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Hello, REDs fans, well this is my first write, so before i start writing about what have been said already. ….I’ll start about how i got to love my beloved REDs then later along the way I’d get carried away and let’s see where I’d talk about then. Here goes…. 1987, i was 10 years old, Liverpool signed Johnny Barnes from Watford. King Kenny Dalglish agreed a fee of £900,000 to bring him to Anfield. I haven’t heard about him when he was playing for Watford, but all that changed when he played for the REDs. Digger made the left wing his own at Anfield, i adored, admired, i wanted to be like him, play like him. When i grew older, i read more and learned more about our History and fell in love with the REDs more and more. Along the way i met wonderful and not so wonderful Liverpool fans as well.

The last league title won at Anfield (1994-95), Blackburn won it, and every Reds Fan wished our King Kenny was the 1 managing our club that day lifting the title with the Reds rather than Blackburn. He was there, at the right stadium, with the right fans but with the wrong club. With Jack Walker’s high ambitions, the free hand and unlimited backing(How we wish we had this) all made Blackburn the perfect place for King Kenny to finish his rehabilitation after his near-breakdown at Liverpool. Kenny joined Blackburn in October 1991 and by May, Blackburn had been promoted to the newly formed Premier League through the play offs. In only their third season back in the top division, Jack’s dream was complete as he saw Blackburn Rovers win the Premiership title, at Anfield.

The closest that we have been to winning that elusive 19th, was in 2008-09, yup not long ago in fact, 4 points away ( if not for that goal that should have stood vs Stoke at Anfield, and for Howard Webb for being Manc). But seriously folks, that year we over achieved, i knew we could not possibly go into the following season fighting for the title again like that. We were short handed, we did not get replacements for our top players, hence when the new season starts, with the injuries to players, H&G problems, bad results, it did not look rosy for the REDs.

I am a Rafa fan, i loved him and still do, he stood by his players, and he told off SAF, he is a very good tactician. Yeah, he wasn’t a ppl person putting an arm around any one of our players, but does he need to? But then again Rafa isn’t the type of manager who would need to remind you that you are playing for LFC, the biggest club in the world, with the best fans and they are paid millions for playing in LFC. The players have to be self-motivated and inspired, Rafa was not that type of manager. If he could improve the relationship with his players, would LFC be awesome? Or do we need a bit of, good tactician, good motivator, good 2 way communicators? (players and gaffer). The media was anti LFC (not to mention some past players too), it doesn’t help Rafa, and not to mention the owners and some of our so-called LFC fans. All you see is Rafa’s rant that Dec 2009, but most failed to see that he drove the attention of our Stevie G’s Newcastle party away from the media….class. And you can see that last season, the triangle relationship in LFC was lacking and after the B’pool game, it was nonexistent.

Today we have Roy, he is different, he is good in dealing with players, quality relationship leads to quality communication which leads to success right? But with tactics i hope(A Big hope) that he has some tricks up his sleeve, i will give him time, i will support him coz he is my LFC’s manager. But I do also HOPE that Roy would sit back and reflect on some things that he could have done. I respect Roy, as a REDs fan i am bounded by the holy trinity relationship (Manager-players-fans). Roy is trying to get his players into his system, and only GOD knows when his system will be doing right. He inherited good players from Rafa and other players that he bought as well. Trying to get the players in the system/tactics he wants albeit the difficult fixtures (and easy ones like B’pool?) that we are going through don’t help either. The Reds under Rafa’s system, though not perfect always but effective and efficient most of the time (I know some of you would comment) are something that he should take interest. The Reds we know are good at PRESSURING the opponents (Don’t let the Visitors PLAY attitude), especially at Anfield, high up and forcing them into making errors, during the B’pool game, this was non-existent, well not all the time. Pressing high and hard – and fast from the start (That is what B’pool did instead to us),made it easier to create chances, because errors were forced and especially at the attacking third. I hope Roy, in view of him wanting to play to his system would also take a notice of what our players are good at and play to their strengths. Meireles was never a wide player, he is best suited in central midfield. Stevie was not playing well either, he was lost as Poulsen. Where was our midfield when the 2nd goal was scored? They were in Barca and Madrid……(pardon me I cant help it).

So please Roy, i Hope that you’d:-

1) Play players in their best positions (whether they like it or not) .e.g Meireles in Central midfield not wide. Or Stevie G just behind Torres(He scores more goals down there, statistics don’t lie)

2) Use your players, like Babel, play him and don’t just see him as a striker, (whispering) he can play left and right wing too…..

3) Play your players according to their strengths, your 2 banks of four tactics are OK, but pressure and pressure high, don’t stand off, (whispering)you’d give opponents confidence as it will make them string a few passes….

We would all love to see an improvement, but it is taking too long, our next game will be the derby. The season will only take shape just before X’mas, by then we’ll know who’s fighting for the title and avoiding relegation. So Roy, i am praying and hoping that WE will not do another Blackburn (the one that got relegated, 2 wins from 14 games). I’d still support and cheer my LFC Win lose or draw, with HOPE in my BIG RED HEART……
(Oh GOD please don’t relegate us)

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  1. Can this person even speak in English? Rather dodgy writing. Anyway, this person states the obvious e.g. play Gerrard behind Torres as this is his best position, no shit. Also, do NOT play Babel on the wings, play him up front either on his own or partnered with Fernando Torres.

    I could blog better than this person. The statements they put are rather obvious and/or ridiculous.

    Sorry, poor article this.

