Are Broughton and Purslow delaying the sale of the club?

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We are all focusing on Hicks and Gillett however we simply can’t forget Purslow and Broughton. In my opinion they are as guilty as Hicks and Gillett in stalling the sale of the club.

Let us remember that Chelsea fan Martin Broughton was appointed as Liverpool chairman back in April and his job is to find new owners. From what I understand Broughton only spends one day a week on Liverpool matters so realistically he has had about 20 working days so far. From what we read a few days ago the Chairman will make a nice a windfall from the Liverpool sale. I am sure he must be getting some kind of salary in the meantime too.

Remember that is was Purslow who sacked Rafa and he was the one who snubbed Kenny Dalglish while promising him “bigger things”. Where are those bigger things? Did I miss a press release somewhere?
Purslow seems to avoid the media and the only recent interview he gave was to LFCTV so of course this avoided the difficult questions. If I am not mistaken Purslow will not get any severance package when he leaves Liverpool so he is going to milk it as long as possible. He (Purslow) knows that when new owners come on board he will most probably be axed and a proper Chief Executive (someone with football knowledge) will be brought on board. Yes Purslow does claim to be a Liverpool fan but that doesn’t make him an angel.

So Hicks & Gillett out but Broughton & Purslow to follow them ASAP.



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  1. I think you’re being a little paranoid here… I am a RED through and through from the moment I took my first breath and want Scum and Scum-mer gone as much as any real LFC supporter but I don’t for one minute believe that Broughton and Purslow would intentionally delay thee sale of the club unless it is for the benefit of our club. By blocking the June refinancing attempt I think they’ve already proven that they, as we, wnat the best for LFC. I watched the Purslow interview on LFCtv a couple of weeks ago and I must say I believe what he said. He seems a genuine guy. Let us not get distracted by wild goose chases… Hicks and Gillette are the SCUM we have to get out of our club. YNWA

  2. Dont agree…

    We should leave off Purslow until everything is out in the open. This is the guy who Steve Morgan said would do absolutley everything he could for Liverpool.

    Why would Purslow undermine his reputation and ruin the team he supported. If there was a decent offer on the table he would take it.

    Not often I say you are wrong Antione but on this occasion you are mistaken.

  3. I don’t think they are delaying the sale, they are just incapable of doing their jobs. Broughton (the invisible man), couldn’t give a toss and Purslow is looking to stay in a job when the new owners come in.

  4. Don’t talk rubbish.
    Cp sacked rafa but that’s the job of an md. The board would have agreed and none of us know what the players were saying or who had fallen out with rafa etc..
    Broughton was hired to sell the club, not work in admin. I have been to my office twice this year.. Doesn’t mean I have done 2 days work!
    Also, he is reported to be on 500k to complete a take over. Personally I would expect him to want it asap… So the fact that nothing is being rushed is good. Why get more bad owners. Broughton is one if the highest profile business men around. He wouldn’t risk his reputation by playing silly games with Liverpool and getting slated for messing up the sale, when hicks and gillett the 2nd arrive.

  5. No one is going to buy the club as it is. With the loans about to be called in in mid October, why on earth would anyone spend six or seven hundred million now when they know damn well that when the bank takes control, they will be able to buy the club, lock stock and barral, for three to four hundred million, it’s common sense, wait for the bank to take control and grab a bargain.

  6. whats the point in even debating any of this,whether they are doing anything right for liverpool or not , when we get new owners if they do their jobs correctly they will be rewrded if they dont then they will undoubtedly get more stick than the proverbial donkey off all and sundry to do with LFC ,as long as the club is sold to the right people who will sort out the club and finance new players and stadium should we really care

  7. Trival. CP is a red through and through and him as MD we can expect only good things. Don’t forget the bigger picture with the current financial situation worldwide, it makes finding the RIGHT buyers with deep pockets that much harder. If anyone can CP can. MB is a professional and will do his job professionally.
    LFC are going through a rough patch. Who doesn’t in life? It will get better. Keep the faith. YNWA.

