Old Toilet, a fortress of bad smell ?

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Numerous managers over time have said that ” Old Trafford is a difficult place to go to ” Well, this would be due to several reasons. For one, if you asked any of the locals, using their directions you would end up in Birmingham. The smell of the place would make anyone with Irritable Bowel Syndrome smell like honey.  Also, the home crowd are an unpleasant sight to look and listen too. We would need to place Jeremy Kyle beside them with a Microphone to reassure our minds that this is reality.

These are small reasons for whatever record Old Toilet holds against other teams in the Premier League. But as it shows on Paper, Liverpool have not fared too well against the causes of nature in the pipes of the much hated stadium.

Premier League Games  :  18

Man Who  wins : 10 games

Goals for Man Who : 26

Draw : 4 games

Liverpool win : 4 games

Goals for Liverpool : 10

Interestingly enough, Liverpool did not record their first Old Toilet win until the 17th of December in 2000. Wouldn’t it be nice to end this decade with another win?

The real key factor for Liverpool dominance is after the 80th minute of the game. Due to some unnatural factor of the home fans getting up to leave, winning or losing. This has always baffled me, but it is a good cause of spirit for the opposing team. Ten minutes is a long, long time ( not counting Fergie time at the end of the game that even baffles Stephen Hawkings ) and anything can amount to it. Robbie Fowler scored 3 goals inside 4 minutes against Arsenal (as we all know proudly ), imagine what can be done in 10 minutes with the right motivation and spirit ? For me, this lack of support from the home fans near the dying embers of the game will be a decisive time for Liverpool, and I cannot stress enough the importance to really pound the enemy to dust.

All in all, I am proud of my club. If we loose today, we loose as much as I hate to fathom it. But, if we play well with pride and spirit, there is not much I ( or any of us ) can complain about. With uncertainly and fragile attempts this season in the League to be who are meant to be, I am looking for more than just a win today. I’m looking for Liverpool.

– Chris Grant

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