DEAR MR HICKS – protest video released

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The Hicks and Gillett protest video has been released. Directed by Hollywood director and Liverpool Supporter Mike Jefferies the film features many stars, fans and Liverpool legends.

Please view the video and share it with all your friends, the objective is to get one million views on YouTube.




  1. Superb Video i hope these 2 money grabbing scum bags see and take note and F*** o*f out of our beloved club

  2. this video made me cry ..liverpool i love u reds till i die i will sing ynwa till the end thank liverpool fans love ur my fam

  3. Should we not be rdirecting the trafic to the you tube site to increase the viewing stats? Or does your video above already do that?

  4. If only the Godfather of our club Bill Shankly was still around, the two plonkers wouldn’t have stood a chance nor would they have got they’re hands on such a prestige piece of British history in our beloved club Liverpool F.C…….YNWA RED TILL I DIE


  5. Get Laurel and Hardy out of our dear club!!!!!! I really wish there was more we could do…bloomin clowns!!!!

  6. Why can we not coordinate a protest across the globe…we know there are Liverpool fans all over the world…at the same time and spread the word in the media..I’m in Canada…I would do whatever it takes from here!!!

  7. Great video. Actually got a little emotional watching that. I’m so depressed about our club at the moment and can’t wait to see the yanks out. Now sod of you money grabbing tossers!

  8. How come the “views” counter of the video desn’t count? It shows 303 since I first saw it a few hours ago

    1. Nadia when a video becomes very popular YouTube caches the page so the actual count is cached too but each view is still counted. The will probably refresh it overnight and we should see a high number in the morning.

  9. I’m a die hard liverpool fan from American and I hate these two. They’re destroying the club’s tradition and heart and giving Americans a bad rep. They need to do the honorable thing and get the f&*^ out of our club!

  10. Hicks and Gillet can never like the Glazer family…own the “humble beginnings and the history of Liverpool Football Club”.

    There have been successive generations of families that have been born, grown up with the club and those that have passed on who this club belongs to…Money comes and money goes, but not this club-It is part and parcel of many family trees.

    I am a Kiwi girl, and I can see from the outside looking in at the pain these two Buffons are causing.

    They want more money, that is whats behind it all.

    Why do you English let this happen in the first instance?
    Its like your own mother or father had been sold off. So, so sad for this club to be put through the financial wringer by all and sundry…Money is the root of all bloody evil, thats for sure.

    Kia kaha (Stay strong), Liverpool.


  11. I’m from Colombia, and since I can remember, I love Liverpool, and I want it back, hope to watch the team winning games, winning trophies, but even better, playing well…
    If you need anything from me and if I can help, here, from the distant Colombia, just let me know…
    LFC Walk on, walk on, and You’ll Never Walk Alone!

  12. Lots of passion in that video. That´s why Liverpool F.C. is such a great club. Today Hicks and Gillet have anounced they are leaving the club. Hope everything changes (slowly but steadily) for the better from now on.

  13. them 2 people should be ashamed to call themselves amercians they have robbed us of our great club and made us a laughing stock in the country.they dont care about lfc they dont know how lfc works they dont know how football works and the passion involved they need to get out of the greatest team in europe and let us get so pride and passion back in to the team they have killed………..GET LOST SO CALLED YANKS…..y.n.w.a

  14. Not much more to add to what has been said.

    You american wankers have been the ruin of our beloved club.

    Simply move out and let us bring back our pride and move forward to where Liverpool belong…….AMONG THE ELITE.


  15. I’m not a Liverpool fan, but this is not the sort of owner any club deserves. I hope for your sakes, and the sakes of English football at all levels, they do the only thing they can and leave, sooner rather than later.

  16. As a Liverpool fan this video is just total cringe.Comparing the situation to raping your family is frankly quite ridiculous.There is nobody in this video who actually makes me think,wow how did they get him/her? Did I see Barack Obama, Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela in this video.No I saw Jimmy Frickin Corkhill from Brooky and some lad from Waterloo Road.Come on.You might as well got Sinbad in.

    I appreciate that we all want the two Americans owners out of the club but hey hello!The club has been for sale and should be getting sold in the next week.Do you think they going to watch this ever! In fact this video has made us laughing stock in the football world.

    A real protest unlike the lets walk down the streets near the club and then realise, oh lets go the game isn’t going to make a blind bit of difference.People in this video with the replica shirts.Where do you think the money has gone when you bought that shirt.Yes the two ‘yanks’ that your telling to leave the club!

    Just pointless egotistical rubbish!

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