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Roy Hodgson led Fulham to the Europa League (UEFA Cup) final last season, he was the first English manager to do so since 2006 when Steve Mclaren’s Middlesborough lost to Seville 4-0.

Mclaren was rewarded for the effort with a position to manage England and we all know how that ended up. Mclaren became McUmbrella as Croatia outclassed England and the English outfit didn’t qualify for the European Championship of 2008.

I am not comparing Roy to Mclaren but rather just making a statement and hope that L.F.C. (Christian Purslow) didn’t make the same judgment based on the media hype that surrounded Fulham’s success last season.

You all know that I personally thought that Kenny Dalglish should have gotten the job over Roy however I did support (and still do) Roy once he was named gaffer. Now many Liverpool supporters are calling for Hodgson’s head as we find ourselves 3rd from bottom. But this is Liverpool F.C. we are not Real Madrid, we don’t change our managers more than our Chairman changes his underwear. Also remember that should Roy be fired who will be the one entrusted to appoint his successor? No one other than Christian “The Banker” Purslow and Martin “Chelsea Fan” Broughton, the same people who fired Rafa and hired Roy in the first place.

So by sacking Roy Hodgson all we will be doing is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Hicks & Gillett must go but of course Christian Purslow and Martin Broughton must leave A.S.A.P.



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  1. Id prefer a fresh new begining under the new owners, bring in a new manager (probably O’Neil only one available) sack majority of the team and start again, bar Reina, Gerrard, Torres, Meireles and Cole. Id also like to see the youth given a chance we have nothing to lose now, i know we are not out of the running for 4th spot, but the way things are at the club we need a fresh lease of life something to reguvinate the lads and something fresh and new from our reserve squad could ignite us until January atleast, then we can bring in a new blend……YNWA

  2. You are panicking there was some excellent signs in the second half they were stiff.
    I do not think either Roy was ever the right man but not because he wasnt good enough more so the style he plays was too far removed from what many are used to.
    The other item i would like to raise is leave the board alone at the moment i believe they are the fans friend not foe, if you had to work for those pricks you would be stuck between a rock and a hard place!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I keep saying to whoever listens, this is a season of transition (hopefully). New owners, new manager.

    Roy needs to be given a fair crack of the whip. Objective for Roy should be Europa League qualification. If we aren’t there come next May then Roy would be on shaky ground.

    I am very proud of the way LFC treat their managers. I do not want this to change.

    YNWA Roy

  4. I agree, Antoine, sacking Roy would mean that we would have to wait for another manager to be chosen and then wait for their way of playing to be implemented and bedded in.

    Roy is still the man for the job. I reckon the attitude of some of our players is circumspect and needs to be addressed, not the manager.

  5. MARTIN O NEIL, KING KENNY would be a dream but if he never turned it round it would hurt him more than us, could he handle more hurt, could we as a club hurt kenny.
    so with hand on heart id say M.O.N, isa the man 4uz.
    he has ambitsion, passion, and drive. we need a character,

  6. “Very proud of the way liverpoolfc treat their managers” unfortunately we have not been Liverpool fc for three years, so anything goes now. If they can force out champions league winning rafa then surely removing a Europa league finalist is easier. We have been awful this season, absolutely terrible. Konchesky is never good enough to play for Liverpool, to replace a 21 year old Argentinian left back who has amazing potential with a 29 year old at best left back is insane. The board should have appointed kenny, at least he knows Liverpools values and whilst we are in a transition period, hopefully about to get new owners, employing a manager who has no idea of the Liverpool way and at best is average is pathetic

  7. Doddery uncle roy hasn’t so much ‘lost the dressing room’ as never gained it. I don’t think the players really respect him, his methods or his mediocre cv – given player comments about defensive football. Sure we can soldier on with him until new owners bring in a more youthful dynamic and motivational manager, but god its going to be depressing.

  8. antoinne, I personally think that if Roy goes it’s got to be now. I honestly think kenny has to come in until the new owners do. I remember when he went to Blackburn , they where in a rot and sacked him too late which saw Blackburn get relegated. at the moment we are worthy of our position in the league

  9. how about we lfc fans stop having a go at the manager take a look at our players who dont perform week in week out. howc about us trying to play 433 system

  10. Regards those who are calling for Martin O’ Neill; Why did he leave Aston Villa less than a week before the season started???

    Because he wasn’t promised that funds from Milner’s sale would be pumped back into the team.

    1) Our situation is worse than the one he left Villa under.
    and 2) A manager who leaves his team high-and-dry less than a week before the new season is not the kind of man we need in charge. He gets told no so he throws his toys out of his pram??

    Regards him, don’t think so. And lets face it, there is a rot in our club from the Boardroom to the changing room. This club needs a TOTAL revamp from top to bottom. Until we complete the revamp, any ‘goals for the season’ should not be any more than Premier League Survival.

    Going into the game today, I expected the worst : A loss. From now until May, I expect the worst : Relegation. At this stage, anything more is brilliant. Anything below a mid-table finish is a bonus.

