Michael Owen given a pretty warm reception

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Although reported otherwise by a hate-mongering Manc website (they obviously didn’t see the game), Michael Owen was given a pretty good reception today for Jamie Carragher’s Testimonial at Anfield. Yes there were a few boos but overall the Anfield faithful appreciated the fact that Owen was doing this for his former team-mate and for charity. Luis Garcia opened the score and right before half time Michael’s shot was handled by Duffy, a penalty was given and Michael sportingly allowed Carra to take.

Owen played the first 45 minutes for the Liverpool XI who trashed the Everton counterparts 4-1, he seemed very comfortable wearing the Liverpool shirt again. Michael was joined by former Reds who included Luis Garcia, Dudek, Gary Mac, McAteer, Michael Thomas, Finnan, Heskey & Warnock. Most of the Reds who were not on International duty also featured in the game. Stevie G even flew in from London to play for 10 minutes, while 15 year old Sterling got to play with the big boys for the first time.

The scoring continued in the second half with Joe Cole scoring his first Liverpool goal. Everton did get a penalty but Carra denied them the satisfaction as he took it himself not allowing Yakubu to take. Nathan Ecceleson scored the 4th and final goal and the game ended 4-1.

I must say Owen had a pretty good game and quite honesty it was his best performance since he left Liverpool. Ever since Michael left Liverpool he has been plagued with Injuries and endless time on the benches of Real Madrid, Newcastle & Manchester United. That magical Liverpool red on his chest brought the wonderkid back to life.

Keep that Liverpool shirt Michael maybe they will let you wear it at Old Trafford, it will bring you luck.



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  1. Jamie Carragher is a liar then, right?

    “He’s my best mate in football and I think it took a lot of courage to come back today and do it for me knowing he would take a lot of stick. But I think the crowd would have killed him if he’d taken the penalty listening to their reaction.”


    And just 35,361 fans bothered to show up. When you’ve got a capacity of 45,362. That is so embarrassing. What a way to treat your ‘legend’ eh.

    Best fans in the country lol.

      1. Ian Callaghan “A Liverpool Legend” said that Owen did receive a good reception.

        Yes Carragher did say that because the crowd wanted Carra to take it, simple.

        Carra is not lying, it was a good game to honour a Liverpool legend and a lot of money was collect for charity and that is the important thing.

        I must say that Owen played some decent football however.

  2. i hate liverpool digusting club rubbish fans only sold 78% of their tickets ahahaha for roy keans testimonial we sold double what liverpool scummy fans had ahahahahah going down down down. no money

  3. Really, as an everton fan who attended the game i have to say, you didnt give Owen a warm reception as there was far more jeers the cheers everytime he was involved…thou it was a good game and a alright enjoyable moment for everton fan carragher, i feel your fans jealousy and annoyance towards the fact Owen now plays for the biggest club in the world (ManU) hindges your judgment on an extremely brilliant player.

  4. Antonine – Er, great come back.

    Your headline is that Owen got a pretty warm reception.

    I show you a quote from Carragher which says you are wrong.

    An Everton fan who was at the game says you are wrong.

    And in response? You talk about Glazer. Lol well played.

    Time to delete this article probably, given that Carragher himself has come out and revealed exactly what kind of reaction Owen got.


  5. Bitters and manc scum are so keloid of the most successful club in England, it’s laughable. Still 2 European Cups behind us scummy rat mancs, and as for Everton, I don’t need to say a thing about a club that has never seen the sun as they live in our shadow.

  6. Taken from RAWK forum:

    – What a finish of Garcia class all the ground booing Owen

    – Booing Owen? Embarassing.

    – Just to confirm that Owen is getting booed everytime he gets the ball! It should be all about Jamie.

    Interesting that you still have deleted this article lol.

    Any idea why so few people showed up? When you consider there were lots of Everton in there, are you not embarrassed?

