(Liverpool Vs Northampton town) My view, i do apologize for the mistake

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Well we lost to Northampton Town and i’m sure i’m not the only Liverpool fan who wants to jump out of a window, and while the players did play very badly Hodgson should be blamed for his selection, don’t get me wrong i’m not going to say that Hodgson should be sacked because its far too early but come on this was most likely are only chance of silverware with the Europa league,anyway back to the team selection.

If you watched Chelsea’s match you would have noticed that they played a young side as did we but Anclelotti get some first team players like Alex,Kalou and Cech and Hodgson should have done the same,well fellow reds lets just get behind the team they need our support now more than ever.


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  1. yup, and chelsea lost..
    but I agree with you, he should’ve played gerrard or meireles or at least put something like torres in the bench..
    in case thing goes wrong, like this..

  2. I am agree with you, I am not asking for Roy’s head now but Roy is responsible for the lost,

    1. Selection, he underestimated the opposition, he didn’t have big names on the bench for emergency,

    2. Substitution, When the team play badly for over 75 mins, he still didn’t sub those who are not perform. He didn’t do the sub at the right time. When he did the sub, the LFC performance improve a lot but too little too late.

    3. Lack of Motivation, (I didn’t able to watch live match) According to the lfctv commentary, he is just sit down there on the bench and Sami Lee did the shouting all the time. At least Rafa is standing at the byline all the time and give instructions

  3. We will never win anything until our players to a man stop following the press and ####### the bum cheeks of Torres and Gerrard. We as a squad need to man up. Every player shouldn’t think they are on the pitch purely to give the ball to G+T and should seriously start considering TAKING SOME RESPONSIBILITY. Tonight’s result is as a result of very week minded players who on occasion were looking for a leader instead of being one.

    Hopefully Roy will ship out and bring in men and Leaders of men.

  4. I do apologive for the mistakes it is 4 am here in abudhabi and I have school in 2 hours and I’m very sleepy, I do apologize again and thanks for the support antoine.

  5. Why do you have kids as your bloggers, I thought this was meant to be a professional website for LFC news? That’s not a fucking match report that’s a shoddy 2 paragraph chat about Chelsea. Unfollowing these guys.

  6. fair enough antoine but as a young writer he has to learn to take criticism just like he is dishing out. All part of the game. Make him a better writer hopefully

  7. Antoine

    Well said, we should show respect, disagreeing is one thing but insults another
    However I must disagree with one point
    Daily Mail and Journalism, have you read it.

  8. lol @ daily mail comment, totally superb. Who cares if the young lad got the team name wrong nothing changes the fact that we lost and were poor!! And if you were like me who paid to go in and see it you would have forgotten that it was Northampton, it was freezing and wet and our performance was probably more befitting a league 2 side than there’s. I think last night proved that Roy is completley out of his depth as manager here, apart from the Arsenal game and the 2nd half against Steau we have been poor at best!! How many chances does Ryan Babel need to prove that he is a player? Answer no more we know he’s not and last night summed it up. Lucas was his usual Lucas self, Ngog is only good with quality around him (Shelvey looks like he could be that) Brad Jones didnt look comfortable and yet he has been playing teams like Northampton for years!!! People say Roys problem is that he has inherited Rafas team, i have never witnessed a debacle like last night under Rafa, not even the famous Burnley FA cup tie./ The problem is tactically Roy has no clue and no concept of what a good player is or how to use them correctly. When Roy goes, which i predict will be before xmas, is that the new manager will inherrit some players who are far worse than the ones Rafa left, Roy has just added to it. Poulsen, Lucas, Konchesky, Johnson, Jones, Babel are god awful players and Jovanovic reminds me of Voronin great start but will get worse. I know its only the Carling Cup but unless we get 2 wins from our next 2 league games then im afraid we will be looking for another manager and another sustained period of uncertainty.

    P.S I think the kids done well to report at 4am how many of you could/WOULD do the same???

  9. We were absolutley awful against Northampton…. There was no hunger, no passion, and most of all NO PRIDE! If we continue to show total support then how are the players and manager to know that we are unhappy with the way they are playing? Hodgson was supposed to bring stability back, but he’s turned us into a long ball team….. If we keep letting these lack luster performances pass without voicing our unhappiness, then we will end up dropping down the leagues just like Leeds Utd…. I for 1 don’t want to be watching Championship football next season…….

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