The Cape Scouser : Should Roy Go Or Should Roy Stay? You Decide!

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Should Roy Go or Should He Stay

Well now, we have beaten Blackburn 2-1 on Sunday! Once Again Congratulations! Now after making up our minds about Roy, some of us must ask the question we all dread. “Should I have Given Roy What He Asked For, Should I have shut up & waited the 10 league games?” Some of us like myself, got rather impatient, rather quickly. But how can we change our minds after one game, I think many will agree that doing that would be absolutely ludicrous! However, I think we would all be correct in giving him a further 2 games. I think that only then can we tell Mr. Henry & The Rest, with surety, “Show Roy The Shankly Gates!”. So in time, about two weeks, we can all with confidence say, Should He Go Or Should He Stay!!!

The Phoenix Will Always Rise From The Ashes!!!



  1. Let’s see: 8 matches, 2 wins. 2 wins: 1 we were just lucky, the more recent one we played! I still don’t think he the best manager for Liverpool and sometime he talks non sense (to me) and that is really annoying (like he did after Blackpool and Everton).

    Our first fixtures were hard but we lost matches that we should’ve won, so I want Roy to leave in january. I’m not sure if his philosophy has changed for good or if the match against Blackburn was just a glimpse. I’ll explain why I want him to go: let’s assume we win sunday’s clash and beat Chelsea and start climbing up the table, good. But I fear that Roy won’t keep that up and we start losing again – I want a spot on CL or at least EL tittle – only then LFC decides to sack him, when would be too late. Also, I fear that some keys players that aren’t happy with his coaching/playing methods want to quit (relax Reds, I haven’t seen any news this is only what I think – unless all those talks were just BS. – No, I’m not talking about Reina and Torres exit clause as they don’t exist ;)).

    Maybe that’s just me but I don’t trust in Roy (if he stays I really hope that he proves me wrong) and I’d rather see him leaving in january (or even after those 2 next rounds while we still have time to turn the table) than when all hopes are gone.

    Gi ;)

  2. I can’t believe fans are actually debating whether he should go or not! We’ve got the media trying their best to make us into the laughing stock of the Premiership, gossip trying to unsettle the team and now our own fans questioning the manager after about 9 games! Why not try and just get behind the team & manager and help bring back the confidence that will lift us up the table!

  3. He should go now. Two more games wont make big difference. We wont beat Bolton and we wont beat Chelsea so why wait two more games.I’d say get rid of him NOW.Big club like LFC need a big manager not him.

  4. 1 good performance and win doesn’t make up for the 7 games that went before it. 7 premiership games (there’s the uefa and carling cup games to think about as well though) is a bit hasty to judge a manager but Liverpool have been playing THAT badly.

    In his most recent interview he talks about not having unrealistic expectations like winning 7 out of the next 9 games…well, sorry Roy but after the way you started the first 7 that’s exactly what you’ve got to be aiming for, at least! Getting us out of the relegation zone will not be an achievement when you put us there in the first place.

    Roy needs to learn what’s expected of a Liverpool manager, and quick. Smiling and claiming the best performance of the season when we’ve been outplayed, outclassed and beaten 2-0 by the blueshite IS NOT ON.

  5. the team need to build confidence after win .this anti RH campaign is not helping.ok it was bullshit saying everton game was the best we played so far but he was probably trying to convince the players they were improving which resulted in a decent performance against blackburn..see how the next few performances go .. Chelsea will be tough either way..but I think the team needs a bit of breathing space ..only one or two points seperate us from the top half of the table

  6. He said 10 games if he wins the next 2 then it’s looking better , but on the other hand if we lose ! Will NESV have the Guts to get rid of him ???? I don’t think they will , so all this talk of 10 games and then judge him is only his say so and not NESV . I want him out now and my reasons are he is to old to let us build s team around him and his standards , he will not keep going for another 5-10 years . We need to invest in a young attack minded manager who will be with us for many many years , bring on Jamie Carragher !

  7. definitely a GO. I don’t think Roy’s defensive-minded suit us. He’s just defensing without further tactics. That’s not the way top flight team play.


  8. WOY is not good enough for L F C , 1 win in 8 is just not what we would expect from a liverppol team and the facts speak for them selves .. ROY HODGSON is not a clever nor tactitle aware enough to be a MANAGER a the BIGGEST club in British football, he is dragging us down . dont say get behind the manager ( thts wat we need ) , the manager is suppose to give confidence to players and fans alike , he doesnt give confidence to me at all and looking at the players they feel the same .. HE NEEDS TO GO WHILE WE STILL HAVE A CHANCE TO SALVAGE SOMTHING FROM THIS POOR START … IF HE STAYS WE WILL BE VERY LUCKY TO FINISH IN THE TOP 10 ….. ask yourself 1 question ……………WHY WAS HE SO POOR AND SACKED AT BLACKBURN ? … he was a 1 season wonder at Fulham , WE NEED MORE MUCH MUCH MORE THAN A NEARLY MAN ….

  9. Thanks for all the opinions, I cannot say if I agree or not but what what I can say is that Roy is a good manager but he’s not Liverpool quality. Very few managers are but for now, let’s hope NESV will open their eyes and realise that Football is a drastic game(that’s just my opinion) and that calls for drastic decisions.


  10. Roy has over stayed his welcome. My question is what happens if he wins half the games still left in the season does that make him a good liverpool manager??? Answer NO. We don’t want to debate whether we are going to win games or lose them. LiverpoolFC exist for wins games. Now we don’t even know whether we are going to win against Bolton. What a sad state of affairs. Therefore, Roy lacks all the necessary qualities or what it takes to lead us into the brightEST future ever.

    Bye Royieeee. It was lovely doing business with you.

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