Hollywood director involved in anti Hicks & Gillett movie, filming in L4 this weekend

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Huge UK Casting Director Dan Hubbard (King Kong, The Damned United, The Bourne Ultimatum etc), is a massive Liverpool FC fan. This weekend he is coming up to Liverpool with Hollywood Producer & Director Mike Jefferies and together they are producing a viral to start a campaign against Tom Hicks and George Gillett. They want them out, nothing to do with them being Americans just, as fans, they will not ever accept the club they love being touted as a product like a soft drink.

They are looking for celebrities and influential Liverpool fans to be involved in the viral. We have lots of people going along already but wondered if was something you’d be interested in?

You would only be needed for 5 minutes. Either Saturday 10am-6pm or Sunday from 9am – Noon at Hope Street Hotel in town.

The viral is building momentum and becoming known about throughout the country, as well as stateside. The following article was in the Daily Mirror on 24th September 2010:
Another viral campaign, from Liverpool fan and Hollywood producer Mike Jeffries, has hit home Stateside, with the New York Times reporting that Hicks and Gillett are sending out a negative image of Americans to the English public. Jeffries, who wrote and produced the Goal! series of football-based films, has started a campaign which has hit the American media with thousands of emails, suggesting that no bank or financial business should lend to Hicks. In it, he cheekily writes: “Dear USA media executive, we love America in Liverpool but…we gave you the Beatles, and this is how you repay us?!
“What happened to the ‘Special Relationship between the U.S. and the U.K.? Are you aware of how Tom Hicks is driving our beloved Liverpool Football Club into the ground? How would you like it if a British ‘businessman’ came over the USA and destroyed the New York Yankees?” The letter was printed in full by the New York Times (you can read it here on: http://poorscousertommy.blogspot.com) and several other huge American newspapers. The campaign will be backed today by the SoS initiative, who are planning a sit in after the Sunderland game, and will then repeat the process for the following week’s visit of Blackpool. In a statement released by the Supporters’ Union yesterday, they called for all fans to join the direct action aimed at driving Hicks and Gillett out of the club.
“We would like as many supporters as possible, to make their feelings known towards the owners during the Sunderland match, using banners, flags and songs,” the statement read. “We ask everyone in the ground to make their voices heard – let everyone know you will no longer tolerate the current owners.
“Following the match, irrespective of the result, we intend to hold a sit in protest. Regardless of where you sit, remain in the ground and make your views heard. Gather at the front of the stand you are in, with flags and banners, and make your voices heard.” While the Liverpool club board is actively attempting to block their owners’ attempts to refinace their debt – which is crippling the club’s finances – manager Roy Hodgson remained cautious about the protest last night. He ran the risk of alienating supporters further, following a dismal week on the pitch, when he suggested that the action could have an adverse effect on his players. “It doesn’t help but is something I’ve had to live with since I came. It is a major issue for a group of people who are very much anti the owners and anti the current people who are trying to solve the situation. I knew the situation existed and it doesn’t help. But it’s often the case when things are conspiring against you there is always an extra thing to come in and make it worse.”

The plan is publish the movie on to You Tube and get as many views on it as possible to keep exposing what Tom Hicks is all about.

Please support this effort.

Also follow @mikejefferiesL4 for updates on the video




  1. They should Use Samual L Jackson

    He’s a massive name and has ties to LFC, if Mr Jackson told me to do something I’d listen

  2. Everybody listens to Shaft. If not, he will shoot the yank balls and smack their faces off the screen in the ending part.

  3. Get Sting, Michael Sheen, John Mccartney as everyone loves the Beatles all around the world get him to sing something with true meaning that will make people listen to us and get these 2 rotten yanks out of our beloved club……YNWA

  4. Malcolm McDowell

    “I’ve always supported Liverpool but I’m horrified that these Americans have taken over. We’ve got Liverpool football Club, an institution, a religion – and it’s being run by people who haven’t heard of Jurgen Klinsmann.”

  5. I Gree with billy samual l Jackson is a big fan of the reds let him spread the word what two scum hicks and gillete realy are darren whittle chorley lancashire

  6. Us fans dont need the movie to tell us what kind of owners those to are ( soon to be were ) but for others it can be good.

    The situation is finnaly getting some media exposure unlike before when all the media seemed to be fixated on Benitez.

  7. Great news! I agree, I’d listen to Samuel L. Jackson’s words! Clive Owen, Daniel Craig, Angelina Jolie, Mel C?? Guess no one would like to mess with that crew ;), lol

  8. I couldn’t give 2 hoots about hollywood actors trying to fight our corner. It makes the whole campaign seem superficial. If fans want to get them out then boycott merchandise, do sit in after games, demonstrations etc. “Angelina Jolie saves Liverpool FC”? No thanks

  9. who cares whether big names are involved or not the fact is if they can help highlight what is going on and get professor bunsen and beaker out then let them, we need all the help we can get cos believe me these two muppets will NOT leave without a fight,yes we love our club and should not knock any help no matter where it originates as long as the end result is what we want and that is YANKS OUT

  10. The genuine fans of the club are doing us proud and I don’t have any problem with our “celebrity” fans doing their bit to heighten awareness across the globe. All things being equal, in a few short weeks, these Yankee carpetbaggers will be nothing more than a bad memory. YNWA

  11. They should Use Samual L Jackson

    He’s a massive name and has ties to LFC, if Mr Jackson told me to do something I’d listen


    i agree with @sink257 above statement

    i say yes let Mr Samuel L Jackson do the hairdryer treatment to the yankees,He is a liverpool supporter himself and i m his fan too

    and when he shout even god close his ears

  12. Samuell jackson is currently filming the new captain america film in manchester if soneone wanted to get hold of him.

    Sadly its probably the kind of thing that would make our ‘owners’ pay attention, rather than listening to actual fans, so its worth a go

  13. Er sorry Zahid, but did you say John Mccartney. His name is Paul, Paul Mccartney. Sorry, i know it’s not really relevant to this discussion, but I am still shaking my head in bewildered disbelief.
    Power to the People (that was a lennon one). Let’s take to the streets and make things happen! LFC is an institution was created by and for, nurtured and developed in not small part by and loved by the people of Liverpool and fans from around the world. In this respect its ownership is merely a custodianship and so when the people speak, we will be heard!

  14. Sorry, I tried to spoke my very best england but the excitement of it all was so much overwhelmed i can not write very best

  15. Awesome!our American owners,daft selfish douchebags are nothing but a bunch of blood suckin disgustin creatures.GET OUT OF OUR BELOVED CLUB!!!u insult us wif ur connection to us,u are a disgrace,a curse,rid us of ur stupidity!

  16. Why don’t these swindlers mosey on down. they have done enough damage to last the next few years. I feel for Gerrard and Torres who have to play along Konchesky, Jovanovic, Poulsen, Meireles, Lucas, Ngog, … that list of nobodies goes on.. We were forced to sell our best players and are left with these mugs. Here in South Africa we will be planning a protest against G+H and posting it on YOUTUBE. The link will be forwarded to all and sundry. Hope these bogooders leave soon and take their 2nd grade players with them.

  17. Why shouldn’t movie stars get involved? Just because they earn more than the players themselves, doesn’t mean they don’t follow teams. Myers for example is a long time Liverpool fan, and both his parents were born there. Give the people some credit you whinge-bags.

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