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I wanted to right this when my thoughts were still fresh.

Just a few weeks ago i wrote an article asking for patience with Roy. If people remember correctly Roy had mentioned “judge my team after ten games”.

We are two matches shy of that figure and no matter what happens in those two games, the first 10 games are, well a disgrace to say the least.

I would absolutely love to be the guy who supported Hodgson in the darkest moment, but im sorry I just cannot do that. I just cannot see any light at the end of the tunnel.

I was one of the most faithful Rafa supports in the darkest moments. But that was because I had reason to believe in him, to have faith in him. The guy gave us Istanbul, he was with us even in the midst of putting up with H&G, his general ideas gave you reason to believe. But Mr.Hodgson has done nothing of that sort so far, i have absolutely no reason to believe in him.

Im just letting my heart do the talking so this article will probably be all over the place. Bear with me.

I dont know if people understand the severity of our situation. Have a good look at the league table, then have a glance at our next few fixtures, im sure you will end up with the feeling that it will be difficult to get points. We loose points now, even if it is earlier on, after fifteen games or so, we would still be in the relegation zone. Have a look up at the table from there and you’ll realise that we will be quite a few points away from the top half, quite a few wins actually. Even if it is ‘early days’, the current situation can be disastrous, if we are in and around the relegation zone mid-November–begining of December then im sorry, the writings on the wall. We wont get relegated, for sure, we’ll probably even climb the table to in and around the top10, but is that enough? That happens, would anyone blame Torres for leaving? Would anyone complaing that the best in the business dont want to play for us?

Take a moment to think about Torres, that man can be the best in the world. His performances have been awful, i blame him, but more than that i blame the tactics. He can be playing for bloody Barca right now, Inter Milan as well. He can be playing for the best in the world. A poor season and he can leave.

Believe me guys, if we stay in the relegation zone for a few more games, then its going to be awfully difficult to get out of it.

Which brings me to what im trying to say, i would love to support Roy, but for our club, we need a change. Heres a chance now.

October 15th was a historic day in our history, a fresh new start, a brand new chapter. NESV know how to handle sports clubs. Im told he did it at Red Sox, and im confident he’ll do it here. He hasnt had the time to settle in, but now he has plenty of time to reflect on the events. He has to sit down and discuss about a new manager. He has the money, he has the resources, we need to make a statement, and a bloody big bold one. We can appoint one of the best managers in the game. Im not going to take names and make this a joke.

You had fans waving flags and singing songs for Benitez, people believed in him. You wont see that for Hodgson. We are loyal fans, but we dont have  blind faith. We need to be proved right, and we’ll repay our faith. Roy hasnt done anything to suggest that hes the right man.

Now is the perfect time for a change. Get a manager in, let him settle in for two months, give him two months to asses his players, then make the necessary changes in January. Frankly, Roy is not that man.

Things are getting from bad to worse. The tactics are a joke, decisions are hilaroius, its not the Liverpool Football Club we know. We need to change, otherwise its going to all end up in disaster.

NESV are the right people, John W Henry is the perfect man for these matters. I have my full fledged faith in him to do the right thing. He said he wants to listen to the fans, im pretty sure hes listening now. A change has to, and will be made.

I have the utmost respect for Roy, but hes not the man to lead our club.

But always remember,

“At the end of the storm, is a golden sky”.

Keep the faith. YNWA.


  1. It’s beyond me how anyone thought any manager in 8 games would rectify the problems that’s been accumulating under the dreadful management of GH and Rafa for more than a decade. Roy may not win us no.19 but he’s the right man to help this club find an identity that will finally see us crowned champions.

    He need to play 4-4-2 with Gerrard and Meireles in the center tho.

  2. As a liverpool supporter for the last 30 years, i have too say that was the worse performance i have witnessed .
    Why are we still playing 4-5-1 ,it did’nt work for rafa ,it has’nt worked for hodgson this season ,so why?????
    torres ,gerrard and pepe can’t do it all .
    What has happened too the liverpool style of football wingers and one touch football died a long time ago.
    I think jan will be intresting then we will see who has heart for liverpool and stomach for a bottom of the table fight.

  3. Konchesky, is really not a upgrade on Insua, Joe Cole is no better than Benayoun, Why sell Reira when you do not have left winger? Why buy Raul, when Aquilani does the same job and the money from Mascherano could have been spent on a striker? What the hell is Poulsen doing at Liverpool.

    Today It was obvious that Maxi is not having a good game but Roy subbed Lucas. Babel came in 8 mins to the end of the game, Under Rafa Babel did very well as a sub,


  4. NESV is based in Boston. Boston has Irish or pseudo-Irish links. Don’t be surprised if we get lumbered with Martin Oneill after Roy takes us further along the road to ruin.

  5. The thoughts here are right. I normally give a new manager 2 to 3 years grace but the stuff we are witnessing is truly disturbing. And it’s not just the results. B last year has awful games but when the main players were fit we looked a dangerous side.