  8. So why are you surprised Steve when you say that “Predictable article, one sided view from a site where balance is not understood”

    Objectivity only equals negativity here. Wishful thinking has always been the order of the day

  9. Hey Antoine, unfortunately I agree with some of the reds here. I think no sound minded investor would come in now since they know that in a few days time they can get the club for around GBP300 mn and some change.
    If you were either of them, what would you tell the buyers? ‘I understand that you can buy the club for 300 mn from RBS in late October but please pay G&H 600mn!’ ??
    Kenny Huang knew this and wanted to test waters if he could buy it for 300-350 even earlier, but the G&H Liverpool fantasy was not over by then. As time passes, everyone knows that valuation keeps getting cheaper and cheaper.
    As businessmen, I am sure these two chaps would like to do a ‘good job’ at a high profile project. I think if we pay them in the meantime, it’s only professional on LFC’s part. What I am also sure about is that none of these two guys would like to ‘keep milking’ LFC as they don’t appear really monetarily starved folks.
    Rafa was pissed since the Alonso sale and was going to leave anyway. Most of the fellow reds wanted him gone so I guess there isn’t much to debate there.
    Lets hope these two blokes do a good job at selling the club sometime soon (Oct-Nov) and a load of cash is made available to the boss so that we can buy some real quality players in defense and upfront. More than anything else, the purchase of one or two real big names would infuse loads of confidence in the lads!

  10. lets wait and see, rafa was looking for a way out, it was obvious, he could not admit it but he saw he was on a loser with this board, i dont blame him but on the other hand he needed to go as he made some awful buys.

  11. I can sympathise with all your concerns and realise its your love of LFC that drives you to writing this article.I have no idea what these dynamic 2 are doing but please explain to me why the P R and Comms at LFC is so unbelievably poor – my worry is that there may not be any new owners and that we will go to the wall. Should this happen maybe reality and common sense will return to the crazy selfish overated world that is the Premier League – average cost to see a game in Germany a third of that in England and what was the score again ??- 4 -1.

  12. Agreed AZ. YNWA! Hope the club sells soon. And hope we win tomorrow with Nando netting a couple of scorchers! And hope that puts our season back on track with form that would put the fear of God in the opponents.

  13. Couple of points: Broughton is only(!) receiving his normal bonus for overseeing a successful sale, nothing to do with the price or the circumstances. Plus, why would any serious bidder spend £600m+ now when they could get the club for half that when RBS call in the loans? Rafa had lost the players and so Purslow did the right thing in moving him on.

  14. I am hoping first and foremost that my beloved team turns up tomorrow and finally puts in a performance because so far this season we have under-performed badly.

    Then RBS takes over our club and then the real interested bidders step up and purchase our club and we finally are rid of the evil owners.

    The embarrassment of seeing our name in the bottom three should be enough to make our team really push to finally punish Blackpool and finally get the three points to get us to mid-table and then after the international break we can then focus on beating our current relegation rivals Everton !!!

  15. well i say yanks out or let all liverpool fans show the bank, we mean it and change banks, lets see how much they like hassle

  16. Antoine

    I do understand your concerns but we need to see where we are once the bank has the option to call in the loan. I am not sure about Martin Broughton but Mr Purslow I would reserve judgement on for now.

  17. Steve, the site is extremely balanced, someone expresses an opinion we discuss. You agree or disagree and its published. simple as,I personally think as I always have that they can’t find a buyer because everyone interested are top businessmen and can see the big picture. why pay 600 mill when RBS will prob sell for half that in late October

  18. they are dammed if they do and dammed if they dont,if they do a quick fire sale and it goes tits up then they will be linched along with the dynamic duo,if they take some time to get the right sale and never let what is happening happen again they will also be slated…..

    just because they have been brought in by the owners we all hate then they shouldnt be tainted with the same brush,them all voteing no to any kinda deal were it puts liverpool fc further in the crapper should be a clear indication were there loyalties lie…..

