Christian Purslow steps down as LFC’s managing director

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Christian Purslow is stepping down as Liverpool’s managing director however he will be staying on as special adviser with N.E.S.V. in non footballing matters.

NESV Chairman Tom Werner said: “We are delighted Christian has accepted our offer to help us and the club, given his great experience and love for Liverpool F.C. We will now begin a global search process for a Chief Executive Officer.”

“I now look forward to assisting the owners in any way I can at this exciting time as they drive the club forward to a bright future.” Christian Purslow

Purslow said: “I came to LFC to lead the club through a sale process to get the best overall deal including, vitally, the removal of the debt. I am immensely proud of what we have all achieved.

“I now look forward to assisting the owners in any way I can at this exciting time as they drive the club forward to a bright future.”

Many of us Liverpool fans will remember Christian for his brave fight to get rid of Tom Hicks and George Gillett. Unfortunately when it came to football matters we know that he wasn’t so savvy so this appointment will sure make everyone happy.

Good luck Christian.



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  1. Good riddance to that piece of slime.

    A habitual liar and the man who seems to stab everyone in the back. Honesty, integrity and loyalty are alien concepts to him.

    He will never be forgiven for what he did to Rafa.

    Now he and his masters have gone we’re beginning to get our club back.

  2. Bore off. Nobody did anything to Rafa he causes his own demise with some shoking transfer dealings, and even worse man management. He lost the dressing room about four weeks after he lost the plot. Promised fourth (a step back anyway) and delivered seventh (just). He deserved the sack. Hicks and Gillett where lowly dogs but one things for sure, they where rite when they said Rafa took no responsibility for his actions, and why would he when daft fans cant see past here noses.

  3. Sometimes we have to be big enough to say we are wrong – when push came to shove Christian stood with us and that makes him one of the Kop family now.

  4. Personally I thank Christian for what he did in ousting Hicks and Gillett. He was clearly good on the commercial side of things as well- him and Ian Ayre took things forward on that front and I welcome the news that NESV are going to seek his advice on that front. Clearly he was a disaster on the footballing side. One can argue that Rafa’s dismissal was only bowing to fan pressure (or has that been forgotten?) but there is no excuse whatsoever for Hodgson’s appointment. Most of us could see at the time that he was the wrong appointment- he had no CV to speak of. My sense is that this ‘resignation’ paves the way for Hodgson’s dismissal and if so we really have got the right owners in. Now if Hodgson could be replaced by either Rijkard or Dalglish we would see that they really do listen to the fans and do have a sense of what they are doing.

  5. A hero for getting rid of Hicks & Gillett. A disgrace in the way he sacked Rafa and then left us with Hodgson.

  6. Now that his involvement in the club has nothing to do with the players we have on the pitch or the staff we have organising them I am actually happy he is here.

    For all his faults the guy is good at what he does well!

  7. I never had a problem with Perslow to be honest i think he had a hard job to do under the previous owners, and he should be credited as should Broughton and Ayre for getting rid of Hicks and Gillett. However i started to dislike Perslow after he replaced Rafa with Roy. So i hope now that Broughton and Perslow are leaving the new owners bring in footballing people who know the game, and also hope it means Roys job is coming to an end. Looks like Rijkaard will be at Anfield this time next week.

    I heard Roys got to win convincingly against Napoli and Blackburn to stay in charge, but without Gerrard n Torres, Johnson and Kuyt and Agger against Napoli i doubt we get a victory, don’t think we would win even if we had a fit squad. Its time for a change walk on walk on ROY, i hear Steve Morgan might be interested in giving you a job at Wolves……YNWA

  8. I read today that Rafa blamed Purslow for the nose dive liverpool took. I think its because he undermined Rafa in the transfer market forcing him to take players he really didn’t want. Rafa was one Gareth Barry away from having a pretty decent transfer record. Our team would have been so much more solid now if that one transfer could have gone through instead we got Keane who didn’t fit with Rafa’s system at all. That’s my humble opinion.

  9. When any new owner takes over they try do something quickly to please the fans and keep them onside from the begining. Even Hicks and Gillett did when they got us Torres even tho not with they’re own money, so i see John W Henrys team doing the same and replacing Roy and giving the new manager probably Rijkaard 30-40 mill to spend in January……YNWA

  10. Robert Moore, whatever the rights and wrongs of the Barry and Keane situations neither of those had anything to do with Christian Purslow as Crusty the Clown (aka Rick Parry) was in charge then.

  11. i just hope that the new owners are willing to change everything … starting from the manager. riykaard will be the one who brings back the attacking football (needed at anfield at least)… new owners, new manager, new CEO, new players … and new belief for the supporters.

  12. Hopefully we can now start a slow rise back to the top. Two years ago we had a world class team and a world class manager. I would personally welcome Rafa back with open arms.

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