    Hodgson tactics are just not right. Our defence is the worst since Souey was in charge and this team has good defenders.

    To be fair it’s not been easy for him but I just don’t see anything in the team now that’s positive.

    The question of who is at fault when the team plays soo badly game after game. The only playing showing his age is Carragher the rest should be getting better!!!

  6. I totally agree with this article. a change has to be made asap, the players don’t respect Roy , it’s plain to see, nobody knows where they are suppose to be playing, everyone is walking around with the heads in the ground. he is tactically inept , at 2 down he waited 25 minutes to make the first change. I am really worried lads , we deserve to be where we are. we need a spark and we need it now. I’m pretty sure that if we don’t beat Blackburn on Saturday at anfield, I think he should be replaced , and if not then he should walk before he tarnishes his managerial career. I have always believed Roy was a 2nd or 3rd choice manager. we have got the resources now to go and get a hiddink, or somebody of that quality. NESV you said your gonna listen to the fans , well listen now, make a change otherwise you will be running Liverpool in the second tier of football

  7. oh dear, what a perforamance!
    Roy wake up before it’s too late.
    We need aggrssion and flair not defensive mediocrity.
    My line up to turn things around:

    Jovanovic Torres

    Cole Gerrard Meireles Johnson

    Kelly Skirtel Agger Carragher


  8. oh dear, what a performance!
    Roy wake up before it’s too late.
    We need aggression and flair not defensive mediocrity.
    My line up to turn things around:

    Jovanovic Torres

    Cole Gerrard Meireles Johnson

    Kelly Skirtel Agger Carragher


  9. Get rid of him now.Bring our Rafa back.Where is Hansen, Lawrenson.Whelan,Redknap and lots of others who wanted Rafa sacked why they not talking now. Oh maybe because we have british manager now.Inter milan top of the serie A.

  10. As a man city fan, I wish your club all the best and I really mean that. Can I please give some advice we at man city had to get use to new manager nearly every year this does not result in success.
    The new owners will hopefully help turn things round for you good luck.

  11. yes roy must go i think kenny would have been a better choice and still stayed as he knew roy would mess up like blackburn after kenny lets get kenny in for the blackburn game as we can’t let hodgson have more cash in jan. and kenny needs to get us up the table to attract players to fight for a euro place not a dogfight at the bottom

  12. You really hit the nail on the head there – hope (or lack of)

    I hate to criticise a manager so early in his career but look at our tactics, formations and general play: negative, a defensive line nearly level with Pepe’s box, Torres up front on his own so far from anyone else in a red shirt he needs binoculars to see a team mate.

    Like the authour says, “Where is the hope?” Same crushing negative mediocrity week in, week out. NESV are the only chink of light.

    Roy – this is Liverpool. I know we are a few players short of a title challenge, but when you have a decent spine you can’t use defensive tactics that suit perenial survivalists like Fulham.

    Two choices 1) Wake up to this, move the defensive line forward, press the opposition in their half, use your creative players to support Torres and attack teams
    2) Resign and go with what dignity and reputation you still have intact.

  13. Can’t understand what RH is doing managing a club like Liverpool. We didn’t want him in the 1st place & we’re going to get relegated if he stays in charge.

    Why the hell he took Lucas off when all maxi does is turn inside & go back.

    SG is best in the middle so why waste him behind Torres when we need him to feed balls through.

    Playing Torres up front on his own all the time is criminal, & he wont be here next year that’s for sure.

  14. I’m shocked !!!! Not at the result !!! I’m shocked that Roy Hodgdon hasn’t resigned !!!!!! ROY OUT !!!! ROY OUT !!! ROY OUT !!!

  15. I wasn’t considering Roy Hodgson when Rafa left,tbh i really thought Martin Oneill would get the job. For me Hodgson looked totally clueless today, and i’m certain the players aren’t playing for him,he has to be dismissed and now! As for the players, we have a squad who are not good enough, mixed with hardworking players and some sulkers. Torres and Babel are the sulkers, Gerrard and Carra the hard workers, and the not good enough too many to mention! NESV must surely recognise they have to change manager to instill some belief in the lads before we go too far south in the league, i have no suggestions as to who, but would like Hiddink, but is he too old? The fans have called for King Kenny, but for me try Phil Thompson. He has passion, desire and would be ruthless with players if he thought they were below par. He did well in 2001 when Houllier was absent, i reckon Thommo with Sammy Lee as his assistant would do the trick YNWA!!

  16. As always. I’m just fed up of some people… This is not fantasy football throwing formations and throwing player’s names around… This is serious… We 19th after 8 games! Roy doesnt sunstituted once before the 70 minute mark… He just scratches his face and laugh and shake hands after the game and goes out… Is he the right man? Yes for Fulham, is he the right man for one of the biggest clubs in the world? Would Chelsea Barca Real Madrid Inter appoint him? Please think twice and lets not fool ourselves anymore….