  19. “Purslow is a red through and through”. Yes and so was Rick Parry. The man sacked Rafa and brought in Hodgson with whom we are now officially in the relegation zone.


  21. Antoinne hope your ok mate, you have every right to be sceptical, but i think we should wait but keep the pressure on them. I personally think there are buyers and they want the best buyer not the one who pays the most, thats why RBS has granted them more time, i rather the board find the new owner than RBS. The reason being RBS would have to auction the club if they came in and we could end up with another Hicks or Gillett situation as it would go to the highest bidder, RBS doesn’t want that job because its a really important decision for the future of our club and RBS reputation would be on the line if they screwed it up. So i do trust Perslow and Broughton to do the best job and find the right buyer, they’ve already blocked proposed re-financing packages from the current owners so keep the faith in them. The reason Steve Morgan has stuck up for Perslow is that Perslow was in the meeting when Morgan was going to buy the club only for MOores to back away in the final minute and Moores and Perslow didn’t see eye to eye after that, this is why Moores said he wouldn’t step in the club while Perslow is at the club and the fact that we all hate him for selling to the 2 Yanks…….Sorry if ive gone on……YNWA KEEP THE FAITH, THE FUTURES IN OUR HANDS IF WE PLAY IT RIGHT!!!!!!!

  22. I have never posted before but i want to stick up for you here Antoine, I completely agree. I think Purslow is getting away with murder by hiding being a Liverpool fan and behind the hatred of the American owners. Hicks and Gillet have well and truly shafted our club but what more can they do apart from put the club up for sale and sign their power over to the board. It is only a rumour that Hicks tried to get the money together to buy the club outright remember.
    Here are my problems.
    1.Broughton Purlow and Ayre have just as much say on the sale price of Liverpool as Hicks and Gillet as the sale price has to be agreed by the board. So if the asking price is 600mil then thats what Broughton, Purslow and Ayre want too. All have 1 vote each, so to say that Hicks and Gillet are asking for too much money is just bollocks. Broughton Purslow and Ayre are more responsible for the asking price as they have 3 votes to the Yanks 2.
    2.Why does everybody think that if we get repossessed then we are going to be available for a cut price deal? The banks first priority is to make money. Not worry about Liverpool football club. We are going to go to auction and the board will have no say so whatsoever on who buys us. The bank will choose the highest bidder.

    Purslow has no contract at Liverpool and is trying to stay at Liverpool for as long as he can. He is living his dream, he loved every minute of sacking Rafa. He loved dealing in the transfer market in the summer, buying and selling players and lets not forget that Purslow signed the check for Aquilani when Aquilani had a career threatening ankle injury. Why? Dalglish looks at him in utter disgust when he tries to talk to him during games and for me that picture says a thousand words. And people think those 2 are mates. Doesn’t look like it to me, so it doesn’t surprise me Dalglish hasn’t been given this new more important role they promised.

    Broughton is a Chelsea fan, which is fine. Carragher was an Evertonian. But why couldn’t he come to the game against Chelsea. What was he going to do if Chelsea scored? Nobody would of cared what he did as long as he got Liverpool sold to some decent owners. Lets not forget, Broughton was employed by the bank to sell us. My point is if Broughton can choose Chelsea over us, how can we trust him to act in the best interest of Liverpool and not the bank. He doesnt care about us. He just cares about himself.

    This is the worst situation most current Liverpool fans have been in. With the new media in today society and the rumour mongering it creates, this is when we need our man in command, to answer our question open and honestly, Not answers questions that he has written on the clubs own TV channel. FFS the poor guy interviewing him is his employee.

    Broughton and Purslow are just as much the problem at Liverpool at the current time, if not bigger problems, than Hicks and Gillet, in my opinion too.

