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The names of Tom Hicks & George Gillett continue to dominate the headlines when it comes to Liverpool Football Club and as per usual, all for the wrong reasons.

As October approaches, LFC find itself still under parasite control, the eyes of its fanbase and no doubt elements of its playing staff and management, looking more and more in the direction of RBS to see just how much resolve it has in standing its ground. As each day passes, H&G may notice the uprising a little more and the reality that the clubs fans tracking their every move, as Erin McCloskey & Paul Wilson did so well at Deutsche Bank (see article), they still own Liverpool Football Club.

They still control our future, they continue to load more and more debt on to the club by the day, their decisions impact our playing staff and therefore our achievements on the pitch as well as off it. It simply cannot continue, they have failed.

While your average fan cannot force H&G to sell, find a new buyer or make RBS remove them from the club to potentially open the opportunity up at a more interesting level for suitable investors, they can certainly add a little bit of influence, to a few important related mindsets along the way with just a few moments of their time. As Liverpool fans have been reaching for their email accounts to target the likes of Blackstone, RBS and Deutsche bank with a growing degree of success, it is good to remember that a photo also speaks many words.

Back at the end of June, the Liverpool Supporters Union – Spirit of Shankly – launched the “Tom & George – Not Welcome Here” campaign on the back of the successful “Debt, Lies & Cowboys” promotion of awareness, on the clubs precarious position under the American’s control. The concept is as simple as the results are effective.

Not all Liverpool fans, if its their wish, are able to take part in the direct action, like has recently been organised for the Sunderland and Blackpool fixtures, due to living many miles away, even in a completely different country, this process however travels all distances.

Simply take a photo that shows the campaign poster, wherever you are in the world and send it to the Spirit of Shankly. Liverpool are one of the most supported clubs in the world with a fan base that stretches every continent, a photo of you, or a local landmark for example, where ever you are, shows very quickly just how many miles the contempt has travelled for these infamous custodians and their failings. They have fundamentally failed the club, its fans, its traditions and its future.

With millions of fans across the globe, only just over 650 photos exist to date which you can view in the Spirit of Shankly online gallery, you don’t need to be a member to submit your photo, just determined to see Liverpool FC in new, stable, suitable and committed ownership.

Simply print out the campaign pdf from here , grab your camera, take your photo, send the picture to the dedicated email address of and let SOS upload it to the gallery. Take 5 minutes out for the future of the club and to let your feelings be known.

Josh Heron – Cambridge, UK

Erin McCloskey – Empire State Building, New York

Kop Holdings  – Cayman Islands

Rohan Kallicharan, Birmingham UK

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