Reina, your truely Scouse not Spanish!

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Reina recieving his Golden Glove

So, Just the other day we saw Spain play Argentina in an international friendly, and Spain lost with  a full time score of 4-1. Our man in net played the first half and saw three shots pass by him and he was truely gutted…

Many supporters have been loyal and told him to stay strong, but ive seen some liverpool fans saying he shouldnt start against Birmingham and maybe after his recent blunders, he should sit a few games to see if our new keeper will be a good signing.

Its not an easy position for Pepe to be in though, to not play a single game in the world cup, not play in many competetive matches for Spain, and then his one chance he gets is a friendly, on the other side of the world  in Argentina’s Capital he must have been tired. The time zone changes and the flights and altitude all have an affect on you as a player and one of the goals against him was because the ground was too soft and he slipped! Not his fault at all, bad quality grass I would say.

So we need to get behind our number 25, because he has saved us and kept us in the running for so many games and competitions, we should never turn our back on him! Out of all the things he could have said to Mascherana after his disgraceful departure, he had nothing bad to say at all and wished him well. Reina is a very respectful, loyal hard working man and I think we all need to stand up and sing his name on Sunday. He only deserves it for all he does for us reds.

He’s Scouse, not Spanish.

Brandon O’Shea YNWA

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  1. We all know Reina is truly world class. Our greatest keeper IMO since the great Ray Clemence, and looks set to surpass him should he continue as he has done. He’s had a few rough weeks, but this is an obvious slip up when you consider he’s been with us for 5 seasons, and won the Golden Glove 4 times! A minor hiccup, he is Mr.Reliable for us between the sticks and I’m sure this will continue for a long time!

  2. Pepe should play every game for Liverpool, when he’s fit, no doubt about it. I’ll always have faith in him. He’s our future captain when Stevie and Carra retire. Love you Pepe, keep your chin up.

  3. Just the suggestion that we leave him on the bench is utterly mental. The fella is absolute class and has been nothing but brilliant for us. Even a slightly off form Reina is better than most keepers. I’d feel very uncertain without him in goal and just his presence gives the four in front of him confidence.

    I honestly think we would not even be the Europa league if it was not for him next season. I’ll bet my house that he pulls off at least one world class save and plays well on sunday.

    Best keeper in the league and a future captain of Liverpool.

  4. Two things,

    1) It’s ‘you are’ not ‘your’.

    2) Reina is a superb keeper probably one of our best ever. That said, I don’t subscribe to all this Spanish v Scouse or English v Scouse rubbish. One is a country, the other is name given to people emanating from the Liverpool area. I’m a big red fan but all this scouse BS is annoying and only brought about my deluded idiots.

  5. It’s silly to judge Reina just by one bad performance. Come on, if you’re a true supporter of LFC, you would know that Reina is world class.

    YNWA Reina. :)

  6. Come on! Who on earth not making mistake. But he should sit back for the new signing to get some game. Recently, sometime you get unlucky day or few months. Let hime rest a while. Pepe always be a world class goalkeeper to me.

  7. Learn to spell idiot mascherana “fail”. call ur self a fan and u can’t even spell a players name that tragic

  8. I’m a bit concerned that there’s a few people who only comment on spelling mistakes and are quite insulting! Seriously guys if you have nothing better to do then insult people then you need to find a new hobby.

    What Brandon is saying is spot on and to even consider dropping him is riduclous! It’s unfortunate for our reserve keepers and it’s a shame Carson never worked out due to Pepe’s class but he’s the 1st name on the team sheet every time, even more so than gerrard on occasions. Last season he was our most consistant player by a country mile!

    Also to touch on the scouse thing. I love it. Anybody who shows commitment to the Liverpool FC cause I considered scouse and I am proud that my club and city have this ethic of incorporation. It has been lost of late by a new generation of Liverpool supporters who don’t quite ‘get it’ but they can be educated. This has been underlined by the fct that ex players like mcmanaman an Owen have been booed on their return. Don’t boo. Do nothing. Not cheering them makes your point. It was a source of pride that any ex play on their return would be cheered. Owen proved himself to be a man only interested in number one BUT despite this he was a good servant to Liverpool until his final few months. I hope when Mascherano returns to Anfield he is given a good reception because he deserves it for the 3 years of effort he put in not the last couple of months where he dirtied his card a bit.

  9. Thanks Kieran, and Antoine and the other “TRUE” supporters. YNWA and our site will never lose credit unless it’s writers start writing posts against LFC or anything showing they are not all red.

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