Stadium Tour with a Difference: Keep Anfield!

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Recently I booked two adult tickets for the Anfield Stadium and Museum tour.  I only decided to do the tour for the fact I had a friend over from California for the week.  I travelled to Anfield on a Friday with ease traffic wise, which most of you know is an unusual feeling.  Waiting patiently I didn’t know what to expect.  The stadium tour was an eye catching and life changing experience.  I have been to Anfield countless times for games, watching from every stand, stood on the non seater Spion Kop, been to big games, been to “less important” ones; however the tour gives you a different perspective.  People are aware fans come afar to Anfield, however I didn’t understand why there were Arsenal, Everton and even Mancs on the tour.  I do now.

Starting the tour outside Shanks’ statue, the man towers above anyone walking past.  And rightly so.  You get escorted to the Legends lounge in the Main Stand: Paisley, Fagan, Neil, Fowler, Barnes, Rush…the lounge is dedicated to the greatest players to wear the Red shirt and who managed the Redmen.  You are taken into the director’s box for a great view of the ground.  The potential of a new stadium is discussed by the tour staff like it is certainly going to happen.  The concept of the turf being left as a memorial garden in respect for those fans that have had ashes spread.  I also think of the flowers laid for the 96. A walk way towards a new stadium in Stanley Park would be a nice touch, but not enough for my liking.

The old bootroom was turned into a media room to cater for the influx of media into football, the likes of Sky Sports in the 90’s.  Then is the walk into the most intimidating corridor in Football, the “This Is Anfield” sign hangs fearsomely in front of opponents, it hangs backing the Liverpool players.  The home changing room is modest wooden benches, cushioned walls, A/C and that’s about it.  A picture of Shanks turns this modest feel into a luxurious one.  Rafa had a new bootroom built into the changing rooms upon learning the history of the old one, 12 x 12, players can only enter upon an invite from the manager.  The away changing room is not sound proof unlike the home one.  I could only think about the roar of The Kop against Chelsea C/L 2005 Semi Final Home Leg; the passion of the crowd rocking the walls.  Chelsea must of been shaking in the boots.

You are then taken to The Kop via the subs benches and seats.  The middle seat inside the front 5 is the commander in chief’s throne.  Then to The Kop; standing capacity prior to all seater stadiums, 32,000 more than all the other stands combined. WOW.  The Kop was filmed for the first ever MOTD against Arsenal.  The flags, the banners, the singing, the obsession.  The most famous stand in the World without doubt.

Now, for some honesty.  I was all for a new stadium build, brand new shiny stadium, 60,000 plus and all that.  I have dramatically changed my mind.  This is the most iconic, historic stadium worldwide.  The story of Anfield stretches to foreign lands.  A new stadium could not recreate my story, never mind the millions who have visited Anfield over time.  There seems to be every possibility around the ground to allow for extension and regeneration of Anfield.  The club has bought the land behind Anny Road where terrace housing use to stand.  Sadly many of the houses behind the Centenary are derelict.  I pray that our new owner John Henry is conducting his due diligence in order to protect and redevelop the greatest stadium not only in World Football, but in Sport; whilst at the same time, looking at helping the area around Anfield. I can’t make Sunday’s game due to working 7 days a week.  Sunday away at Bolton was a free day and I got to the Reebok, bouncing to the Maxi song.  Those going, make an atmosphere to make him realize a new stadium cannot replace Anfield!  Make Henry a memory a new stadium cannot replace!  There is no stadium in the world that compares!


  1. good article. Would just like to point out that none of the houses behind the centenery stand are derelict. The houses behind the main stand are being redeveloped so some are currently boarded up or part demolished but there things are ongoing. I love Anfield and I love seeing it every day on my way home but LFC are where they are now because they were too slow to move into the odds era. Now with a chance to do just that I don’t know if we should turn our back on that. My final point would be that Anfield isn’t a building. WE are Anfield and wherever we are.. That is Anfield and that is the Kop.

  2. I did the tour years ago and did two days in a row the second time I did when we walked down the tunnel I ran onto the pitch and pulled up a lump of grass and stuck it in my pocket.Well I got kick out but I got the lump of grass turned into a keyring so I’ll always have a piece of Anfield with me

  3. What is the length of the tour? My wife and I are heading to England this Spring to catch the Man U match in March and are planning on spending 3 days in Liverpool.

  4. I have said for years that we should just redevelop Anfield. The space is there, it can be done, and I think it’s what most fans want. I 100% agree with you on this buddy.

  5. i took my two sons on the tour when they where younger one is a liverpool supporter the other the dreaded man utd(i was hoping to convert him) we had the best time ever michael went on the old trafford tour a couple of years ago but said the anfield tour was a hundred times better even years later he could still remember how good it was i’m visiting next week with my sister and we’re going to take in the tour again while we’re over can’t wait.

  6. we’ve a lot of great memories of Anfield over the years but also a lot of bad ones in more recent times..that aura of fear is gone for the top teams now and if we can build the new stadium 60,000 keeping the characteristics of Anfield I wouldn’t mind..I also wouldn’t mind staying and redeveloping if we have the space..important decision though..a fresh start might be what we need..we wouldn’t be moving very far which is great too..

  7. Anfield stadium can be rebuilt without moving out. The new owners can arrange for Liverpool to play all the home games at Cardif National Stadium (Millennium Stadium),while re-building of Anfield is done. There are many Liverpool fans in Wales and we can be assured that the stadiums will be packed for every game. Perhaps local Liverpool fans may miss going to anfield stadium for only one season. Then, they will be back at the new anfield stadium. With total seating capacity of 73,434 at the Millennium Stadium, Liverpool can easily pay for the rental and even make some money for Stadium construction. John Henry needs to consider this option. Liverpool must retain it roots as the aura of Liverpool’s Anfield will be lost if they move to Stanley Park.

  8. Love the write up… for people like me who rarely get to go outta the country, this is memorable. Thanks a million. Dont know about the New Stadium/Anfeild Regeneration issue as I have’nt been there but I really feel that there is only One Anfeild. We may try to make Stanley Park an Anfeild but it will always remain an imitation and not the original.

    But no matter what happens there will always be people like us who will cheer on the best damn football club in the World.


  9. Good point Alun, got my sides mixed up the derlict housing is behind the main stand. My whole experience of the place, you could not replicate the energy and history within the ground. Its hard to explain but even when it was empty, there was a unprofound feeling running down my spine. @Sasidharen I personally do not think the temp home at Millennium Stadium would work in my eyes. @Diablo I did the stadium and museum tour, stadium takes 45 mins max, and you can spend as long as you like in the museum. I had to run off as I was going to the Beatles Museum that day too, but I could of spent all day in there. Video’s playing and all sorts

  10. A temporary move 200 miles away to Cardiff – are you kidding mate?

    The ground could be redeveloped stand by stand – with minimal capacity loss. I read somewhere that this could be done in such a way that capacity never fell below 38,000. It’s got to be the best option? Better than trekking to Wales every other wk that’s for sure!


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