  23. Let’s face it, if the team were performing as they should do then this much focus wouldn’t be on the yanks. The players are still being paid (handsomely) and yet we are in the bottom three with no glimmer of improving. Definately we need Statler and Waldorf out as they have put the club in a position I didn’t think I would ever see. Hopefully we can ride it out and at the end of the season our fortunes on and off the pitch will leave us all with something to smile about again.

  24. The Chelsea connection to Broughton is an often tapped upon issue but it has absolutely no bearing on how he operates. Yes, he avoided the Chelsea game, and for good reason. If Chelsea score, you can absolutely guarantee that the camera will immediately line up Broughton for a shot. They know that if they get even the slightest bit of a favourable reaction to the goal then they generate themselves a fantastic little news story, heaping extra controversy onto the club that we don’t need.

    Broughton is a very well respected businessman, and he’s not going to throw that away for the chance to play silly buggers with LFC. A good reputation takes a long time to achieve but it can die in an instant. Only an idiot would take that risk.

    As for Purslow, need I remind you that he secured the type of sponsorship deal that this club should have had many years ago. I’ve seen a bunch of comments over the months relating to how Purslow feels about doing things. Unless people are psychic or trusted confidantes, I’m failing to see how they can make these claims with any factual evidence to back it up. Yeah, he signed off on the Aquilani deal but it was Rafa who wanted the guy in the first place. Rafa made a calculated risk on a player that didn’t pay off. The first point of blame has to lay with him, not Purslow.

    RBS wants their money back, not to use LFC as an ongoing revenue system. Just as with Broughton, RBS are not going to harm their reputation by gutting one of the iconic sporting clubs in the world. Look at the backlash received currently by any financial organisation that is linked with Hicks. Now imagine what would happen to the company that destroyed LFC. That’s a storm that no one wants to face, however big they might be.

    Right now the ONLY bad guy is Hicks. His empire is crumbling and he desperately needs to make a profit from LFC. No one is going to come in on that asking price, so frankly it simply remains a question of whether a new investor will step up now or wait until the RBS takes control. The second option is more likely because it offers the best terms for any potential investor, and a major rule of business is to never pay more than you have to.

  25. Are Broughton and Purslow delaying the sale of the club? The answer is perhaps that you have no evidence that they are. You have nothing substantial to support your claim and your argument seems to be based on the fact you do not trust them.

    I’ve liked some of your previous articles but this wasn’t very good to be honest.

    Another poster, Ianrushsmuzzi, seems to suggest that Broughton Purlow and Ayre could somehow force the owners to sell the club at a price below what they owners would accept. This is fiction.

    He also states Purslow ‘loved sacking Rafa’. My guess is Purslow has not told you this and you have made it up. Also, Rafa left by mutual consent. He could have stayed and forced them to sack him if they wanted a change.

  26. Antoine…I must say that although you are entitled to your opinion, I entirely disagree with you and feel that your article of today is out of order.

    One cannot point fingers as you did even though you must be very frustrated as we ALL are.

    I would be a little more patient and if it is the case, the new owners will surely chuck them out and commence a NEW era for our so much at heart LIVERPOOL.
    Rgds & YNWA

  27. we all want to take the RBS option of taking us over this month..but do the bank really want to grab it from hicks?..RBS keep extending the due date from yesterday to 15th and now 20th…and worst case scenario for us if hicks get some backers to back him up and managed to pay RBS the money he owed them..hicks become our sole owner..we’re doomed..

  28. FAO Antoine.

    Your article rightly questions Purslow and Broughton and their current roles at LFC. It doesn’t go far enough though.

    For all the people here leaping to the defence of these 2 men may i ask have you learnt nothing these past 3 years? Why are you so willing to trust these businessmen, these bankers without analysing the situation properly, their backgrounds and their links with the current owners of LFC?

    I will provide a couple of articles, just a couple of examples now that shed some light on why Hicks and Gillett decided to employ both Purslow and Broughton.

    Firstly this –

    Michael Klein, friend of Hicks and Gillett, was instrumental in BarCap’s acquisition of Lehman Bros two years ago and was the man who recommended the appointment of Martin Broughton as the Anfield chairman in April.

