and finally it’s a win but not only that..

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IT’S A WIN and 3 POINTS!! finally! that means we are level with blackburn and fulham stuck on 9 points, only the goal differences r making the difference.. so it’s suddenly looking not that bad anymore.

But what i felt from the start of the game was that the team got it’s spirit, it’s heart, it’s courage back and that is as equally important as the 3 points. It’s just brill seeing Liverpool back to usual. only we could’ve used our chances more, but yeah robinson was just awesome.. The question is though what has changed? (maybe it was gerry singing YNWA before kickoff ;-))

Hicks and Gillett are out! YAY! Poulsen was not slowing the game down! All the players were back to their normal form or even the better! Everyone was fighting and passing and moving and torres got finally some service up front. Gerrard was playing his socks off and was the link between torres and the others. But my MOTM is our greek big Soto! he’s had some brill headers over the last games and it had to go in once! today it finally happened and almost again:-) the knot was untied and unfortunately we were a bit sloppy at the back for just a split second and blackburn- yes diouf- scored.. now over the last few games we had got frustrated and would have lost the game but today we kept fighting and then finally torres scored! :-)

Yes a 3rd goal would have been great but thanks to a good defending and a steady pressure we managed to get our second win this season! yay! :-) now we need to keep this spirit and fight us back up the table!

Now to the big question: Roy out or in? Yes today was brill but we shouldn’t forget the last few games.. what has he done differently? in my opinion roy has just rescued himself a chance to see what the next game will bring. it will be bolton away, so not too hard. If we play like today and use our chances more and win. he gets another chance for napoli and more importantly chelsea. I, personally, will decide after the chelsea game but that says my head, my heart says already Roy out…

So let’s hope our spirit is back for good!

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  1. When we win everything looks fine but when we lose everything looks bad. thats the human nature

  2. there’s no reason that the team couldn’t have been playing with that energy from the first game of the season. It’s too little, too late for me – let Hodgson exit on a high after defeating his awesome opponent, and bring in Riijkaard asap so that he gets a good few training sessions to look at his squad before we play Bolton next week

  3. Did Roy get this formation himself or has he been reading our posts? :D because THIS is the kind of performance we know our team can play! This is the kind of performance that beat Real Madrid 4-0 (at home) and Manure 4-1 (away). This is how we played during the 2008/2009 season. Today the team showed that we HAVE the players who can play like that.

    The main difference: 1. Our defence played higher up the pitch 2. We played a 4-2-3-1 formation 3. Mereiles played in the central midfield position with Gerrard (ooh, they can form up a formidable central midfield partnership) 4. Maxi was a totally different player today 5. Torres finally gets the service he’s been starved of for the past 8 premiership match AND FINALLY……. we played with passion and commitment.

    EVERYBODY wanted the ball. If it were not for the outstanding Robinson, we would have been a few goals up already in the 1st half and definitely ended the match out of the relegation zone. BUT, we NEED to play like this every week. Today the players showed they CAN do it. We DO have the players to do it. Rafa DIDN’T leave Roy with an ‘average’ set of players. Average players DO NOT play like that. But for heaven’s sake DO IT consistently.

    As for Roy, I’m STILL not convinced he should be in charge after Christmas. I STILL don’t trust him being manager of our club. I’m convinced our players can perform, but I’m still not convinced with Roy.

  4. My heart and my head and all my body says he still has to go. Big deal we beat blackburn.Just because we won today he should not stay any longer. The quicker we get a good manager the better.

  5. there was more spirit about the team today but we allowed blackburn too much possession in the last twenty instead of going for the kill..better sides will punish us for showing too much respect..hopefully confidence is improving though and feel good factor is returning

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