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Friday’s news of NESV’s completion of their acquisition of Liverpool FC brought with it a renewed sense of optimism….for the future. Any fan who thought finally getting rid of our previous owners would reap immediate results was, sadly, as deluded as our manager when he said that yesterday’s performance was the best he has seen in his time at Anfield. His post-match interviews yesterday, were fiction worthy of the Man Booker Prize itself.

For years now, one of the few compliments Kopites have received from the wider footballing world, has been an appreciation for our collective footballing intelligence. Knowledge of the game has been bred into all of us. It is one aspect of the Liverpool Way. Roy Hodgson’s comments about the performance, our dominating the second half, being unlucky to lose are insulting to say the least. It might not have been pleasant to hear the truth but dont lie to us Roy!

The truth is that Everton were better, played with passion, pace and pride. Of the twenty-two players on the pitch yesterday, only 2 of our Redmen would find their way into the Everton XI. Losing is never acceptable but it is excusable if the team have played with the attributes we have come to expect. Yesterday, we played like relegation candidates. This is most certainly not the Liverpool Way.

Neither is calling for the manager’s head after 3 months, but we can all see it’s not working. There are many players we are told, are magnificent in training but find it hard to reproduce on match day. All I can say is Roy’s tactics must be unbelievable during training, because he looks completely out of his depth in the heat of battle.

The feel good factor of having new owners and derby day should have been enough motivation for Liverpool to put in a display worthy of the wearing the red shirt. At Goodison Park, yesterday, the only pride and passion seen in red was displayed by the away fans. Our players must shoulder their share of the blame too. A wooden display in a wooden stadium.

Roy said judge him after 10 games, well he has had 8 and by the time we kick-off on Sunday against Blackburn, there is a very likely chance that we will be rooted the foot of the Premier League table. Psychologically, the rot looks to have set in already. Two games to turn it round. Blackburn at home, Bolton away, target 6 points. Provided the performances are a genuine improvement on those witnessed so far, a return of 4 points will be acceptable, anything less should be meet with a P45 for Mr. Hodgson!



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  1. His idiocy in making these statements sadly says it all. We aren’t going to dig our way out of this if Roy accepts this kind of performance as acceptable.

    2 more games is a very good chance of 6 less points. The time is now, even though it isn’t our way to call for the managers head, he has with these asinine comments just confirmed that he is not the man to manage our great club.

    Apologies Roy, but man up and let us move on.

  2. God its getting worse week by week and Hodgson is out of his depth.
    We only start to show anty resemblance of passion in attack second half or after we go behind. This is because Hodgson has a strict non flexible defensive bias, based on sitting deep in our own half, holding possition and relying on the front guys to work alone and trying and create a scoring chance.
    This isnt good enough for Liverpool. We arnt a midtable team. But he has us playing mid table tactics week in week out. The first half of every game this season has been pathetic, stay firm dont push on at any cost and hope the break comes. When we move to 442 with the extra attacker we look more fluid. But before we rush out and try and find that guy, we need firstly to find another manager, as this guy cant cut it.

  3. That old man is hopeless, insult the fans’ intelligence with that derby comment. Why do we still need blackburn game? The derby comment should be the last straw for many including me

  4. roy should already have received his P45!!!!!play 8,win 1,drew 3,lost 4!!!why are the board waiting to sack him??????bring martin o’neil or king kenny!!!!

  5. I think even before the game on Sunday. I think Napoli will be his last game . I heard today NESV are speaking to the fans today. well I think they should voice what the majority of us fans think and tell them that Roy is not the man. don’t get me wrong I like the fella but he is tactically inept.

  6. Sorry but hes had long enough, I new before he signed that he wasnt up to it. 35 years as a manager No Trophys and Fulham finished 12th last season!! Kenny in now please, if not Philip Llam or Klinsman, Hiddink, Hitzfeld, Harry Bassatt, Ron Manager, please hurry up dont leave it till Xmas.

  7. If we don’t win against Blackburn at home in front of John Henry, then our new owners will see, hear and feel the wrath of the fans.

    Hodgson has a week. I never thought i’d say this but in some ways I actually don’t want us to win on Saturday because I believe a stay of execution would be just that. Temporary.

    He is finished both at Liverpool and in terms of his wider career. Sorry Roy but you took on more than you could chew – you have never succeeded at a top club and never will. You seem a nice guy but your football, and your players do not fit with the traditions of Anfield.


  8. Hodgson is and always has been a…..fake(35 years of winning ZILCH)………get rid NOW!!!, he even has a big smile for the opposing manager…..AFTER SEEING HIS TEAM HAMMERED!….what a BOOFFON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. echoes the sentiments of the majority of Liverpool fans. Roy can’t use the traditional patience of Liverpool fans as a get of of jail free card. If NESV are serious about listening to the fans they should start by putting in the man the fans wanted and H & G didn’t.