    Then you have a leaked document, received by the SOS supporters union, proving that BarCap/Broughton have been looking for refinancing solutions despite them telling us the fans that the club will definitely be sold this summer.,-BarCap-and-Re_Financing.html

    Klein will earn up to $400,000 (£260,000) in fees from the setting up of the Hicks Acquisition Co II this column exposed yesterday.

    Hicks Acquisition Company II

    Moving on to Purslow and we have this from Thursday, July 3 2008 –

    Hicks has reached an agreement to acquire GPHC, a designer and manufacturer of custom blow-molded plastic containers, from private equity firms The Blackstone Group and MidOcean Partners.

    How many people are aware of the fact that Christian Purslow founded MidOcean Partners, the private equity firm of which has had past dealings with Tom Hicks, as shown above?

    MidOcean was originally formed by the managers of DB Capital Partners to acquire Deutsche Bank’s late stage private equity investments in the United States and Europe in one of the largest private equity secondary transactions completed to date.

    Deutchse Bank? Sound familiar? Hicks? His search for refinancing?

    Join the dots

    People need to see this information.

    I implore Antoine Zammit and the writers on this website and other websites to all share and publish this information.

    Liverpool supporters the world over need to see information such as this, they need to see the links between the board members and the owners.

    Purslow & Broughton are working in the interests of their employees, their associates, their friends of associates, Hicks & Gillett.

    The more we know, the more we understand and the the more we understand, the more we can do as fans to fight those destroying our football club.

  29. These are the type of questions all Liverpool supporters should be considering right about now –

    Do you find it concerning as a supporter that managing director Christian Purslow continues to lie about where the money from transfer sales is going?

    Do you find it concerning that Broughton/BarCap have continued to look for refinancing solutions despite them telling us all summer long the club will definitely be sold?

    What do you make of Martin Broughton being appointed chairman of LFC on the recommendation of Tom Hicks and George Gillett’s good friend Michael Klein?

    What do you make of Klein’s involvement with Hicks Acquisition Company II?

    What do you as supporters make of previous links between managing director Christian Purslow’s equity firm MidOcean and Hicks original acquisition company?

    Christian Purslow was appointed by the owners. What motivation do the owners have for keeping him in his current role if he is fighting tooth and nail for the good of the club against them?

    The current board members Purslow, Broughton, and Ayre are all legally bound to work in the interests of the club. Hicks and Gillett being the two main shareholders are the club, are they not?

    and so on…

  30. i kind of agree with antione what i find odd is the american owners are being penalised as time is going by if they dont meet the bank deadline that is imposed to them hicks & gillett will be fined a hefty fine according to the deadline loan with the bank something is brewing its hard to find out is how come the americans dont decide to cut their losses and walk out because they will own rbs 60 million in penalties if i am correct my other concern is broughton i dont like the face that he is a life long chelsea fan and after all my instants are telling me there will be another agreement with loan extension with rbs because regardless they are makeing 40 million gravy sterlings a year from liverpool so why bother if the club is still meeting the payments all this talk about the bank takeover time will tell i hope im wrong but at the end rbs would give a loan extension once againto buy more time for hicks january comes hicks would sell torres to reduce the dept and maybe they bring in just an average striker well i hope im wrong if that happens i hope liverpool fans just boycott the game day attendance and merchandise because if you dont simple as that your supporting the yanks

  31. Go and read the in depth report on Rafa’s interview at the Irish Independent ( about 6 hours ago ) and then ask this question again.
    The Independent’s article is lucid, concise and extremely informative. Alas like many already I also am mis-trustful of at least one of this duo.

  32. Do not agree, Purslow is a fan and has made a difference in some commercial deals in recent months (some behind the scenes that are not public). As for delaying a sale, we are not selling a second hand motor here, it is a multi million pound business / brand – it can take a number of months and the right buyers must be chosen (look at what happened last time). Also any potential buyers are fully aware of the loan defaults, lowering the value of the club, hence getting a better deal and chance for that money saved used for re-investing in the stadium and squad. Paranoid rubbish…..