  2. good points, valid. But i’m more critical to Roy. He needs more than luck. The new guy’s writing can b improved, but then again it’s blogging mate, u dont hav to hav gd writg or perfect english. Its an opinion n every1’s entitled to. Yup, u could write or blog better than the new guy, n i guess some ppl can manage better than Roy too right? Giv the lad a break, its freelance blogging…. Ynwa Rudie

  3. well, First a post to Michael Miles, I did not know that we are getting for english grammer. so first let me know that English is not my native language so please if you ocrrect mine, please be gentle with me.
    Rudie, I agree with everything you said. I loved Rafa, I warned Fans who wanted him sacked that if we sacked him things would get worse unless we had more cash. I think Roy got to drop Poulson, bring Mierles to Middle and play Gerrard behind Torress.
    Thanks mate ….carrying bloging

  4. I loved Rafa too as he was the best manager we had for years.He made LFC number one team in Europe and now after 7games We are in relegation zone .That’s what happens when you replace a world class manager with rubbish one.The quicker he goes the better.Great blog by the way.Good luck.

  5. Rafa best manager in the world, What liverpool games where you watching?
    The guy absolutely failed at very attribute that he was characterised with. He was not a good tactitian. If he was infact talented at it then he would of realised a long time ago that his substitute decisions were downright appalling and a faster tempo of football was required to do any damage in the premier league.

    Whereas I can now agree that playing Lucas as often as he did was a good idea as I now believe he has what it takes to be a gem in our midfield if given the correct direction. However, decisions like having Kuyt and Babel on the wings, getting rid of Alonso and bringing in players like Maxi and injury prone Aquilani (even though I believe he was actually rather decent, although injury galore did not help the situation) was simply paving a passage away from the top flight.

    People say he made us the greatest team in Europe, one champions league title with a squad that only had pretty much two of his signings in isn’t really totally creditable to him. Although you do have to give him credit for guiding the team there.
    Which leaves myself with the solution that Rafa’s skill with tactics may actually be true, however he seems to of lost his grip with that after the years OR his transfer tactics completely overshadowed and finished his reign off.

    If Rafa was so good as a manager, then we wouldn’t have been faced with a queue to the Anfield exit just before Rafa departed himself. Fortunately for us Hodgson has been able to retain the squad for this season.

    What Hodgson needs to do now is simple on paper, unfortunately we’ve all just got to sit along for the ride and hope the players get their heads into gear before we are faced with another cull and new seemingly complex drawing board.

  6. a post out to Adam Philips, where have you been? planet SCUM? Xabi was not playing well during the 2007-08 season and he wanted Barry to push him and fight for his place. But Xabi as talented as he can be, sulked at it and made a decision to leave after 2008-09, however during the 2008-09 he played had one of his best seasons as a REDs player. Rafa saw an improvement in him and wanted him to sign a new contract but he(Xabi) said he already made a decision. I’m sorry bro, but Rafa brought out the best in him that season and wanted him to stay, but Xabi think otherwise. Xabi with his ego, decided to leave, so we got him at 3o mil. He did not get rid of XABI, for MAXI he was free you numbskull(bought during the Jan window)

    Roy has inherited a good squad, in face a better squad then his former Fulham, but look at us now?

    Rudie, thanks for writing, all good and valid points, and dont bother about people like Philips and Miles. They probably know how to criticise and see the negatives.

  7. @ Michael – Think you’re out of order mate. No point slagging the guy off in his first post, for his language or his observations.

    @ Adam – I was never a huge fan of Rafa because I thought his cold, almost mechanical style of management led more than one player to become disillusioned with life at Anfield. But he took the club to a European Cup and the closest it has ever been to the league title for almost a decade. And I think the manner in which he left – with boardroom squabbles and complaints, at the back of a poor season and with a seemingly weakened team after Xabi’s departure – just added on to the idea that he was a poor manager. Either way, still hope Roy can get the players playing and at least aim for a finish in the league which is not embarrasing, perhaps mid-table or just above.

  8. How did trying to push Xabi out so he could bring Barry in not be counted as pushing Xabi out you?
    You just basically summed it up that way yourself you dumbfounded idiot.

    And how does Maxi coming in on a free change that he was a Rafa signing? Whether we paid Atletico for Maxi or not holds absolutely no relevance as he was still a rafa signing and still a complete and utter waste, undeserving of wearing the Liverpool shirt.

    And I like the way that you try and dive in on one of my points, I’d say two but you seem to of gone off track and somewhat subtely emphasised my point about Xabi so you must be needing a head realigning sometime soon mate.

    And “planet SCUM”… A+ on the insults there lad, sums up your education on all the matters quite comfortably if I am to be honest.

  9. Also I do not recall disgracing Rudie’s first post, if you see it that way then you clearly do have a problem.

    Especially as I do not remember reading anywhere that a man is not entitled to his own opinion on a site that Antoine has said is for Liverpool fans to discuss there feelings and opinions.

    Had I insulted Rudie in any way shape or form? No I did not.
    Had I disagreed with him? To an extent I have.

    I believe the rest of his article is top notch and sure the grammar could be fixed but that isn’t a problem. This is not a professional media site and I doubt any of the people writing here are true journalists.
    His article here was readable and other than his views on Rafa I do agree with him.

    So as I’ve already said, you need your head realigning mate as you seem to be talented at taking things out of context. Remember that bitterness like that “flashboy” is best reserved in the seats of Old Toilet clad in Manure attire.

    Keep up the good work Rudie, don’t let fools like this scare you from posting something that they do not agree with.

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