The Game is the Game ….

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Though it was not what we were anticipating as a kick start of the week against Sunderland in Anfield two days back but nevertheless, the big game coming against Utrecht FC could spin the pace around. This game could provide the reds with all the confidence they need to step up. With several big games coming forth , this game could provide the start we all were hoping. And with Roy Hodgson determined to start with the BiG Tripod ( Torres, Raul Meireles & Dirk Kuyt ), it could be a big boast !!

Liverpool has always been acknowledged as the team for big games in Europe. Their very strength being the huge amount of support. All those passionate and selfless supporters who constitute this red army, hold the key to their big success. If you look back at the days, look back what happened in Istanbul, when thousands of liverpool supporters didnt give up singing YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE, what happened in the 2006 FA Cup final when the underdogs were in front(West Ham United) and Liverpool came from behind to snatch yet another trophy to their already prestigious decorated .

We need to stand together, hold our hands up high ,whirl the YANKS out of town and Hail the wind of change around !!!!

You Will Never Walk Alone !!!