  33. Broughton and Purslow will be leaving at some point.

    No need to attack two of three people who have already stopped Hicks and Gillett attempt at least one re-financing package. If |Broughton and Purslow were to go now, who would be stopping Hicks and Gillett doing what they wish, and who would be trying to persuade RBS from extending the loans from inside iverpool football club.

    Hicks and Gillett will be rubbing their hands with glee at this kind of article.

  34. The Board sacked Rafa, not Purslow.

    Broughton was brought in because of his business acumen, regardless of who he supports.

    On that basis, Fowler, McManaman, Carragher, Torres etc etc would never have played for Liverpool because their loyalities lie elsewhere.

    Stupid article

  35. i think purslow and broughton have done what they need to do by stalling any sale of the club knowing full well those 2 yank wankers would default on the loans giving the rbs chance to take over and sell the club at a more reasonable price and more importantly not lining the pockets of those greedy arseholes gillet and hicks

  36. Has everyone 4gotten about the Standard Charter deal. Ayre and Purslow are doing a lot 2 make the club more commercially viable. BTW has anyone read this article. Very interesting.

  37. I don’t think at this level, it does matter which club u support. both MB & CP r reputed professionals, know to balance heart & head.

    LFC couldn’t b sold because of the greed of 2 Yanks. Had these 2 delebarately wanted to delay the sale, they could have done easily by assisting the Yanks to reschedule for some more months in last June or even now. I believe RBS would b quite happy to reschedule for another 9 months (till next June LFC ‘ll be in EPL, & Europa Cup with Tv, gate & sponsorship money confirmed) @ slightly higher rate, rather than taking over & risk a legal battle @ US/UK courts. This type of cases can b prolonged long.

    However, technically u can say that the sale is delayed for these 3 directors. For their veto, there is an opportunity that the Club could b bought at almost half price (money enough to build a 80k capacity stadium) within few months. Who ever going to buy LFC has to b a billionire & they r neither idiots nor impatient. K Huang probably could visualize the scenario & played a bait of around £400-425 mn (not sure) for the Yanks for an even par business for them. This would have given him time to build the squad (& hire a manager), which was probably countered by the yanks by a bully of Kirdi.

    I see LFC to b a fantastic investment prospect. There r buyers, who r just waiting for the right moment. Also, this season new owners can achieve very little by taking over now, or before Jan. They ‘ll wait till issues r settled between the Yanks & RBS.

  38. Antoine, don’t bite to Jaimie Kuntwar’s latest article, he’s just prick who’s so obsessed with getting his own name out there that he just creates arguments with anyone and everyone.

  39. Take 9 points deduction,get rid of Yanks,all is sweet,if Hicks gets in for another 5 years Anfield will be a ghost stadium playing in lower division ……we need these cunts out at all costs……Now.

  40. on broughton would you rush a deal through if you were getting a wedge like he is getting or would it bother you if liverpool are third from bottom of the league if you were a chelsea supporter i dont think so . as for purslow what i read when he joined the club was he was to find sponsers and investment for the club now he is sacking managers appointing managers ( the wrong one by the way)and as some one mentioned he will be the first out the door when new owners come or will he do a parry and sell to some one as long as he keeps his job . yes he has done his job he was brought in to do get sponsors and he should stick to what he came to do not select managers he had the perfect manager there in kenny dalglish and he by past him why because he brought in a yes man some one that is not going to rock the boat but to what detrement to the club in short i do not trust either of them .

