POLL : Do you trust Christian Purslow?

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I have created the following poll to try to determine if Liverpool supporters trust Christian Purslow.

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  1. While I am probably in the minority, in fact I do trust Purslow. True, he is a money man without the football experience one would like, there are three points that makes me feel like LFC is in capable hands considering its current predicament:

    1. He is a good money man. The Standard Chartered sponsorship was an excellent deal, and he has done a great job streamlining the business to get the most out of it (at least from what I can see). Keep in mind that LFC would be profitable if not for the staggering debt payments.

    2. His heart seems to be in the right place. He (along with the rest of the board) have stated that they would reject Hicks refinancing. In other words he told his boss (Hicks) that he would block Hicks from keeping his business if he is able. I am sure not all chairmen would do this to their owners.

    3. Considering where LFC is with regards to its ownership situation, I would much rather have a solid businessman navigating the club through to brighter days. If we manage to avoid administration then it would be due in large part to the work of Purslow.

    One of the main negatives against him is that he is not a “football man”. True. And once we get through this tough patch it might make sense to replace him. But for now I support him while he and the rest of the people who work for LFC struggle to save our club.

  2. In short,no,I think everyone who is above management level right now are directly responsible for the mess we find ourselves in,roy carries the can for the league pos,but everything else is purslow,hicks gillette etc,get them out!!!

  3. Did he lie? Why is Rafa only now saying he didn’t want to go? My gut feeling is that this is not black and white but instead some shade of gray. If Rafa had truly not wanted to go it would have cost LFC £16 million to get rid of him instead of the £5 million they paid him. Sure he could have been pressured out, but he flirted with other clubs for a while too before it all came to an end. That at least lends some credibility to it being mutual…

  4. I think.a great poll would be: would u sell torres for 40 million in jan if u wer guarenteed the money for players?

  5. Rafa is a LFC legend for sure, and his achievements will always be remembered. But consider Juventus gave him a 10 day deadline to make a deal while he was still our manager. That tells me he was at least considering leaving. Too many links there for it to be rumor only.

    Anyway, the main point is Purslow. Not my first choice but I trust him to do the right thing for the club in the short term.

  6. Well,i do trust him. He is a lifelong lfc fan. I sincerely dont think he would betray us for money. The one who i dont trust at all is Roy. He is not able to turn things around. I will always stand by the team, but they are so lost with a wrong gaffer.

    Sorry about my english.I’m from China O(∩_∩)O

  7. It doesn’t take a genius to see Rafa loved Liverpool, not only the club but the city, he connected with the fans and we loved him for the majority of the time he was here.

    Only now that he has gone and his ‘adequate’ replacement has taken charge can we see how good a manager he actually was. So I agree with Antoine, I would trust his word over that scummy little fucker Purslow

  8. “Well,i do trust him. He is a lifelong lfc fan. I sincerely dont think he would betray us for money.”
    Tell that to Moore and Parry.

    “Too many links there for it to be rumor only.”
    Yeah, I found many links about the Standard&Chartered Sponsorship Deal too, about who’s involved and who’s not.

    “he is a money man without the football experience one would like” “he is not a “football man””
    Exactly, that’s why he should concentrate on doing the business bits i.e. investments & finding potential new owner ONLY, which, unfortunately, so far, he’s failed.

    “If we manage to avoid administration then it would be due in large part to the work of Purslow.”
    Ermm.. you mean, by allowing the clowns to re-finance the debt? Or through the legal ‘loop-hole’? I never knew about Purlow doing the legal job too. Great!

  9. Totally agree with “The Koz” for me Purlsow is in a very difficult situation having the 2 idiots he has for bosses. The Standard Chartered deal was fantastic for the club and will be in the years to come. Although I agree that the players and manager need to take responsibility, for me its without a doubt the ownership issue thats really dragging us down. You can all moan about the players and the manager but until these 2 are out every team we’re going to be up against are going to really beleive that they can get the points, that on its own is going to make this season extremelly difficult. If Roy turns things around (which I think he will) everyone will soon change their minds about his and Purlsows appointments.

  10. Interesting that H&G have tried to have Purslow and Ayre removed from the board. Think that says a lot about where Purslow’s loyalties lay. Like him or not, without Purslow this club would already be looking at another 2 years with Hicks in control.

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