Kop protests with a male genitalia banner

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I am sure you are all gutted about the result today but more than the result was the way we played. For the 3rd game in a row we were simply awful and only thanks to Steven Gerrard’s determination were we able to salvage a point from it.

Well here is something to cheer you up. As you know there was a sit-in protest after the game and If you missed it a banner was unfurled at the Kop with a male genitalia drawing and the name of Purslow on it. Thanks to @Maldini who caught it on Sky Sports News.

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  1. I don’t think today was terrible. I don’t think the team are up to their best form, but Meirles impressed me, Torres is progressing, and Ngog has improved dramatically since last year (I never thought I’d be saying “oh good, Ngog is coming on….”). I do think we deserved the win, and I’m surprised that nothing went in during the last 20 minutes or so when the reds were on the attack nonstop.

    I also don’t think we are in any serious risk of seeing our club relegated. I’m starting to get worried about the top 4, especially since City beat Chelsea today.

  2. Regrettably, the burger flippers of SoS are at it once again – undermining a Liverpool fan much brighter than they are doing his utmost to secure a sale of the club and get rid of H & G and he hets stick like this.

    Typically pathetic SoS stuff.

  3. cant believe you have published this as a story – lol. i was at the match and the majority of us was baffled by it – purslow has done the job asked of him and is a lifelong red. he oposes hicks and want the right buyer for the club – ps let me know if you want my footage of the protest – i’ll happilly pass it on – YNWA

  4. Purslow is on our side you muppets………Todays game was poor but where did all them fans go at full time approximately 30,000 disappeared leaving about 9-10,000 REAL fans to shout for them, if you`re one of them who left then hang your head in shame

  5. Why still anti purslow? Don’t get it at all, he’s a red albeit now posh (originally from birkenhead) and intelligent…give the guy a break, this is doing us no favours.

  6. Yes guys Purslow is on our side. Just like he was when he sacked Rafa while the man was on holiday. Just like he has provided us with a buyer after all this time. Maybe he is with us just like he was when he refused to give Kenny the job and gave it to some mediocre guy who ALMOST won the mickey mouse cup. You people are probably the ones who jumped on the Sky bandwagon and helped to get Rafa out because you thought there was some world class manager waiting to take the job. I hope the pain you feel today is worth it. You absolutely deserve it.

  7. why they havin a dig at purslow? he is tryin to help us!!
    an ngog gave the ball away pretty much everytime he touched it!

  8. Unfortunately, the real knobs are the ones with this banner. Anyone who has followed the ownership saga will know that without Purslow, Ayre and Broughton, Hicks and Gillett would have leveraged even more debt onto the club to repay RBS.

    If you’re going to protest so publicly you need to get your basic facts right. And target the real scumbags.


  9. I don’t understand the Rafa slagging. Stop blaming past managers! Without him, we would never had gotten Reina or Torres. It was the players who let him down. Which manager doesn’t make mistake?

  10. Think the sons of shankly need to get a grip and get back to reality! Ur feeble protests aren’t going to force the owners out – why was there so few of you then? Lifelong red

  11. I was at the game and the locals on the Kop think SOS are a bunch of dicks.

    Purslow is going a decent job but still tits at the back of the Kop are like sheep, where it really matters amongst real Kopites it is recognised that David Moores is the cause of all this to why we got these Yankee cowboys.

    Until SOS put the Club first and put their egos back in their boxes this protest is fruitless!

  12. It is unbearably painful to understand that Purslow and his friends accepted the most simple interpretation of chauvinistic, British media and prefered the minor manager Hodgson before the fast, attacking, high-possession team Benitez so successfully established. Benitez is a king in exile, just as Ferguson and his dwarfs, Sir Sam Allardacy, Sir Steve Bruce and, I have to fulfil the reflection once and for all, Sir Roy Hodgson, have wanted.

  13. God bless Purslow,Broughton and Ayre they are the heroes in this saga.They are fighting against the owners every single day to protect the club against Hicks and Gillett. They would have leveraged even more debt onto the club to repay RBS without those guys.

  14. Sorry, dont blame mr rafa benitez,he gives his heart and the best to liv, but no have support from Yanks (should ouuutt),and for me Mr Hodgson not good enough and same level with benitez so no more blame to mr rafa, wish him success at Inter Milan …..and lastly i think Paul ince is a right man to be a great manager for liverpool….looks more younger,hungry,ambitious and love liverpool.

  15. Abelish … well said. We should get Paul Ince, so he could continue the damage started by Graeme Souness to the club. Then we all can watch championship or even division two soccer and we will be favourites to win the league. Paul Ince is the man, well said! He has achieved great successes in other clubs as managers as well, and as a player who played for man u prior to killing sometime in liverpool, is a great manager to bring us forward to win league titles. well said!

