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Patience maybe a virtue but in many walks of life it is an absolute necessity, the world of football is no different.

As the dust settles and fans reflect on a 0-0 draw away at Birmingham, switching their focus to the Europa League on Thursday, patience is a word that is only going to be heard more often. We can all view games differently and we can all debate on how the beautiful game should be played but the result at the end of 90 minutes is always an accumulation of events. It is why you win and lose collectively as a team, there are multitudes of factors.

There is no doubt that Liverpool failed to set the world on fire, maybe even struggled to find the match but early days it is. As much as we all crave flowing football and every player wearing their heart on the sleeve, some days it just doesn’t happen for one reason or many. Despite an air of positivity creeping into Anfield over the summer in many ways, a learning curve we are still most definitely on and that will continue to be evident for some time yet. The club required wholesale changes from it’s playing staff, through to it’s manager and the on going battle of the removal of it’s parasitic owners. Although they overall mould themselves together, to be in the best long term interests of the club, they simply don’t come without consequence.

The day that new credible owners arrive at the club, regardless of their wealth and even perhaps their ability to secure the services of the likes of an Arda Turan and beyond, the same patience will be required yet again. An away trip to the likes of Birmingham or Stoke is still more than able to throw up questions that don’t get answered on the pitch as we would all like.

Players can play poorly which will always impact a game but a system only works if you have the right players to pull it off, the tactics to back it up and the courage to change the dynamics if they are simply just not working on the day.

It is not our abilities that define us it is the choices that we make and that is something that Roy Hodgson will and needs to take on board as much as any player that takes to the field.

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