Liverpool supporters give Hicks Holdings unflattering reviews

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If you go to Google and search for “Hicks Holdings” you will notice that the company has only 1 star (like the Texas flag?). Many Reds have been giving Hicks Holding unflattering reviews, can you blame them?
Many Liverpool supporters want to make sure that no other company or organisation gets cheated by Tom Hicks’ company.

To see the reviews you will need to go to Google and search for ‘Hicks Holdings‘, then you can click on the number of reviews next to the star/s. Google allows anyone with a Gmail or Google account to rate any business by writing a review for that business.



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  1. Been trying to leave a review but it will only let me save it and not post it, any ideas?

    Here’s what I’m trying to put –

    Owned by a lying scumbag who would probably not think twice about pushing his own mother into traffic just to claim the insurance. A vile, obnoxious scab of a man whose greed for money is only matched by his greed for hotdogs, buckets and buckets of hotdogs. A slimy cretin who will rob you of every penny you have and expect you to smile about it. I would seriously advise against doing any business with this poor excuse of a human being.

  2. Why is his website registered in Madera and the phone number is in Canada – what else his he hiding

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