  16. Attacking Purslow like this is ridiculous.

    I used to admire SOS very much but they come across as very infantile. One altercation with Purslow over minutes and SOS throw all the toys out the pram and go after him – a lifelong redfan clearly trying his best to oust the yanks and rid the club of debt.

  17. The only man responsible for today’s mess is David Moores. I can remember in 2006, DIC & G&H were both for LFC & Moores went for the football (sorry soccer) ignorent Yanks as their offer was more benificiary to him. Now since then Dubai economy suffer a big set back & I doubt currently DIC could compete with Chelse or ManCity, but in 06-07 situation was different. Moreover, historically Hicks is a LBO specialist, takes the sports institution as an asset. His philosophy is simple, purchase with others money, build with others money, for both the expenses ‘ll be carried by the “asset” & finally at a suitable time sell with a hefty commission. Unfortunately, this time the Yanks are caught off gaurd by delaying too long & we are suffering.

    Moores knew all these & yet went for them. CP, MB & YI are the only hope as RBS ‘ll anytime reschedule the lone at slightly higher rate. They know that they can call the loan & sell at the loan value, but as long as LFC supporters are there, club ‘ll earn just enough to pay the interest, which ‘ll be a slow painful death; still with a good salvage value for auction

  18. I’ll use Purslow’s own words here, which are a simple fact:

    “Neither me, nor the board nor anyone else can make someone sign a cheque”

    They are doing the best they can (at least I believe Purslow is) he is a lifelong red and he is trying his best to rid the club of the poor ownership. But he very well cant put a gun to some billionaire’s head and force him to buy it.

    As for SoS, Sajid is right, but there will always be all types of people with all types of different agenda within such a huge fanbase.

  19. We are all anxious for better times so Purslow must not give the RBS any ideas to extend the loan – fans dont trust him AND R H needs to play all out attacking football especially at home – so no Poulson – Blackpool will attack from the startr and we will do well to draw on current form. ATTACK – ATTACK

  20. this is against the spirit of liverpool football club.purslow is a fellow red and he has promised to be against a refinancing deal.no one had to stoop to such a low level

  21. To the guy who says we should install Paul Ince as manager- Just like to know which galaxy are you transmitting your comments from?

    To the people who are backing Purslow-
    1) He undermined Rafa
    2) sacked him while he was on holiday
    3) he was the one who gave Hodgson the job and turned down Kenny when the man was desperate to take it.
    4) If you think he is against the owners then go and look at his statements on transfer money. They read they like a statement from Hicks himself.

    Back him as you wish. Just like some of you decided not to back Rafa and look where it has gotten us.

    Purslow needs to have pressure applied just as much as H+G.
    We probably will be lucky to make 7th this year so I hope the folowing happpens.
    New owners come in. H+G, Broughton and Purslow leave. We replace Hodgson with a world class manager.

  22. abdul, your comments are very ill informed. had your statements been 100% accurate, then they might be valid had rafa done a good job which he clearly did not in his last season. you say ‘look where that has gotten us’ but this was coming under rafa. this is his legacy afterall. you cant blame the decision to appoint roy for the turmoil we are in. i was pro rafa but he did make huge mistakes both tactically & in the transfer market & roy is using rafa’s over inflated and lacking squad. we have only played 6 games 4 of them extremely difficult. there is no evidence to suggest roy is doing any worse than rafa so far. with regards to appointing roy over kenny – kenny is a legend and my favourite ever player in LFC history but he has been out of management far too long and any appointment could have been heart ruling head – we dont want his reputation to be soured. i reckon kenny could do the job but its a big risk to the team and kennys reputation !!

  23. Raffa was and is useless and Liverpool are not the Liverpool of old almost every player we have are not nearly good enough simple

  24. Rafa guaranteed 4th spot last year. It wasn’t entirely his fault that we failed… but he put himself on the line. So, for the sake of his pride and ours it was best for all that he went. Fair play to the man… he should be remembered for all the good times.

    All this blaming is ridiculous. We are not where we are because of any one, two or three people… but because of a lot of factors all happening at the same time. We might as well blame the recession for pulling the plug on h and g’s initial stadium plans forcing them into greater debt!

    The blame game doesn’t have an end.

    Pull yourselves together, lads.

  25. Well, SoS haven’t impressed me, even though I agree with them that we need new owners. After all they (SoS) are really giving us (Liverpool supporters) a really bad name. Like many posters on here before I thought Purslow did a good job securing a new sponsorship deal and so on. Since Share Liverpool have joined up with SoS I stopped backing that project too. Until then I thought it was a well thought-out idea from a sophisticated man, but joining up with that thick bunch that know nothing but generalization left me speechless.