  7. Makes me sick all these arse hole Mancs coming on a Liverpool fan site to be shit house wind up merchants. such loyal fans who attended Keane’s testimonial.. are they the same loyal fans who wont buy up all the season tickets at Old Toilet? hmmmm, suppose its cos of a boycot against the owners? more likely due to a postal strike down south or something. 5 times forever in our shadows.

  8. – It took a certain amount of guts for Owen to turn up. It was always going to be a controversial element to the game but we should not be booing him all the time, point made now, and Carra obviously wanted him there, so just concentrate on Carra’s Day and pay tribute to the guy!

    – Did Owen play?

    – Yep, and got booed too.

    These are all comments from different Liverpool fans watching the game.

    And yet still we have an article here saying Owen got a warm reception lol.

    1. Scott, you must be bored.

      Yes there were a few who booed Owen but the majority didn’t and appreciated the fact that Owen played and yes the claps outnumbered the boos.

  9. Antoine – Not according to the Liverpool fans on RAWK. Not according to Carragher. Not according to the Everton fan was at the game.

    But according to you lol.

    Why wasn’t the game anywhere close to being sold out? Ryan Giggs told out 67,500+ in 2001. Roy Keane sold out 69,000+ in 2005. And Carragher, who you call a legend, got the ground just 78% full.

    1. Ok so you use a Forum & an Evertonian for facts, lol.

      Anfield holds 45,362, there were about 36,000 present today, quite frankly that is very good turnout for a friendly game.

      Can’t compare with 2001 & 2005, there are many factors and one of them is economical.

  10. A small minority of fans were booing Owen but when they did, a large group of fans cheered to drown them out. Whatever your opinion on Michael Owen the fact is he was a great player for Liverpool FC and single handedly won them at least one final in his time. I think its sad that some people felt they had to boo him but I think the majority of it was ironic anyway.

    Manchester United fans would do well the remember that Ferguson was the only manager from a big club that went in for Owen last season. His choice was between Hull City, Everton and Man Utd. Rafa didn’t want to resign him after he shunned him three years previous. It has been well documented on several occasions that he wanted to go back to Liverpool after Real Madrid but the board wouldn’t match Newcastle’s offer.

    He obviously still cares a lot for the club and his family live nearby. If he had things his way he would be back at Anfield right now but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. At least he had the sense of humour to pretend to take the penalty.

  11. The abusive tones of liverpool fans said it all, let set one thing straight- you aint and never were the best in england as shankly and team-stealer pasiley never got anywhere near the busby babes who took our beloved english football to the top where MU never left. Seconds, Leeds were a better bunch in the early 70s as to Arsenal, thirds, we have never been in your shadow or do you forget that anfield was our home 1st and its 1st trophy was won by the famous blues or that we to are numerous lge champions,

  12. You got to appreciate how much attention the gold-digging mancs have been paying to this game. The mancunia-webpage has been overflowing with articles about it, and it´s nothing but the usual bitter bullshit. Yawn.
    I can´t remember the Liverpool-blogs beeing full of stuff about former Liverpool-fan (he was a member of the fan club, scandinavian branch), Ole Gunnar Solskjær´s testimonial, or any other united-testimonials for that sake.

    They will always be more focused on talking shit about us or City, than watching their own team. Possibly because most of the United-supporters became fans after their team started performing well.

    I might add that I´ve been banned from commenting on the mancunia-page. How brave.

  13. Scott, you come across like Ignatius P Reilly in ‘The Confederacy of Dunces,’ getting hot & worked up at your keyboard. There was a good atmosphere at the ground. Owen seemed to enjoy himself & the booing seemed more tongue in cheek & was accompanied with applause for Owen each time.
    Good day. Good money made for charity.

  14. JB – Glad you mentioned Ole. 68,868 attended his testimonial in 2008.

    If a current Liverpool player who used to play for United featured in that testimonial, then your comparison would make sense. As it is, your point is entirely irrelevant.

    Antoine – The tickets cost £20. It’s hardly going to break the bank. It’s disgraceful that, even with the help of Everton fans, you didn’t come close to selling out when celebrating the career of someone you call a legend. A legend who has always dreamed about scoring against you (obviously forgot the countless own goals, including the two in one game he scored for us against you).

