Aquilani’s scores his first goal for Juventus [video]

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While we were losing at Everton, Alberto Aquilani was scoring his first goal for Juventus and what a splendid one it was. The “Old Lady” ended up beating Lecce 4-0 in the Serie A game.

After what seemed to be a full season injured Alberto is now in full fitness with the Turin outfit. Officially he is still a Liverpool player however he is on a season loan to Juventus and judging with what I have seen so far I don’t think he will be coming back.

I am still puzzled on why we loaned him out just when he had found his full fitness.



  1. Simply he got loaned out because of the smart manager we have and we have lost him for good! What a waste of money!!

  2. Because Roy is more stubborn then Rafa… He wanted hi pupil Poulsen so he had some support… That’s why… Poulsen 5mil and giving away Aquilani for a season free…. Are we Primark?

  3. I was always a fan of the lad but that incompetent Hodgson needed him out so as he could get one of his fourth-rate cronies in! I bet the football world would pay billions to get the absolute talent of a Poulsen or a Konchesky!
    Hodgson scores again!

  4. He got told that he wouldn’t be getting played every match, so he chose to go out on loan. Steve isn’t getting dropped for him, Raul is looking like the only decent player we’ve got in midfield and Joe is lost out on the left because there’s no room for him in the middle. Alberto isn’t a DMF, so saying he was dropped for Christian is stupid. If he’s dropped for anybody it’s a combination of Steve, Raul and Joe, all of whom are going to be picked ahead of Alberto.

  5. NESV could do more than just the nicey-nice PR/community relations shots/activities round the club & REALLY endear themselves to the supporters by sacking Roy and cancelling Aquilani’s loan deal & bring him to L’pool.

    Loan deals have been cancelled before; surely there must be a clause that would allow for this (assuming we have the right manager and Aquilani wants to play for him, that is).

    A hero will rise…

  6. Roys a senile twat end of discussion……………If Poulsens so good in his eyes why not play him against Everton, if Lucas is off in January why is he getting played? If Babels on his last chance why hasnt he had any football since he said it? If we played so good yesterday and were unluck according to Roy, then why did Everton Boss us all game? We had no plan all we did was play it about our defence then when Gerrard did take it forward they lost it or didnt know what to do with the ball.

    Aquilani was showing some promise at the end of last season after a season of injury he could have started this season injury free, if he wasn’t in Roys plans then why not just sell him instead of loaning him out and bring in a striker or winger, hes just 1 dumb manager, sooner hes out the better and he can take Poulsen and Konchesky with him……YNWA


  7. I think the case here is that we have a small man for the biggest job in the brittish Isles. He bought 2 DMFs, i.e. Poulsen and Raul, and let go of the replacement we had for Alonso. That was one stupid move. I strongly second that we cancel the loan deal with Juve. Secondly, if we cant get Hiddink, Lippi or Del Bosque, then let fire Hodgson immediately and hire Daglish

  8. letting aquilani on loan was one of the dumbest moves by our gr8 and reputed manager.its hightime he packs his bags from anfield along wid all his signings. with all our players back we would hav definetly done far better than last year with rafa.

  9. If Aqua was wearing a red shirt, halfway through the motion of scoring that goal he would have gone down in a heap injured.

    Fair comments though. Roy buying Poulsen was silly, but probably that’s all he thought he could drop for a DM. Aqua is definitely a better attacking player, but RH is defensive inclined, so he was loan out. Mind you, we’re leaking goals like nothing so it’s not really working is it? Masch was still an ahole for leaving, but maybe he saw more in RH than was realised.

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