    What I would like to know from you Antoine, how well was it received amongst fellow Reds in the US of A that on Saturday SoS again called for all Yanks out? While I have my differences with the US American foreign policy, I have nothing against their people in general and of course nothing against American Reds. I fear that the actions of SoS give us a bad name and may lead to losing our fan-base in the US.

  26. Yeah, I know, you are from Malta if I remember correctly, but I thought you live in the USA. Don’t you think it is a bit stupid to generalize like that? Thought you were a member of SoS too and seem to be quite clever. Maybe you could have some positive impact on those guys. Ah well, maybe you don’t think such behaviour is giving us a bad name/reputation.

  27. Dear Gee,

    The departure of Benitez in June left behind a serious unanswered question: who gave Purslow the mandate to sack him?
    And on which ground? It seems to me that it´s not so much a question of judge, as a more or less correct attempt to know the truth, behind some of the fans reactions. Without losing sight of Purslows resistance against the American owners, every fan who find the selection of Hodgson hopeless, almost bizarre…, have the right to know. Admittedly, it is easy to blame in oversimplified terms. But unlike the blamers of Benitez who constantly refused to lift their gazes from medias most inadequate and blatant nonsense – Rafas “big spending”, “rotation-policy”, “zone-marking” – to the larger context, the blamers of Hodgson want the truth. Purslow is perhaps a lifelong red but he acted without respect to – maybe – the majority of the fans, many of them lifelong reds too. For the future of the club, and the healing: Don´t ignore them!

  28. Well said Dan from Sweden!
    The people who gave Purslow the mandate to sack Rafa, were some of our fans – fueled by the xenophobic English media – as they can/could not think for themselves. The media frenzy all came about because Benitez ‘dared’ to attack Mr. Ferguson & his cronies Fat Sham, Moanin ONeill & Beach Ball Bruce.

  29. Dan,

    Purslow has the mandate to hire and fire (with board approval) because he’s the MD. Selected by H and G… his job is to do what he thinks is best for the club.

    That’s why he has the mandate and, like it or not, that’s how it is with any business.

    The truth is that Rafa’s guarantee is what caused him to leave Liverpool.

    I liked Rafa… I didn’t always agree with his selections, decisions or tactics. But I liked him and would have been pleased to see him carry on and get the chance to right som wrongs. But I think it would have been very hard for him. The press and other managers would have crucified him for his ‘guarantee’ for every game…. and heaped pressure on the team and the club. Only huge funds could have saved him… and they just weren’t available

    Neither he, nor Purslow say he was sacked… and in reality it doesn’t make much difference. Sacked or not Rafa had to go.

    In selecting Hodgson, again they did what they thought was best…. selecting a man in form.

    Perhaps they should have gone for Kenny – after all form is temporary… class is permanent. However that was a big risk. Hodgson is a safe appointment – not terrible, not great. But good enough.

    The problem seems to be that Hodgson is playing it too safe. He has a mentality where every point matters. However, as we learned a couple of seasons ago… when we drew too many games and lost the title, it’s the three points that really matter at a club like Liverpool. 3 draws is only the same as a win and two losses. Two wins and the points stack up. As does the confidence. But this is a winners mentality… one that Hodgson doesn’t have…. yet.

    A few days ago… after the terrible performance at Birmingham, I broke my self-imposed silence to rant about his cowardliness… but on reflection I wish I hadn’t. He just needs time and to learn some new lessons fast. He has the knowledge and experience to make us strong… all he needs is to find the courage.

    I guess what I’m saying is that we are where we are because of a number of factors… no point in looking for people to blame. And sometimes the truth about a situation changes nothing. The only way we can go is forward even if it looks like we are going backwards sometimes.

    Take heart… it’s always darkest just before dawn and there have been little rays of sunshine in all this gloom – Cole, Merieles, Ngog, Gerrard – a little luck and some good decisions and we’ll be gathering cups in May again.

    Thank God the Carling is in February!

  30. Why the majority of you still fall for this, “he’s a die hard Liverpool fan” tripe as a means of trusting/repecting an employee, whether it be in the boardroom or on the pitch, is beyond me? Weren’t Moores & Parry die hard Liverpool fans??? Look what they did! When will we learn?!

    Were Sir John Smith, Shankly, Paisley, Daglish, Liverpool fans??? No! Brilliant at their jobs first at foremost, which is the only criteria Purslow should be judged on. Please stop perpetuating the club spin & propaganda, everytime they use “he’s a Liverpool fan” to cover up employee inadequacies.

