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We had quite a strong team out there tonight in Holland with only one player of any real note missing, but despite this we still didn’t manage to trouble the opponent’s goal that often, which is getting more worrying by the match.

It is true that, in this game, a draw wasn’t a bad result as we are still top of the group and could probably still qualify from the group if we drew the rest of the matches, but it is getting rather frustrating seeing us huff and puff but not actually do anything.

Even Joe Cole is looking frustrated, which can’t be a good thing and as for Fernando, what in the hell happened to him after his last injury? He just simply isn’t the player he was last season.

Perhaps it has something to do with his hair because since he stopped dying it he has stopped scoring. Please someone send him a bottle of peroxide as we want our goal machine back.

To be honest there isn’t much that you can say about this game, it was rather uneventful and, if I am being honest a little boring, but to look on the positive side we got a point and we are top of our group, so there was something good to come out of tonight’s performance, honest!

On another, slightly more worrying note, if I were Ian Holloway I would be quietly confident about playing Liverpool at the moment, as there is every chance that they could get something from the game and not come away embarrassed.

Hopefully though, Torres will find his shooting boots, score a hat trick and we knock them for six, but that is just what I would like to see happen, not what but probably happen, but we can all dream.

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  1. nice one ROY ‘RAFA IN DISGUISE’ HODGSON we went not to lose and you got your point “,what a load of old shi-“as nan would say,i have watched liverpool since 1973 and the footage of games before that and i have NEVER EVER seen them play as bad as they have at the start of this season ,i am in shock and can only say “how the mighty have fallen” .we do have the players to at least go and attack a team it is up to you to convince them that they can do it, FFS let them loose and let them play attacking football cos they CAN

  2. IVE GOT A TEAM FORMATION FOR YOU ,not that i usually do this but if roy played with this formation at least we might go forward with some purpous.
    reina bviously in goal
    kelly , skrtel then agger in a three man back line
    johnson right wing and konchesky or aurelio (when fit ) on the left wing , they can revert to a back four if the opposite winger i caught going forward as johnson reguarly is.
    carra as a defensive midfielder (cos hes can pass better than either poulsen or lucas and looks to go forward from defense as he could be heard tonight against utrecht shouting “keep playing forward”) even though he has lost a yard or two he can still read the play better than those two and is just as quick as they are) with gerrard and miereles infront of him and joe cole with or behind torres ,
    thats what my line up would be and look like but that is just my opinion,others may disagree but it looks pretty fomidable to me and very attacking

  3. i got 3 reasons why he wont be here after xmas,
    1:-he plays players out of position like rafa
    2:-he cant decide what his best team is(we need to play the same first eleven as much as possible so they can gel)
    3:-we will be lucky to be out of the bottom half of the table by xmas the way we are playing(we have less creativity than an ameoba)
    there are a lot more reasons why he won’t be here after xmas but i think these are the most stand out points listed above , we are dire in attack and the defense is just about coping with teams that are not even in the same league as us with the players we have we should be winning well against teams like birmingham,sunderland and west brom (with all due respect), we should not be setting up not to lose against these teams ,

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