  15. Scott. This match should actually be irrelevant to you, as you are supporting Manchester United, and not Liverpool. The thing is that you lot seem to make a bigger issue of almost anything happening around our club than we ourselves do.

    On the mancunia-page people get banned simply because they put the united-supporters obsession with our club. On the other hand, posts where your own people call us murderers and so on are allowed. That says a lot about your kind.

    Most United-fans chose to follow the team after they started winning, simply because they wanted something to boast about when meeting their friends on monday morning. At least that´s one way to explain your total lack of class.

  16. I find it funny how its an article on jamie, a honest working everton lad who deserved this day out and all liverpool fans can do is talk of Mu, then again 50% of your fans did come about after 2005 champs lge win, another 40% of you came around during prem lge era and that remaining 10% were maybe lucky enough see you win the first division. Liverpool has one of the smallest local fanbases in england, are nothing but gloryhunters who spend the rest of their time obessing over the enemy…congrats jamie.

  17. Scott the Red is from the Republic of Mancunia Forum, all my messages i wrote on there got deleted by the admin they obviously just want people who agree with Manure scums. Ive seen this Scotts postings on there and he was saying how the LFC fans should be ashaimed for booing Owen and compared it to Beckham coming back to Old Trafford with Milan and getting cheered. The thing was that Owen was looking for a way out and never wanted to sign another contract he went to Madrid and his career has been a downer ever since, Beckham on the other hand wasn’t required by Fergie any more he got thehairdryer treatment and was shown the door he never wanted to leave.

    At the end of the day this was Carraghers day and i hope he enjoyed it, i beleive the majority of the fans that didn’t boo and won’t take any notice of these pathetic Manure trash fans. The amount of stick they gave Berbetov last season and Nani season before now all of a sudden they’re saints……YNWA

  18. Scott this is for you, talking about booing your own, how about Man Utd fans booing a legend Ryan Giggs i as a LFC fan regard him as legend as would many fans throughout the country if not the world. In 2002 he had some bad performances as every great player has done and the Man Utd faithfull turn on him, now we the Liverpool fans know it would have been a handfull of fans who did boo him but we can say the whole Manure faithfull did but we won’t as we are not pathetic to stoop to your level. Read the article below


  19. Im a die hard Liverpool fan and for the clown who said not many people turned up he must have been blind. N for this poor web site to say Owen got a warm reception is a joke! He deserved a good reception but was booed for the 1st 30mins!. Awful reporting as usual by so called fans.

  20. David Man utd have a small fanbase in Manchester itself the majority are City fans. Majority of Man Utd fans are from outside Manchester as are Liverpool fans but hand on heart i can say we have more Liverpool fans from the city than Man Utd does in theirs.

    Oh and Liverpool has done more for the City than Everton, winning all these trophies bringing the world to the area to see a great club, whats Everton done for the city to call it your own and not ours? You maybe older than us but you certainly are not bigger……YNWA

  21. I went the match today and hold a season ticket but at the start of the match first few times owen got the ball he did get booed but as the first half went on it turned better and near the near the end of the second half there were no boos towards him and about the pen why not have the guy who the match it for take the pen and also this is for LIVERPOOL fans not MANCHESTER or EVERTON fans to come on and chat shit when to be honest you will only be saying stuff from behind your computer screen

  22. wow do these mancs have nothing better to do then to go on liverpool fan sites? no one on this site to be honest cares of the opinions of a manchester united fan as this is a place to share opinions between liverpool fans. Just proves how pathetic the united fans are. Stick to your own websites where you can talk out of your own arse’s as much as you like.

  23. Dave calm down mate, 1) no one said you or we are not die hard fans just because you say you are doesn’t mean we aint. 2) If you don’t like this place and you think it writes lies then why waste your time and ours for that matter and paste a comment here????