  31. Dear Gee,

    There are managers and there are managers. I am afraid that Purslow and other fans of Hodgson totally lack the understanding of the difference. I saw Hodgson at Halmstad and Malmö and from my Swedish point of view he is still that minor manager: I couldn´t believe they wanted to replace Benitez with him. It is therefore difficult for me to see the rays of sunshine in the dark. You are right about Cole and Meireles, of course, and I wish Benitez could have used their qualities. We have big players, without doubt, and I am sure their individual skills can lead to some good results this season. But we are talking about the ambition to reach, and compete, in Champions League, don´t we? I hope I am wrong but I can´t see Hodgson organize that kind of team at all. Until we have a safer ground I wish him the best, come what may. But as soon as possible we need to find another manager. What always strikes me when I am reading British newspapers is the overvaluation of British managers. I take the risk to disqualify myself on this blog with the opinion that I don´t think O´Neill is an alternative either. For the level of Europa League, perhaps. But for the level, and the propulsive force, of a new Benitez we have to dig in Europe.

  32. Dan,

    I agree that Hodgson has generally been a manager of teams with limited ambitions… but I feel that’s because he has generally been at clubs with limited resources.

    Now he is at a club with massive ambitions, but also with limited resources.
    This has always been the way with Liverpool. We have never really been the biggest spending club and our success has mostly been down to finding and nurturing quality players in a strong, unified environment to make them a team of world-beaters. There is an indefinable quality about Liverpool that is the reason the club is still the best supported worldwide – despite not having the success in recent years to match our rivals. That indefinable quality is drives our love for the team and drives the team on. It’s in the air when we sing YNWA, it’s in the lungs of players like Gerrard and Carragher and Torres when they make a desperate last ditch tackle or an ambitious last minute 30 yarder. It’s what sucks the ball into the net.

    In some respects the Benitez years were very different…. and some may say football has changed. But I believe not.

    Istanbul is proof of that. I don’t think we had one decent striker at the club let alone one the field… yet somehow…!
    Liverpool are a club that achieves miracles on a shoestring.

    Hodgson may not be the right man – but he’s the man right now. He has a shortish contract and, with potential new owners coming, maybe even less time than that. If his record is poor they may remove him and put in another man. I tend to agree that Martin O’Neill is not the one for Liverpool.. I have my own ideas on who that may be.

    For Liverpool fans it’s almost a no lose situation. After last season no-one is expecting too much and if Hodgson can reach into his pants, find his balls and start making some braver decisions. Who knows what could happen?

    Can he turn things around before he gets the boot?

    Well, it would take a miracle.

    But, then, that’s what we’re good at.

  33. One further point to bore you with about that ‘indefinable quality’… :)

    Sir Alex Ferguson, though it pains me to say it, is the greatest modern day manager. He is Manchester United’s version of Bill Shankly.

    Who do they have to thank for his drive, determination passion and will to win?

    Well, Ferguson said it in his own words… “to knock Liverpool of their ****ing perch.”

    This working class, socialist, over achieving club fueled by the power of the people.

    Because Liverpool is not just a football club. It’s an ideology.

  34. No, Gee, the miracle in Istanbul had an explanation: Rafael Benitez, who will continue to dominate Champions League for years from now. But I agree with your moral, that´s why I reacted against Purslow in the first place. Let us turn our attention to Europe to find a socialistic manager with a real understanding of the game!

  35. Gee,

    A short meditation in the night… I saw Inter beat Werder Bremen with 4-0 for some hours ago. Guess in what kind of style! It seems to me that Benitez always understood the limits better than we did, when he had to play without his key-players, and played a fast, attacking, high-possession team when the squad was complete. Other teams had no time! We met them on their own half in a way that was directly opposite to Hodgsons idea of the game. I am an amateur. I don´t try to convince anybody about my knowledge. But I have a strong feeling that Hodgson just don´t see the structures, nor the details, of the game. Benitez could correct Torres movements in a perfect manner. He bought Johnson for his attacking skills, but Hodgson uses him as a conventional fullback, totally against his nature, as everybody knows. And I am afraid that Hodgson has more or less the same problem with every position in the team! Interesting your view that the Benitez years “in some way were very different”. But listen… I followed Liverpool as a boy from the FA Cup-final against Newcastle (3-0) in 1974 until the European Cup-final against Brügge in 1978, in an almost religious way. Then I made a break – a harder reality come between – until the night I had to return for the second Semifinal against Chelsea 2005, not only with the feeling that time didn´t longer exist and that the Dalglish 1-0 goal had taken place the night before, but also, and more profound, with the feeling of an unbroken bond through more than 25 years… Do you understand? Of course you do. We all have our own biographies in this kind of light. What I try to say is that Benitez was the keeper or the protector or what the adequate name is in english… of the bond.

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