In defence of Fernando Torres

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There has been a lot written about Torres’ attitude with some claiming “He is not interested”, the truth of the matter is that Fernando is not 100% up to his level. He was plagued by injuries last season and he is just starting to get back his rhythm, if he seems frustrated at times he is just frustrated with himself that he hasn’t reached the level he is used to.

Even though he hasn’t been at his very best he also has denied the quality of service that he has had in the past. He is probably still adjusting to Roy’s tactical style however it is good to point out that our last five Premier League Games had a touch of Torres in them.

He scored a brilliant goal against WBA, against Manchester United he was fouled in the box (which gave us a penalty) and outside the box (the freekick that Stevie G equalised on). Against the Black Cats yesterday Nando’s shrewd thinking created the goal for Kuyt (Nando could have scored it himself). Then the equalising goal that Stevie G. scored was delivered by no one other than Fernando Torres.

Yes his defensive mistake led to Berbatov’s goal last week however Nando is not a defender.

While everything looked gloomy yesterday I must say that we saw a couple of flashes of the old Torres coming back.

Y.N.W.A. Nando


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  1. Bottom line.. Roy’s tactics of starting with him alone up front leaves him very isolated.

    Worse when the players who are supposed to support him are unable to get the ball to him !!

    Oh.. and there are also the constant fouls on him which go unpunished !!

  2. I like Torres, and I’m sure that he’ll get himself back up to speed, especially once the team starts giving him some decent support. That being said, you can’t brush off that Berbatov goal simply because Torres isn’t a defender. That was a genuine piece of poor play, for which he has been rightly criticized. You don’t defend against the key attacker by standing behind him and then watching him run away from you.

  3. I think he has to pick his form very fast becuase time is running out.we have to also get some players to help him out,and i think wesley sneijder will be the one so let us go for him cos i think he will avialable in janurary or next season.

  4. “Torres is a cheat”, “Torres is a joke”, well, he we go:

    – Torres was the one who awarded 2008 Euro to the spaniards.

    – Torres was the one who awarded 2010 World Cup to the spaniards (or they forgot who gave the goal’s assistence. So shut up Piquet, think all the recent hits on head affected your judgment. Stay out of this, please).

    Torres scored 22 goals in 32 matches (between 2 knees surgeries).

    -In the last five matches Torres scored once and gave 4 assistences – and he’s not at his 100%, be careful when he reaches it.

    And Nando is such a big cheat that he wears Fowler’s number 9!

    Whatever, Torres must be a really bad joke because he only makes a small group of people spread worldwide laugh while the rest of the world crack itself in tears and despair when see him coming… Anyway, I don’t care about what others feel because I’ve laughing since 2007 – call me selfish if you want.

    Plus, Chelsea, Barça, Milan, City…, should love a bad joker too – drop it, he already has an audience to entertain.


    PS: this is not aimed to any Liverpool FC supporter but for the ones that pray everyday for Torres to fail so they can keep selling newspapers, magazines, have something to talk about and mock us ;) .

  5. What do we make of the Gerrard/Torres relationship at the moment? How many times have we witnessed a goal made by one and scored by the other, only to be followed by an embrace between the pair?

    So what happened on Saturday? Gerrard ran straight past Torres to celebrate his goal despite Torres being the provider. Torres simply jogged back to his own half.

    Something’s up.

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