  17. we’ve given the British manager a try and he has failed abysmally. Nobody can say that we didn’t give Hodgson a fair shot if he is dismissed following this dismal run of results AND performances.

    We need to cut our losses and move on with a more bold & inspiring manager ASAP – make the message clear to our new American’s that we will not be viewing them in a negative light for immediately getting rid and installing a new (attack minded) manager. I don’t care about his reputation too much, I just want want to see good football on a regular basis again!

  18. We are in the free fall like Newcastle. John if you are listening, please listen to us now. All votes in every site wants Roy sacked as soon as possible – over 85% average. Roy’s a nice guy but we do not need a nice guys now. We need someone who can stop this rot. King Kenny can do this job, as caretaker while we look for someone better. I’m just afraid by the time we make the decision, poor Roy would have done enough damage already. PLEASE HELP US!!!!

  19. Martinmarz: Are you delusional? So Rafa was wrong and this twat who has NO CLUE and has NO PLAN to approach the game and IS HAPPY with the performance after we are defeated by everton 2-0 is the RIGHT MAN? Are you sure you see the games for God’s sake!!!!!!!

  20. I agree with you “Bekim”, the only reason Hansen, Lawrenson.Whelan,Redknap and lots of others who wanted Rafa sacked why they r not talking now is because we have English manager now!

  21. Roy , face up to it…. You have lost the plot. Look at the all the managers around you , even those who are tasting the Premier for the first time , they are playing attractive attacking football scaring the sh*t out of all the big boys. Now you are doing the complete opposite , defending from the word ” go ” and start to play some attacking football when you are two goals down. For the benefit of the world wide suffering Liverpool , please go quietly and admit you are not up to the task. I would gladly accept Ian Holloway or De Matteo at the moment , as I am sure I would see sensible attacking football once again. Lets face it old man ….your time is up !

  22. Roy – If that is our best perfomance then you should retire – no english manager is good enough for Liverpool we need a manager who can spend the money available wisely to buy a squad who can challenge

  23. Woy looks like widow twanky every day and totally uninspirational to boot.Reckon he’ll get sacked coming up to Xmas just in time for the pantomine season. To be honest I’d take the money for Torres. Great striker but the premiership is taking the best out of him. He will continue to be more injured than fit. Can’t see this side getting a win away from home , remember Woy has’nt won away in the Premiership for about 18 months. No amount of time is gonna help this guy!!!

  24. Ragish, countless are the times I’ve heard a particular manager saying “we controlled” the game after having mustered a single shot on goal against a bottom half team at Anfield after 3-4 YEARS (rather than games). Countless are the games when Rafa waited and waited and waited despite having had his game plan found out from KO. Countless are the PL games where he rested senior players to save them for CL games killing any hope of establishing continuity in the team.

    We’re no worse off now than under Rafa, quite the opposite. It’s just that the damage Rafa did to this club won’t be fixed in a few games. It goes deeper than that.

  25. Rafa had a game plan. Admittedly, then Alonso left, he didn’t quite have a plan B, or he had, but he bet on Aquilani coming good early, and Aquilani only started performing well too late to affect his last season. Roy doesn’t seem to have a plan. His signings have been odd, especially in how he used the funds from Mascherano’s sale. He sent Aquilani out on loan (so no money for a replacement), sells on of Liverpool’s 4 best players, and recruits not one, but two central midfielders. What Liverpool needs are strikers and wingers. I think Joe Cole is a good signing, but he really should have then spent on wingers and strikers only. A club like Liverpool needs at least 4 strikers, ,and we desperately need wingers. We could have used Martin Kelly on left back and used the money spent on Konchesky to buy an attacking player.

    And I thought Dirk Kuyt getting injured may actually have been a blessing in disguise (I like Dirk, but he doesn’t beat any players, and he should be used as a backup striker). This should have forced Hodgson to use Babel or a youngster like Pacheco. But no, he brings in even more central midfielders. Use the youngsters (who are doing really well in international competitions) and give some players like Babel a chance in their favoured positions.

    Yes, Hodgson inherited a group of players, but he has made 5 signings (Cole, Paulsen, Meireles, Konchesky, re-signed Aurelio). This is his team now.

  26. martinmax at least we where hard to beat under rafa. don’t get mr wrong I was pissed with rafa last season, but to get rid of him and bring in hodgson was a disaster from the start and it’s proving that. NESV said they will listen to fans, well I hope they cam read our comments because telling you lads we need a change and need it now!!!!

  27. when they brought in Woy I said No No No
    Yes I’ve feel down but when I cheer up you’ll know know know
    We need a new manager but Woy wont go
    They want to make us keep you Woy but just go go go

  28. He has statistically the worst record of any Liverpool manager after eight league games since George Patterson in 1928.

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