  24. I was at the game today and I agree with Ste, the boos (which were more lighthearted than nasty) faded as the game went on, although Michael only played the first 45 minutes. It was a brilliant day with a fantastic, friendly atmosphere. Why people (mostly non LFC fans who weren’t even there) want to spoil Jamies day with nasty remarks is beyond me.YNWA

  25. Antoine and all the other Kopites.

    we should be proud of our club,
    not only we, genuine fans are showing
    deep love and interest in our club,
    we have MANCS and BITTERS who somehow
    has more time to spend worrying about us,
    I’m so glad that you’re realizing how important
    our club is to you.

  26. Scott. Remind me. Exactly what sort of reaction did Paul Ince get from your oh so sporting fans when he came back to OT in a Liverpool shirt?

    And what sort of reception does Rooney get, or maybe Nicky Barmby got from Everton fans when they go back to Goodison?

  27. david, “liverpool belongs to everton.” says:
    September 4, 2010 at 9:26 pm

    I find it funny how its an article on jamie, a honest working everton lad who deserved this day out and all liverpool fans can do is talk of Mu, then again 50% of your fans did come about after 2005 champs lge win, another 40% of you came around during prem lge era and that remaining 10% were maybe lucky enough see you win the first division. Liverpool has one of the smallest local fanbases in england, are nothing but gloryhunters who spend the rest of their time obessing over the enemy…congrats jamie.

    haha…. how funny is this guy seriously? The word bull**** screams to mind.
    He explains well as to how you see more Liverpool fans walking around town, or if you go to any surrounding towns you’ll see its usually 80% of people wearing football tops wearing a Liverpool one.
    And thats just in the local area of the North West, you draw the picture out to Europe and you have Scandinavians and Spanish liking Liverpool, you spread it out more and you see the US and lots of Asian area’s (possibly split between Man U and Liverpool equally in Asia these days however) and it has been that way for around 30 years.

    Can you as an Evertonian seriously say the same? Outside of the North West and small portions of Belfast and you’ll find no Evertonians at all.
    Fact is, if you had a larger audience of fans then us then why is our stadium larger and in a far better condition than your shed of a stadium? Supply and demand clearly shows that we are larger.
    Which is something Man Utd used their brains with in expanding their merchandising to go bigger money wise.

    If you want to start talking bull**** about glory hunters then you may aswell go and say that every Wigan Athletic fan is a glory hunter. Because we all know that the only glory hunter teams in England are Chelsea, then Man Utd with their influx of middle eastern shopkeepers choosing to follow, and then potentially the growing of Man City.

    As for you United scum, you speak of Anfield not being full today right? I seem to recall a similar scenerio take place at the Old Toilet.
    If I remember correctly the miraculous event partaken roughly around the 77th minute when Aurellio put Liverpool up 3-1. Nevermind it being empty by the 90th minute when Dossena knocked it up to 4.
    And that was all due to fans wanting to beat the end of game traffic now wasnt it, hmmm.

    At the end of the day, all you’ve shown is just how bitter you are.
    You can’t sit there and be happy about supporting your team, so you have to go around and generally try to put everyone else down with your dumbfounded belief of immortality and general steps onto a higher plane of existance due to the badge you woke up one day and decide to wear just to jump along on that old chestnut of a band wagon.

    If you want to be proud at being a Manc then don’t go around trying to slate any other team, especially over a charity game.
    Yes of course you have the right to feel that it is an embarrassment for us to have that kind of attendance when compared to Uniteds. But is there really any need to walk around with your scrotum in your mouth and just talk a load of balls with failing to throw it in our faces with your overly compensating arrogance.

    Run along to your Old Toilet team and keep your mouth shut untill the big game. And if you do go ahead and beat us fairly then well done.
    Don’t go around proving that all United fans are bitter scum by enforcing petty arguments like this on, because you really aren’t doing anything besides showing how much of a bunch of tosser’s you lot are.

    And as someone said before me, I think your mum and dad are shouting to get off their computer and go to bed because the maturity you have shown really does portray that image.
    And if you really are older than 14 then oh boy, how I feel sorry for you.

