points. well fair enough, they’ve spent over a £100 million on their squad and it was always going to be hard.

Another thing that I’ve been reading a lot recently is regarding the signing of Konchesky and “how far we’ve fallen”. That is plain simple bollocks. there aren’t many left backs around and Konchesky, who is by no means a world class left back, certainly has experience on his side and will give us the much needed width and attacking we need from the left. Agger did brilliant, but wasn’t the best going forward. not his natural position, I don’t blame him, he did well. The thing that’s bothering me is how everyone seems to be blaming Roy for signing Konchesky and letting two young stars leave in the opposite direction. Yes, I was a gutted to see Dalla Valle leave but I guess time was running out and we needed a left back really bad.

as for Konchesky coming to Anfield, I think it could be a good signing. Roy worked with him for about 2 and a half years so he knows what he’s about. we could not have signed a better left back because WE HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO MONEY! as simple as that. Roy did a good job in convincing Joe Cole to come to Anfield, he has signed a dynamic player in Meireles and a decent enough Konchesky to fill in at left back.

time will tell if these signings were good or not, but I urge all Liverpool fans to have some patience please. let everyone say whatever they want to say, but we need to give our new manager and his new style of play and tactics some time to gel. it’s just been a month for crying out loud. voice your opinions regarding the players, the manager, everything. but please, patience is key to our season. give Roy and his boys time. Please.



  1. It doesn’t take any more than 45 minutes to realise that we don’t have the players to utilise a flat 4 man midfield as we don’t have any good wingers – and the team selections that he’s made so far just don’t make good sense or bode well for the future (i.e. playing players out of position and refusing to pro-actively make any changes to an under-performing team in the same way that Rafa remained loyal to his failures last season)

    Patience quickly runs thin as soon as you realise nothing is actually changing from the last failed regime other than a cosmetic change to the way we defend corners

  2. Well said mate, patience is what is needed.
    To be honest, I think the main problem in regards to us losing patience too quickly is that the media and fans of other clubs are always on our backs if we don’t get instant results.

  3. We expect too much, that’s the big problem we have since we got 2nd on 08/09. They just need our support not our expectation. Walk on!

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