  11. I agree, lets not get carried away about Roy, lets get the owners out and pray that some stability comes to the team. Its going to be a very painful season for us. It seems that anyone can come to fortress anfield and turn us over now and Torres injured again..

  12. I think we should give Hodgson at least another 10 games. sacking him now would make us laughing stock of country and it would not solve our problems. I know Hodgson has made many mistakes so far in the season and he was never my choice but what pleased me today, he came and said blame me and this was a good start so hopefully he should make some changes….
    he should drop Poulson and either drop or move Johnson to midfield. and its time to give kyriagos a chance. he was man of match today and i rarely seen him letting us down when Carra and Skertle have been below their standard. we conceding goals so easly and if we dont solve that then we are going to be much better

  13. eire you have a valid point, but i said once the new owner(s) come in then and only then they should bring in their own choice of manager, because they will eventually want their choice so nows the best time for it……YNWA

  14. Hey Antoine, I am a fan and I have been very very patient with the side. But now we look really doomed! If Roy didn’t understand Liverpool’s style, he shouldn’t have been appointed. My and Our Reds all look lost! Stevie is usually in his own half, Meireles becomes the striker, Joe’s strength is centre but he is shoved to the left.. and these are the only problems that I can understand with whatever limited understanding I have.

    A team with Gerrard, Torres, Reina, Kuyt, Carragher, Cole- we have more international in Jovanovich, Agger etc. etc., even Poulssen, N’gog, Babel, Lucas are not terrible players- should not be on 6pts after 7 games including 4 against Birmingham, WBA, Blackpool and Sunderland!! That’s 12 or atleast 10 points plus atleast a draw against Arsenal, MU and MC should mean MINIMUM 11 and optimistically 13 points from the first 7 games.

    Roy is the manager and man-management and motivation should be a part of his brief. I know people who bring out the bloody best in their teams at the time of adversity; but Roy has been able to display hardly anything above worst.

    I remember watching the Rabotnicki home game on a stream. I was overjoyed by the chemistry between Joe and Steve and the rhythm with which we played (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtQ_WDxVhiM). Agreed that the opposition was not as good, but still atleast that passing rhythm could have been replicated. I consoled myself in the ManC game that we would get better with Cole coming back and Torres finding form.During the worst defeats against the Manchesters (not because of the scorelines but because of the terrible football) I took heart from that game and though we are just one game away from the purple patch. Unfortunately, Torres form is gone with his locks and Joe is so supremely misplaced that even when he gets into a good area, he is so surprised that he misses it.

    I remember Stevie G turning around games almost single handedly – one inspired goal, a killer pass, some motivating gesture- but these days the performance is so bad it’s almost infectious. Still, Stevie, Johnson, Kuyt and to half (maybe quarter) an extent Torres have been the one above rest.

    As per qualification to CL, I guess we would need atleast 70 to have a chance although the league is closer this year and the points may come down for 3rd and 4th. Assuming it’s 70, we have 93 left and 64 to go. That means, a maximum of 10 losses. Considering our form, we have games against Spurs (2), MUFC (1), CFC (2), Arsenal (1), MCFC (1) that we can/might/would lost. In the remaining 24 games, we have a margin of only 9 points! To top it, the treatment of 9 point penalty is unclear and should it be imposed, CL qualification is smoked to say the least; I’d be surprised if we finish above 11th/12th.

    What would that mean? No European football would mean Torres is definitely gone. His most expensive time (when he commands the biggest money, biggest wage, biggest club) is now. He is not going to risk another year with mid-tablers even though there might be funds available by then. Stevie would like to play a couple of years in Champions League before retiring so might move too (I personally doubt it since he wants to be a part of Liverpool folklore). Reina would definitely go as well. Translate- even the year after next looks unlikely for CL football unless there are ManC like funds coming in.

    Personally, my son is 3+ now and understands some football and loves Liverpool since that’s the only name his father has taught him (honestly, that’s the only club worth knowing). In a couple of years, he would be 5 and would understand more of football and would talk about it in school and around with his friends. I don’t want him to pick any other club for the fear of taunts between peers or simply because he saw more of other clubs (just like a lot of young kids pick Chelsea these days).

    So, Roy or no Roy, i beg LFC to give my son a fair chance to love something that his father is crazy about… PLEASE!!


  15. Get King Kenny in Now!!!!

    why play poulsen… why was the team set defensive… babel wasnt on the bench, atleast he attacking minded… give him consistent playing time he will be world class,

    Johnson Carragher Kyrgiakos Skrtel

    Gerrard Meireles

    Kuyt Jovanovic



    And if torres gets injured or subbed… fuck off with the whole ngog bull shit and put babel up there.

    another thing move johnson to right midfield already… we then can use kuyt for what he best at…. fucking striker.

    or maybe this…


    Kelly Carragher Kyrgiakos Skrtel


    Johnson Jovanovic


    Babel/Kuyt Torres/babel

    which ever strike partnership would work consistantly

  16. the owners don’t get paid obscene amounts of money to play football! the players are a disgrace to the badge! most of them do not view it as a privilege to play for such an institution and roy doesn’t have the character to remind them! settling in period or not, new manager or not, ever-so-slight change in tactis (still negative) or not, weare LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB, we BEAT teams like blackpool and northampton for PRACTICE! or we used to at least when we had players with heart and pride and balls! not this bunch of tossers!