  28. Exactly DJ well said mate, now go and paste this exact pasting on the Repulic of Mancunia website it won’t even get posted because truth hurts the admins on there only want to listen to trash, atleast ere we give allsorts a rant lol rightly or wrong. Talking of Barmby didn’t he ask for his face to be taken off some new advert Everton has up for past and present players, because of his links to LFC? Abel Xavier got booed by the Toffee fans.

    By the way Scott the legend you Utd fans call Ole Gunnar Solskjær was growing up supporting Liverpool as was John Oh Shit so if you can call him a legend, i think we can our Carragher a legend……YNWA

  29. Well look at that. That annoying turd Scott The Red seems to have fled. Shows that he has at least half a brain lodged in his arse seeing as he made a wise choice. Don’t argue with logic, Scotty boy.

  30. Funny stuff considering when stevie me wanted leave for chelsea you ppl insulted the crap outer him, sent him threaten letters and burnt gerrard shirts in public before kissing his arse once he did a u-turn, relizing he be a bench boy at the bridge…kuyt, babel, ngog, you heavily booed and insulted all of them, you begged heinze to join you thou an enemy, hated barmby and let rip at fowler when returned w/ leeds..you no legs stand on because your the worst fans in the world for backstabbing, gloryhunting.

  31. Whether it was a minority or a majority who turned on Michael Owen, one thing came through very clearly. Carragher was spot on when he lamented the loss of class and dignity at Anfield.

  32. haha shut up you blue nose scum. Clearly know absolutely nothing about Liverpool other than what your bender friends from the shed have told you.

    I like the way you can’t even try and argue any points anyone else has said, instead you just spew more bull in a last shockingly poor effort to out maneouever us.

    Even that dirty manure fan argues back, shows how idiotic you have to be to support Everton.

    As they say, What’s the difference between Everton and the compass? The compass has more points.

  33. Got to laugh at all these obsessed Mancs!

    And they don’t half talk some shit. I was at the game and there must’ve been 50 people booing Owen. That’s all it took. And after the first boo, others applauded every time he got the ball. More people clapped than booed – fact.

    And talk of “Everton fans swelling the numbers” – you fucking retards. There were about 200 of them, if that.

    Your hero is a Scouser.

  34. To all these half wit so called loyal man utd fans – how many was in your thearte of screams when Dossena lobbed Van der Slur for the 4th ?? true and loyal fans my arse your a bunch of glory hunters who only starting following Man Utd in 1993. 5 times.

  35. The comments have made for interesting Reading! The fact that Everyon AND Man Utd feel the need to insult Liverpool and generally try antagonise is highly amusing.

    As a Liverpool fan to gear just 1 boo yesterday for Owen is a disgrace. It’s NOT the Liverpool way. I also find there is a new generation of Liverpool fans that enjoy a whinge and just don’t get what it means to be Kopites and that goes for local scousers aswell as the out of towners.

    I would like to point out to the united fan who has the most ridiculous opinion I have ever read that when Schmeical to Old Trafford with Man City. A man who was a ultimate legend at Man Utd who they STILL haven’t replaced yet. Gary Neville when given an opportunity to shake his hand openly refused. This is a man that is role model and he didn’t even have the decency to acknowledge a former team mate. The United fans were PROUD that he did this. How dare you get on your high horse about Micky Owens return!

  36. To United Fans: Most of the fanbase is outside the UK. Most are fans because of good advertising. When all you see is United on TV, it’s hard to be a fan of anyone else. Owen won’t feature much this season anyway so no need to fret over one game he played for his best

    To Liverpool fans: You’re not the sh*t you once were. You’ve lost most of the core of your team with the departures of Alonso and Mascherano. Hopefully Hodgeson looks like he knows what he’s doing. He did beat United twice last year HOME and away and went to the Europa final.

    That being said. Carra was/is a great player and will always be remembered by fans of both teams since he’s always been there.

    Chelsea will probably be the team to beat this year. Again.

  37. I would say that Owen era is already over, with the injuries overshadowed him, it will be the last season for him to play for Man U. Anyway, he’s still a great player, we can call him a legend after his retirement….

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