  41. Hi Antoine,
    First of let me tell you i had not heard about you until yesterday when Jaimie Kanwar started attacking you. I had known him and his site for a year and during last year I was amazed that how turned any news about Liverpool to attack Benitez.
    Anyway thanks to him I found you. he attacked you again today and said that you had been asking Hodgson to be sacked and called you ignorent. I replied to his article by saying that I had not seen that view in any of your atricles and I reminded him how he used to do the same last year agaisnt Benitez.I was as ever very polite and never used any foul language. well he deleted my reply which shows the measure of the man.
    Thanks to him and his action i found your site which hopefully will be my home as a loyal fan.
    inregard ot above article, i dont agree with you entirely.
    I think Purslow has not done badly. we have storng sponsors and our book would have been well balalnced if we didnt have the debt and debt , is not his fault.
    and the chairman so far had not done anything for me ot say he had been bad. his job is find buyers for the club but the truth is the yanks asking price is not realistic,
    finally if we beleive the papaers, we got to give both some credit as they stop Kick to get a bigger loan to buy out Gillette.

    1. Thanks Mo, although I didn’t approve of Hodgson becoming manager however I fully support him (Hodgson) now that he is our gaffer like any good Liverpool supporter should.

      I support the team, I support the manager however I don’t support the board and certain ex-players either.



  42. well, that s exactly what how i feel about Hodgson and I am with you on all your comments you made.
    I am not supporting the board as they are the yanks’ board but I think Purslow under the circumtances got to get some credit for financial situation not getting worse.
    anyway I am getting ready to go to match.
    chat later

  43. We are now seeing the ‘wise’ decision of Purslow to sack Benitez and replace him with Hodgson. The result? Loosing 2-1 at anfield with Blackpool and fighting for relegation!

  44. So the information goes ignored…

    You were all ignoring the union lads for the best part of 3 years so i’m why am i not surprised.

    Put it on a plate for you.

  45. I at the time, said to those who wanted Benitez sacked that things would get worse as I could not any manager with his calibre come to liverpool with the ownership situation. I also thought if he went many stars would leave Liverpool.
    When Benitez got sacked I wanted Daglsih to be our maanger and never liked Roy Hodgson and sofar I have seen many thingsabout him which I dont like however I still dont want our manager sacked within 7 games in the league.
    I just hope that todays game against Blackpool was the kick in the back side we needed. (if Northampton was not enough)and i hope we start more attacking stlye. Poulson in the middle is far to slow and negaitve to be in any attacking team. To be honest he makes Lucas look a legend. lol
    meanwhile us fans got to get behind our team for next 10 games whatever happens and then if things dont improve press the panic button.

  46. God how sad i am to see liverpool fans demonstrate in the streets around anfield i have seen other football clubs doing it but i never thought i would see the day it happened at our club i am not having a go at the fans demoing its the only way we can get the points across to a board sat in there ivory towers who dont take any notice to the second most important part of the club the fans as for the appointment of the manager he is a nice enough person and is trying his best but his best is just not good enough am afraid and am afraid if we leave him in his positon to long we may be on a downward spiral that we cant get out of at the present moment there seem to be no confidence any were in the team the players dont look happy and the system is negative but the powers that be at the club made the choice and they will have to stand up and be counted and make decisions that need to be made thats if they have the balls to do so and put King kenny in the job he should of had after they made there biggest mistake of there careers sacking rafa . lets hope the yanks cant refinance and the club is sold to the right people who bullet the people running the club in high positions .

  47. Antoine, I understand the frustration you feel most if not all fans do. However did Broughton ever promise us anything? No I’ve heard idiots going on how he promised a sale by the end of August, he never did, he wanted it done by then but it didn’t happen. Who’s fault is this? Not Purslow (I don’t overly trust him) or Broughton (I don’t trust him) but our 2 favourites who’ve broken every promise they’ve made and now want a stupid price. Everything is rummour and counter rummour but I honestly believe we have genuine interest in us, not the media junkies like Heung but serious backers. A simple question for you why would you pay 600 million if you can get the club for 300-400 million if RBS do the right thing and call in the loans. And please tell me which other Chief Executive is a football man? No their job is business and when ex footballers take on the job they tend to fail (Pat Nevin at Motherwell). It’s time to suck it up and pray the sale happens soon, very soon.

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