  17. Whoever wants roy fondest after yonite should get off the drugs he can’t manage and he is bring ing this club to it’s knees any one right now is better than roy in rafa we should have trusted

  18. Bring in king kenny! roy is making our problems worse he had no high expectations at fulham so he wasnt under any pressure. 7 games into the season and we arnt improving we started off against arsenal and we played quite well but since then its been one big fall the players have no confidence there not chasing the ball there loosing it and giving up. The Liverpool way is showing passion and putting up a good fight and making teams scared of coming to Anfield the famous shankly saying what the website has at the top of the page. “my idea was to build Liverpool into a bastion of invincibility. shankly would not be happy now. roys job is to motivate the players into a winning mentality and lead them forward but that he isn’t doing. it shouldn’t be a hard thing to do because wearing the red shirt is suppose to be all about winning and pride. people are saying give him 10 games to settle in before you judge him but today’s game and what has gone on over the last 2 weeks i think its time to be realistic he just isn’t the man for the job the longer we wait the worse i can see things getting. if king kenny steps in i can see him kicking them into shape and bringing it back to the Liverpool way. Y.N.W.A

  19. It is a sure thing that we are no Real Madrid,but they start to moan for the dumbest reasons.In recent history they have sacked managers who have brought them titles(Fabio Capello after winning the La Liga and Bernd Shuster after winning the La Liga and the Supercopa de Espana,I’d even say Pellegrino who had them second in the La Liga by a little bit only to a much superior Barcelona squad).But the thing is under Hodgson we are not playing anything like a club of Liverpool’s stature should be playing.We don’t press up the pitch and we wait for the game to come to us when I beleive it should be the other way around(that in my view becomes even more annoying when it happens at Anfeild).We are playing more like Fulham and I beg to differ on some of the comments Hodgson made that said that our expectations are to high,we are at least a top 6 side and if we find the manager that can help us overacheive we can win back a place in the top 4.That manager in my eye’s is not Hodgson.With the international break it would be a good opportunity to get someone new in because afterwards the fixtures will keep coming.It would be tough to find a manager cause of our board room state so that is why I think it is time King Kenny sat on our bench again.Only he at his time can bring unity and at least some sort of fire back in our players eyes clearly missing in this years start(I always beleived in Rafa,didn’t want him to go but know after this disastrous start I really don’t beleive Hodgson doesn’t have anything to give to Liverpool nor do we have to take.Another fact is that he is starting to be a little aggressive to the media and is looking a little uncomfotable which is something that shows me that this job was to much for him to take on and he can’t handle the pressure in a club with our stature).I really hope things start to change with the big game against the Bitters.
    Hicks and Gillet OUT

  20. as Liverpool fans, we might have a history of supporting our team and our manager through even the dark times but sitting here with even a candle for light, it’s getting harder and harder to see how we’re going to get out of this funk ..

  21. The gaffer has to understand the roles and best positions of the players he has in order to bring out the best from the team he has.

    At the moment we have problems with right back where glen is susceptible. Glen Johnson should be played in Right wing from now onwards where he can hug the line and his speed, and attacking threat is better made used of.

    We have been playing with too many central players… stevie g, Meireles, Poulsen, Cole, are all essentially central midfielders… Cole performs best in the hole behind the main striker, slightly higher up than stevie g. Stevie G performs best in the centre where he is controlling play and able to run AT defenders , not with his back against them. Meireles is the same type of player as Stevie G.
    We need wingers and that jobs has to fall to Glen johnson and Jovanovich.
    Agger and Skrtel can start claiming the central defenders role as their own as we need them to combat the aerial threats thrown into our box. Carra is needed for his experience and we can play better with a 3 man defence with support from the wingers instead of a 4 man defence where the two full backs are suspectible.

  22. I have been an LFC fan for years. Still is! There is no doubt where our club is headed to. I have personally shifted attention to other leagues to avoid further humiliation coz like it or not our biggest names will be heading out of anfield come January. Everyone apart from us fans is to blame at Anfield. Honestly, I don’t care who leaves right now. Time has been spent for months arguing about the root problems at LFC. Bad owners, lack of funds, injuries, poor investments, poor tactics, lack of depth in squad, players’ manager conflict, transition etc. These are all crap. Bottom-line, we are pathetic, sorry flops and the people suffering the most are us fans.

    All losers should be shipped out of anfield. Allow us to rebuild the once mighty reds. First we need new seriuos owners asap. The rest will then fall into place.


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