  10. “But the players can’t depend on the supporters lifting them all the time ? Sometimes the players have to lift the supporters as well.” –Kenny Dalglish

    This quote says it all.

  11. I personally think that LFC should lose this weekend because if ever there is a win, Hodgson will continue with his job and we will not get a better manager… and of course I think of riijkaard and this is the right moment to have a new manager…8 matches are enough for a manager to show what he can do for a great LFC team…

  12. if that defeat against everton was our best display of the season as R.H is saying, then imagine what our worst display will be….Sorry but your time is up Hodgson!!!!

  13. I agree with the majority BUT: I don’t mean to be making for even more depressing reading (or maybe not for some) but you could argue that he’s now had 9 domestic games what with the carling cup loss…

  14. The best game we played this season was against arsenal, before your royanistic tactics started to fill the minds of the players.

  15. He has to go. Out of his league. Instead of bringing himself up to Liverpool’s level, he’s bringing the club down to his comfort level – and that’s lower half of the table. He has no plan B. He makes substitutions too late in games to do anything, and even then it’s just changes in personnel – not tactics. When I heard him say “we missed Poulsen”, that was it for me. He’s gotta go, and it has to be now, so a new manager has a few months to assess before January transfer window. C’mon NESV – show some balls.

  16. I’m a Chelsea fan and I love watching Chelsea play liverpool.
    I am also a Boston Red Sox fan. I can tell all Liverpool supporters that Henry’s group is a first class organization. They brought us 2 titles and an organization that is envied in the U.S sports world. Good luck to to all Liverpool fans. It makes me sad to see Liverpool at the bottom. By the way how’s that Joe Cole thing working out?

  17. Roy’s biggest mistake was to retain the services of Sammy Lee. OK for you loyal to the course fans, yes Sammy has been a greate servant, but come on ask one question. Is the football any better than last season, the honest answer is NO, so we have a new manager any nothing has changed.
    Our stile is poor, we can’t keep hold of the ball, we are half a yerds slower than the opposition, it’s got to be down to the way the palyers are being trained.
    I here week in week out, why don’t we get down the live, why are we so slow to break – well this is the way we play, it’s not all of the players fault, against Blackpool we had 11 players all of whom played at the world cup, it’s the training it’s the trainer who’s got to be replaced.

  18. “I thought the shape of the team was good and I thought the quality of our passing and moving was good today.”
    He continued: “We had plenty of the ball in the second half and we were camped out in their half of the field in the final third for large periods.
    “I thought we caused them plenty of problems, but you’re never going to get the really clear one-on-one chances when teams are defending a two-goal lead.”

    WTF Roy What game were you watching!!! because that was not the Liverpool that I know..Since Roy took over every game we have less possession than the other team…at least with Rafa we were a team and were hard to beat….this guys is a Clown give him a red nose.

  19. Irrespective of results, the simple fact is that Hodgson brings a style to Liverpool that can’t believe anyone would be willing to watch. Half of our possession in any match seems to stem from our back line passing to each other. I’ve lost count of the amount of times we reach the final third only to send the ball back to half way because no one was willing to make a run, either with or without the ball.

    Rafa built his tactics around the counter attack and while it wasn’t always great to watch, he at least had the team scoring and getting results. Hodgson seems completely content to aim for a draw in every match and hope that we get a result on the back of a dead ball situation. Is that really the type of football that people want to see at this club?

    Everton have had an equally bad start to the campaign but a strong case could be made for much of it being down to some poor luck. They certainly have played good football.

    This team plays negative, unattractive football with wide players who are wholly unsuited to such a position. I could take a string of poor results if you could claim that we’d had some bad luck or were taking time to gel. Sadly that’s not the case.

  20. If Rafa is to blame then I’m afraid anyone that says that is blind! If Roy is getting this little out of the team then that makes Rafa a wizard with what he did! Rafa built a very good side compared to the likes of Dia and Diouf and tit camara that houlier brought to LFc and that is to name just a few shockers! rafa wasnt perfect but he was half bad either! Get King Kenny in now and don’t wait any longer. Roy can move up stairs if he wants and can do an ambasador role he is 62 years old and doesnt need this and nor do I! We have a much better squad base and set up than when Rafa first took over so we have at least that to be thankful for! We do at least have some quality in the resis and the under 18’s so if the next manager plays it right he could be onto a real winner. Utd are about to implode so this could be our chance to knock them off their man made(replicas retail at £6.99!) Perch!

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