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Have you ever wondered which cities outside Liverpool have the most L.F.C. supporters in them?
Here is a breakdown, we used the stats of the E.O.T.K site and our Facebook page over the last year.

Of course it is nothing scientific but interesting.

1) London
2) Singapore
3) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
4) Dublin
5) Manchester
6) Birmingham
7) Sydney, Australia
8) Jakarta Indonesia
9) Melbourne, Australia
10) Bangkok, Thailand

Not far behind Belfast, Oslo & New York City.

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  1. I love how Manchester is 5th here, maybe we should tell them that they are red too, but the have the Devil, not the Liver Bird!! Haha

  2. well what about pontypridd south wales thers are 12 of us liverpool suportes im my street alone
    only wish we seem ,ore of liverpool coaching down this way he have valencia cf cardiff city and real madrid celtic
    but no liverpool
    yet i travel to anfielt 5 times a season

  3. Interesting stat . . . especially for us foreign fans. Would be awesome to see the full list. South Africa (home of Spion Kop and LFC’s first overseas player) has PLENTY fans. Especially Cape Town ;) YNWA

  4. I have to add to your statistics that in my country, Greece, that LFC supporters are the majority (as well as the Mancs suppoerters) when speaking about a foreign club. Me and my mates have established the 1st Liverpool supporters club in Southeastern Europe back in 1995 and since then, many have followed our way. Our hearts still pound for Liverpool F.C. besides τηε decline caused by the bloody Yanks’ ownership.

  5. we may be scanty here but i guess the lfc religion has a congregation over here too in Ghana, Africa. i know lfc is everywhere and we all will never walk alone!!!. reds forever.

  6. A recent poll in one football site in Cyprus, it showed that 33% of Cypriots SUPPORT LIVERPOOL FC.

    The mancs came second with 30%.
    Everton have no supporters in Cyprus at ALL.

    (35.000 FUNS VOTED)


  7. You wont believe the support you have down here in South Africa, United and Liverpool fans have it out here throughout the year starting from pre-schoolers right upto grandfathers and its a completely multi-cultural fan base. absolutely love it

  8. I’m an American supporting the reds here in Chicago, IL, USA. There are a lot of LFC supporters here.

    My teams are the Chicago Fire, LFC, and Bayern

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